14 Jan 2015 Lifestyle 68 comments

What’s In My Bag.

It’s (almost) compulsory to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ post when a new handbag has been purchased; I love these kinds of posts so I wasted no time emptying the contents of my new Topshop bag on my floor…...

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10 Jan 2015 Inspiration Lifestyle 65 comments

5 Things: Feeling Motivated.

So after my ‘getting organised’ post went up this week, I thought I would also jot down my tips for getting your ass in gear. Basically. Unlike everyone else who seems to have had a seriously productive start to the ye...

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7 Jan 2015 Inspiration Lifestyle 94 comments

Getting Organised.

Nope, the New Year ‘get my life together’ bug has not passed me by, although it has taken me a little longer than usual to get in the mood for it. This week I completely cleared out my office and really got prepped for...

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3 Jan 2015 Inspiration Lifestyle 82 comments

5 Things: New Year’s Resolutions.

Ahhh are you ready for another one of these? There’s two things I love about blogging and doing these sort of roundup posts – 1. is of course that it is so full of positivity. People see the New Year as a fresh start, ...

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2 Jan 2015 Inspiration Lifestyle 64 comments

My Rest Up Ritual.

I am definitely someone who likes to be warm and comfy, and after weeks and weeks of going out and having events and plans, all I want to do is sit and chill out! Y’all feel me? So I’m taking a couple of days out to do...

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