10 Oct 2015 Lifestyle 80 comments

5 Things: Becoming More Independent.

One thing I’ve always been proud of is my independence; I’ve been a true adulting adult for almost ten years now, and I’d say I’ve got some good advice to give to others who also want to be able to manage o...

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6 Oct 2015 Beauty Lifestyle 44 comments

A Cosy Candle.

It’s officially a-okay to get overexcited about candles once again! There’s something so cosy and comforting about a lit candle, especially as we enter the colder seasons. I always have a little something burning in th...

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3 Oct 2015 Lifestyle 54 comments

5 Things: October Goals.

Another month has passed by in a blur – I seem to have slept through September! Now October is here, the cold weather is setting in (too fast for my liking!) and we have lots of snuggly evenings to look forward to… My ...

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25 Sep 2015 Lifestyle Photography Travel 44 comments

A Scandinavian Adventure: Part Three.

This last part of the trip covers our afternoon in Tivoli and our day trip to Sweden – both highlights of the trip that deserve their very own place in a post! I managed to make this roundup considerably smaller than the pre...

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23 Sep 2015 Lifestyle Photography Travel 30 comments

A Scandinavian Adventure: Part Two.

Eats We got to Copenhagen in the early evening, so after settling in we headed out for dinner. We wanted somewhere easy, so we grabbed burgers at Vesterbro’s Originale Burgerrestaurant. It offered good burgers and good beers...

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