14 Dec 2014 Inspiration Interiors 33 comments

Home Projects For 2015.

I said that 2015 was the year I get fruity with my decor, I think I’ve been quite reserved up until now… maybe. I feel like the time has come to get out the colour, turn things around and generally make this place look...

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7 Dec 2014 Inspiration Interiors 47 comments

A Festive Update.

It’s officially Christmas in our house! We put the tree up a little early this year because Jordan is away with the band until the 16th, and we always make a day of it. It involved an expensive, drawn out trip to Paperchase ...

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30 Nov 2014 Inspiration Interiors 36 comments

Dream Kitchen Planning.

One room in our flat that I would completely redo is the kitchen, although it’s not entirely awful I would love a new look to it. I spend way too much time pinning inspiration to my ‘kitchen planning’ Pinterest b...

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29 Nov 2014 Inspiration Interiors 33 comments

5 Things: A Clutter-Free Workspace.

I have to admit that even though I spend hours upon hours at my desk, I do have to set time aside to keep it tidy! I’m terrible; there’s often multiple cups of tea, stray vitamins and drawers rammed full of craft suppl...

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23 Nov 2014 Inspiration Interiors 32 comments

Where To Buy Homewares.

One of the questions I get asked most is where I shop for home pieces. As you’ll know, we moved in to an entirely empty apartment back in June so it’s been one big mission trying to fill the place – but I think ...

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