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25 Feb 2016 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 51 comments

Our Hallway Gallery Wall.

A little while ago, I purchased a load of big prints with the intention of doing a gallery wall in our living room, but we ran out of space. We had a blank wall in our hallway that I was planning on buying a cabinet for, but in th...

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24 Jan 2016 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 77 comments

Shelfie Sunday.

Sunday usually means an interiors post from me, and so I had to introduce my sexy new shelves to you all. We had a blank space (baby) behind the sofa, and we decided on some simple white shelves to fill the gap… and also dis...

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17 Jan 2016 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 45 comments

A Sound Setup.

I wasn’t joking when I said I’d been organising in yesterday’s post! I love, love, love switching things up when it comes to my interiors, and I’m slowly starting to get back on track after our big renovati...

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13 Sep 2015 Home Tours Interiors 80 comments

A Green Apartment Tour.

It’s no secret that my house is busting at the seams with plants; I have cacti everywhere, hanging planters coming from the ceiling… even our bathroom looks like a tropical rainforest. I wanted to give you a quick tour...

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6 Sep 2015 Beauty Home Tours Interiors 52 comments

Bathroom Beauty.

So I’ve given you a before and after of our recently remodelled bathroom, as well as a little interior details roundup, but I haven’t really shown off the best part – the beauty products that are tucked away with...

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