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9 Aug 2020 Home Tours Interiors Renovations 22 comments

Our Complete Bathroom Renovation.

Renovating our bathroom! We did it! And not even a pandemic could stop us… although yes, briefly it did stop us. There was a period where I truly thought we would never get this place done, it was just one thing after anothe...

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24 Jul 2020 Home Tours Interiors Lifestyle 24 comments

Our New Home!

Well, it’s been a wild ride to get here but we’re in! Moving on its own is seriously stressful, but moving during a pandemic just about broke me. It was EMOSH. First things first – why did we move? It really just...

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10 May 2020 Home Tours Interiors 13 comments

A Tour Of My Office.

At the start of lockdown, Jord and I decided to transform our spare room back in to a proper functioning office space! For a while it was just a cluttered spare room with my desk in it – not very inspiring and definitely not...

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16 Jul 2018 Home Tours Interiors 34 comments

A Summery Living Room Update.

Fresh summer home vibes… Our home hasn’t had any sort of big updates in a while, and I feel pretty much set with the furniture and decorative accessories that we have. That being said, I do love to give the place a lit...

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29 May 2018 Home Tours Interiors Lifestyle 38 comments

Our Kitchen Renovation.

Our kitchen… Well, hasn’t this post been a long time coming? It always takes me a while to feel like my rooms are ready to be presented to the world as a completed room tour, but I have to say that the kitchen has real...

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