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14 Oct 2017 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 36 comments

Tips For Styling Every Surface.

Well, well, well… if it isn’t another interiors post! I’ve been meaning to do more of these ‘tips and tricks’ style posts, they’re fun to write and I love hearing about your interiors efforts to...

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21 Aug 2017 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 41 comments

Switching Up My Desk.

Another day, another switch-up of my workspace! I used to think you needed a very minimal, organised area to work in – that clutter was counterproductive, but I was wrong. For me, having a busy workspace is motivating! I fin...

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4 Dec 2016 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 45 comments

Our New Sofa.

The living room is probably the room we spend most of our time in; usually watching terrible tv and drinking tea, or listening to old records with a gin cocktail. It gets the best wash of warm light in the morning too, so I usuall...

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19 Oct 2016 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 38 comments

An Updated Bookshelf Tour.

These IKEA shelves have almost become part of who I am, it seems like they complete our room and sum both Jordan and I up so perfectly! I gave them a little rearrange lately and I’m feeling pretty proud of the outcome…...

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9 Oct 2016 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors 37 comments

Kitchen Additions: A Mini Tour.

It’s been almost a year since we completely renovated our kitchen, and in that time I’ve been hunting down the cutest kitchen essentials to complete the look. For example, we haven’t had measuring spoons in that ...

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