Makeup Medley

25 Mar 2019 Beauty Makeup Makeup Medley 36 comments

My Spring Beauty Edit.

I know I tend to play it safe when it comes to make up, but I love to try new products and give my routines a seasonal reshuffle, especially for spring when I tend to embrace dewy skin and pops of pastel so much more! I just love ...

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5 Oct 2018 Beauty Daily Makeup Makeup Medley 23 comments

Making Over My Makeup Routine.

New season, new makeup routine, am I riiiiight? I dedicated an entire afternoon to restocking my makeup table, carefully selecting only berry-toned blushers and gold-flecked highlighters to replace the more lightweight and muted p...

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9 Apr 2018 Beauty Daily Makeup Makeup Medley 16 comments

The Glo-Up Essentials.

Your girl has had a glo up *fire emoji* *fire emoji*. Not really, I’ve discovered facial tanner and a new highlighting brush, but if that’s all it takes, I’m in. I reshuffled my makeup recently and I’ve rea...

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24 Feb 2016 Beauty Makeup Medley 41 comments

Makeup Medley #27.

My makeup has quite standard lately, I’ve barely moved away from this little routine I’ve got going on. I seem to always do this with my makeup, I rotate my entire makeup bag every few weeks! I’m still very much ...

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10 Dec 2015 Beauty Makeup Medley 47 comments

Makeup Medley #26.

This is definitely a winter edition of my makeup medley! I seem to be channelling dewy skin and played-down pink cheeks this season, which is a very “me” look – I’ve even opted for a super hydrating lip bal...

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