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My Five Favourite Features Of Our Home.

My most loved spaces in our new place…

Since moving in to our new flat last July, we’ve really worked on making it our own – obviously it underwent a full renovation last year but a lot of what I love about our flat has come together in the last few months. The final touches that have turned out flat from somewhere we envisioned living, to our home. A space that sums us up perfectly!

When I think of my style when it comes to interiors, I definitely like my home to reflect Jordan and I. I look at the greenery that sits on every surface, the warm tones of brass and wood, the colourful books that take up half our built-ins and the records and instruments that are dotted around our home, and I think you can tell who lives here!
Our home feels very homely these days – a far cry from the building site and shell it felt like when we moved in! And I love it, there’s so much I love about this flat, so I picked out five of my favourite corners…

The Green Shelving

Of course, our insane arched shelving made the list! I designed this unit myself, it’s around 6 metres long and probably 2.5m high so it really dominates our living room. We went with Lick paint in Green 02 and I think it’s the perfect hue – bold, contemporary but somehow keeping with the Victorian era of the building. They really are quite spectacular in real life, I adore shelving and these came together so perfectly!
Each arch has it’s on style or theme in a way; the first arch is mostly Jord’s growing record collection, and the next holds his record player and speaker. The third arch holds any spirits and cocktail equipment that doesn’t fit on our bar cart, and the final arch is filled with books! When we moved in, I remember saying I planned to repaint them another colour at some point for a change, but I think they’re meant to stay green… we’ll see!

Our Vinyl Wall

A recent addition, we used The Vinyl Wall shelves to create this little feature in our spare room. The room itself is quite colourful with the half-painted terracotta wall, and the vinyls added a bit of extra personality. Plus, I love that we can change them up so the space feels a little different when we decide to have a reshuffle. There is a speaker in every room in our flat, so it made sense to keep the theme running in here too!

The Rattan Wardrobes

Another addition by our friend Gary who did our wonderful arched shelving, the rattan wardrobes take up a wall in our bedroom and add a bit of warmth to the room (as well as some essential storage for all my clothes, shoes and bags!). I designed the doors and interior of the wardrobes myself and I love how they turned out – Gary always brings my visions to life!

Our old flat just had plain white wardrobe doors but I love the golden tones of the rattan, it gives the room a calm, 70s feel.

The Kitchen Tiles

I’ve mentioned before that my plans for this kitchen were very different to the end result! Thanks to the ol’ pandemic we just couldn’t make our original design work. Saying that, I knew I didn’t want another plain white kitchen like in our old place so I knew I would go IN with the tiles – and that I did! These fun blue tiles really make the space, adding a bit of personality and a pop of colour. I’ll never tire of this dreamy blue hue!
I planned out the pattern myself and everyone is always trying to figure it out – I think there was 8 possible ways to display the tiles (2 designs, four ways to place them) and I used each one in a sequence and repeated them. I planned it in Photoshop first and then showed our tile guy who made it happen. They’re just so fun!

The Shower Set-Up

Of course, my proudest accomplishment: fitting a wet-room shower and a bath in to our tiny, tiny bathroom! I must have spent hours upon hours measuring every inch of this room and finding a way to make this work and it paid off. Our window shower with it’s tiled window seat for my indoor jungle has been life-changing! We absolutely adore it… so much so that the bath we so desperately wanted does get a little neglected!

It took a while for this new flat to feel like home, but we got there! All it took was some personal touches and patience, and now we’re in love with the space!
Do you have a favourite feature?

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