3 Feb 2019 29 comments

On Making It Through January…

One down, eleven to go…

Congratulations my dudes, we made it through the most exhausting month of the year! Although it was one loooong freakin’ month, January actually wasn’t too bad all in all. I mean, we survived didn’t we?!
I wanted to roundup the month in one blog post. I find stopping and taking stock is a good way of understanding where you’re at with everything, and I like sharing even my dullest moments with you lot!

A Tale Of Tax Returns…

I feel like I’m finally getting to grips with this whole running a business thing; not only did I keep up with my business accounts throughout the year, I handed them in early and was prepared for my tax bill. I’ve been almost shocked at how sensible I’ve been with my finances in the last few years.
I’ve been using the Moneybox app to save and invest, setting up a small amount to go out of my account each week so I don’t really notice. I’ve also completely cut down on the amount of shopping I do in general, and I’ve been making it my mission to rewear my favourite outfits time and time again.
I think when you’re a blogger you feel like you have to constantly be sharing new outfits but I’ve come to realise that isn’t the case. I used to really stress myself out (especially before trips) because I’d tell myself that I needed new outfits to wear every time. I feel totally over fast fashion at the moment – I do still buy from ASOS and Topshop, but I try to buy pieces that I’ll wear for more than a season. I think it’s more impressive to see bloggers sharing outfits that last the test of time, I love showing you guys how I restyle old pieces and I think we should be getting over this stigma of rewearing and recycling old outfits.

A Dose Of Sunshine

I really can’t put it in to words how good it was to see the sun this month, before I left for Mauritius I felt so unwell! I was sleeping nonstop, I had no motivation and I just wasn’t feeling like myself. The difference I felt after some warmth was incredible, so much so that I’m thinking about getting a SAD lamp to get me feeling more alive. Does anyone use one? Let me know if you recommend, I’m getting desperate…

Sunrise beach walks in Mauritius!

These photos were taken on a whim at about 5.30am in Mauritius, I hadn’t bothered with makeup and I don’t even think I had run a brush through my hair! I’d thrown on my swimsuit and ditched my shoes incase we wanted an early morning swim, and somehow these are some of my favourite photos. Clearly I am made for island life!

A London Trip

I managed to squeeze in a trip to London at the very end of this month and somehow I got the balance of productive and stress-free just right. Usually I cram in way too much and run myself in to the ground dashing across the city, but I actually left feeling so motivated and inspired.
I’ve sort of bumbled along with my work all this time, just going with the flow and taking everything as it comes. Recently though I’ve been setting myself proper goals to aim for, and trying to work towards bigger things even if the steps I’m taking right now seem small.
I’m glad I’m concentrating more on my blog, I’ve seen a big boost in traffic and comments (thank you!) since I committed to it fully again. I feel like I’ve found my place a bit more with blogging and it’s awesome!

A New Wave Of Motivation

I remember seeing something last year about how January is like a 30 day free trial, and the real start to the year is now, so I’m totally taking that attitude on board again!
February 1st feels like a fresh start and another chance to get some of that New Year motivation flowing – I’ve honestly been unstoppable in the last few days, brainstorming and planning for the coming months… and sending my assistant approximately 90394 emails with ideas! Here’s to embracing life fully in Feb.

January, you get a bad rap but you really weren’t so bad all in all (now you’re over…). It felt like a bit of a dry run and a chance to tie up loose ends, and who can argue with that?! Did you guys have a good month?

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