14 Nov 2017 32 comments

My Favourite Statement Earrings.

My history with my ear piercings is a long one; my lovely gran first took me to get my ears pierced for my fourth or fifth birthday… I still remember it, it was my grandpas idea and they didn’t tell me beforehand so I just sat in the seat (I think I thought I was going to get a haircut!) and then before I knew it, I had a cute gold stud in each ear!
My grandpa adores this story and will tell it to anyone who will listen, he says with pride “and she didn’t flinch at all!” – I never mention that I wasn’t scared because I had no idea what was about to happen.

I also remember the day when my ears finally healed and I could change out the studs for some of my mums pretty earrings, I was smitten with them.
Later when I was going through my rebellious stage, I pierced two more holes in each ear using only ice and a sewing needle, and not long after I decided to… wait for it… stretch my lobes. One recovered, one did not – I consider getting it fixed occasionally but it doesn’t upset me enough to be worth it!
Nowadays, I seem to go through phases with earrings. For the last few years I’ve only worn a pair of gold sleeper hoops that my mum gave me, and her mum gave her.
Recently though, I’ve been all about the crazy could-be-curtain-tiebacks tassels…

Not exactly the most understated accessory, but tassel earrings are the easiest way to bring a little somethin’ somethin’ to your outfit. This crazy pair are definitely a talking point, but they’re a really pretty addition – an outfit without a burst of colour isn’t really an outfit, in my humble opinion.

The Tassel Trend...

‘The bigger, the better’ is my motto when it comes to earrings currently, and as soon as I saw these Mango cuties I knew I had to have them. Sure, they’re a little OTT but that’s what makes ’em so special.

The gold and red button style with the contrasting magenta tassel means these are probably the most out-there accessory I own! I wear them as often as I can though, they really do make an outfit.
I’m really feeling my hair loosely waved and smoothed back behind my ears too, so I feel like big earrings pair with the style perfectly.
Plus, they’re really easy to pick out in my jewellery box, so there’s that.

What do you think of the tassel trend? You here for it or nah?

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