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Jo Malone English Oak.

englishoak-4 englishoak-8 englishoak-17

Prepare yourselves for some serious autumn inspiration! I wrapped myself up in a blanket, made a cup of tea and sat down to edit these photos so I think I’ve reached peaked October goals…

Last month I was lucky enough to be whisked away to the English countryside with one of my favourite brands, Jo Malone. I’m still coming to terms with just how special it was, and let me tell you – these photos truly do not do it justice!

The trip was to celebrate and learn a little more about the brands latest collection; The English Oak.
Every September, Jo Malone add a new scent to their already incredible line of fragrances, and their release this year was nothing short of amazing.
English Oak takes inspiration from the English forest with the note of oak; a smoky, woody addition that is unlike anything I’ve owned before – it’s enchanting!

englishoak-19 englishoak-20 englishoak-21

The English Oak collection is made up of two scents – English Oak & Hazelnut, a rich, woody combination that is beautifully androgynous and perfect for the coming colder months, and English Oak & Redcurrant, more of a fruity, rosy concoction with a musky edge.

I’d say Hazelnut is my favourite in Cologne form, although I was surprised as I usually prefer the light, fruity scents. There’s something addictive about how lovely and earthy this is, and it has notes of vetiver too – a favourite of mine! I really can’t get enough, and it’s so long-lasting too, it settles beautifully on my skin and clothes over the course of the day.
I have English Oak & Redcurrant in candle form and it’s delicious – as with all Jo Malone candles, it fills the room with the most beautiful scent. I love how romantic it is, it’s a must for autumn evenings.


englishoak-9 englishoak-15 englishoak-10

The trip started off with dinner in the Jo Malone Townhouse in London, where the brand hold many events and dinners. I was amazed by every room – from the candle-lined staircase to the flower-covered rooms that housed long dinner tables for the Jo Malone guests.
We were served a mouth-watering dinner inspired by the fragrances. Every dish had been been planned to perfection!

After dinner we stayed at the beautiful Rosewood hotel for the night, ready for the big adventure the following morning.
We were told to pack good boots and warm gear for a sensory experience in the English forest, where we’d be travelling to via helicopter! Only the most luxurious travel experience for us girls.
Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I’d do in a helicopter – it’s a bit of a crazy mode of transport! Once we were in and up and away, I loved it. You could see so much and it went by so quickly, with only a few bumps here and there. We were all giggles as we flew to New Forest.

englishoak-18 englishoak-12

Upon landing, we were guided around the forest and learnt more about the notes of the fragrances, as well as how they came together.
The experiences set up by the brand were just so quaint and fun, from a poem-reading, cello-playing man to a fairy typing up our wishes on a typewriter, as well as piles of books, hazelnut chocolate, berry-laden drinks and a chance to listen to the trees through headphones, everything was so magical and mystical!

After exploring, we were shown to an actual treehouse (complete with rickety rope bridge!) for an incredible feast for lunch. It was amazing, a Hogwarts-style banquet surrounded by Jo Malone scents.
We learnt a little more about the collection, and then tucked in… heavenly!

That night we stayed at the Lime Wood hotel, somewhere I’ve always, always wanted to stay! It was like a fairytale, so typically British – and scented with Jo Malone throughout just for the occasion.
Our rooms were stocked with products from the brand too, from collections old and new – it was a dream come true for a Jo Malone obsessive like myself!

englishoak-11 englishoak-14 englishoak-16

We ended the night was a candle-lit dinner in the hotel, which we had to ourselves! The brand had managed to keep the dinner space under wraps, and we were all in awe when it was finally unveiled.
The floors were lined with crisp autumn leaves, and over our heads was an installation of hanging colourful flowers. So autumnal! You can see it here if you wish.

The whole trip was planned perfectly, filled with ‘pinch me’ moments and the best company! Once again, Jo Malone have created something so unique with their latest collection and fans of musky, romantic fragrances are sure to fall in love with the new additions. I urge you to give them a sniff on counter as soon as you can!

Have you tried the English Oak collection yet?

  • What a gorgeous event to go to! Everything looks so enchanting and magical. I’ve never tried a Jo Malone product before but I would really love to try something from the English Oak collection! Beautiful photos Kate! 🙂 x

    Kayleigh | http://www.anenthusiasmfor.co.uk

  • My issue with Jo Malone is that I always want to try all their scents, not even one of them sounds repellent to me! That being said, I particularly love the sound of the English Oak & Redcurrant candle, a romantic atmosphere for autumn sounds perfect to me!


  • Ohhhh I always wanted to try something from Jo Malone.

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  • Beautiful photos! And what a beautiful event created by Jo Malone, it looks magical! Had the chance to have a whiff of the new English Oak range and it’s so lovely, I think the Hazelnut one is my favourite too 🙂


  • Jen

    Kate, I can’t with these photos! The English countryside, Jo Malone, fall, those pink Hunters (!!!) are all a dream! x

    Jen | affecionada

  • Amber Gregory

    These photos are beautiful! What a gorgeous, picturesque event 🙂

  • MMM I can smell the adorable fragrances – Need me a Jo Malone fragrance.


  • Beautiful photos Kate!


  • These images are stunning! I’ve always wanted to try Jo Malone products.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  • Juliana Paz

    Jo Malone fragrances are magical!


  • These pictures are gorgeous! 🙂


  • Jo Malone fragrances are amazing! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and your experience!
    Greetings from New York.

    Nikoleta Lj / http://www.nikoletalj.blogspot.com

  • Emily (byemily)

    This looks incredible ! I’ve never tried anything from Jo Malone but this collection sounds lovely

  • Jeran Johnson

    Such beautiful pictures! The whole event sounds so magaical and amazing ✨


  • Oh my, gorgeous photography as always! Definitely gave me all the autumn feels. This Jo Malone collection sounds amazing!

    Mia | http://www.verymuchmia.com

  • I’m loving all of these gorgeous photos! You’re so lucky to have experienced this with Jo Malone! <3 😀 I'm glad the helicopter ride wasn't too scary! Haha I'd be a littler nervous too!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • everything about jo malone is such a treat and so special. i really need to give it a sniff as everything i can only imagine how autumnal it is.


  • I just got a sample of the English oak and redcurrant and looove it! Beautiful photos!

  • I love the English Oak & Hazelnut perfume, which is surprising as I am not normally not a woody notes kinda person. BTW, the editing on these photographs are amazing!

  • It looks like you had the most amazing time Kate, everything looks incredible!

    Sara – Flemingo

  • How beautifully autumnal. I love Jo Malone, they are just perfection at what they do. I haven’t tried the collection yet but I will make sure I’ll have a smell when I’m passing by a store.

    Natasha | The Night is Wild

  • Wow this looks like an amazing event and I’m sure you had soo much fun! I’m dying to own a Jo Malone perfume xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  • i love averything about jo Malone’s brand
    miki x


  • The fragrances sound incredible, I love the sound of English Oak and Hazelnut, must go sniff! And these photos are so gorgeous, what a trip!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Cruelty-Free/Vegan Beauty • Lifestyle • Photography