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Choosing The Right Camera For You.


You may have noticed that I’ve been through three or four cameras throughout my six years blogging, and I’m definitely a little more knowledgable when it comes to what it is I want from a camera.

I wanted to give you a little rundown on what I think is important when it comes to choosing your camera, so I’ve compiled a little guide to help you get clued up.

The Blogging Camera

This is the camera you want to shoot those dreamy, Pinterest-worthy blog snaps on – flatlays, beauty snaps and even the odd fash pic. I use a Canon 6D, which is awesome if you’re ready to part with the money.
I also use mine to shoot the odd ‘daily makeup’ snap and for ‘at home’ YouTube videos.
I’m a Canon girl myself, so before the 6D I had the 600D which was amazing. I find the Canon lenses are best too, and the lenses are what ‘make’ the camera. Plus, the brand have so much on offer for photos and filming, so you can guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love.

Honestly, you could buy a simple point and shoot for this, but there are a lot of affordable DSLRs out there now, so getting your hands on a good one is achievable if you’re at that stage.
I would probably buy the camera ‘body only’ and get a couple of prime lenses (perhaps the 40mm and the 24mm) instead. I love slowly collecting lenses over time!

What To Look For

If this a camera strictly for indoor blog photos, you don’t need to worry about size too much. Most of the SLR bodies aren’t too bulky themselves, but the lenses can add weight. Personally, this doesn’t bother me as I don’t take mine out often (I have a separate camera for that), but this is something to consider.

If this is your blogging camera, you may still want a flip-out screen for face pictures and videos. My 6D doesn’t have a flip-out screen, but my smaller ‘everyday’ camera does, so I use that when I need it. I couldn’t live without a flip-out screen!
I would also go for something that has interchangable lenses, and also a good variety of lenses – especially prime lenses.
Wireless sharing is amazing for quick Instagram snaps (especially if your phone camera isn’t great), I really like being able to connect to my camera from my phone.
A touch screen isn’t essential, but handy for quick focusing.

I rarely use the kit lenses that come with the camera, so I usually save money and get the camera body only – but the kit lens is good if you’re starting out! Lenses are something you can slowly collect over time, as they don’t really use their value, so you can do your own research depending on what you want, but here’s a little rundown of my favourites.
40mm: My favourite lens, I love the small pancake size and the f2.8 – it’s amazing for all photos and videos too. I love it!
50mm: The ‘nifty fifty’ is probably one of the most popular lenses, especially amongst bloggers. Great for sharp subjects and blurry backgrounds, you can’t go wrong with this. Not great for flatlays, and it’s quite ‘zoomed in’ but still a great lens.
24mm: Another pancake lens, this has a similar view to the human eye so I use it for room shots and interiors. I find it’s a great ‘everyday’ lens, and I love it for filming too. 

The Vlogging Camera

If you’re regularly uploading to YouTube, you’ll want a camera that suits your needs. Of course, you can use the same camera that you use for your blog photos – there’s no reason why you can’t just own one camera!
I own a few as I’m a bit of a camera fiend, and I have different criteria for all, but it’s all down to personal preference.

I use a Canon EOS M10 for videos, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s light, has an amazing flip-screen and the quality is great. It auto-focuses, is super easy to use, and makes a really easy job of filming videos.
I could use my DSLR, but the lack of flipscreen bothers me so I tend to save my Canon 6D for product shots and the like, and the EOS M10 for filming myself. Sounds like a hassle, but really isn’t.

What To Look For

If you’re using this for indoor and outdoor (on the go) videos, you’ll probably want something more compact – especially when it comes to the lenses. Make sure the camera you choose offers some sort of pancake lens; I bought the Olympus PEN but hated how bulky it was – it didn’t fit in my coat pocket and I hated carrying it around (I ended up selling it after two months), so do keep this in mind.

A flip-screen is a must – don’t skip out on this as it makes all the difference!
Interchangeable lenses are also a must if you ask me. It’s not as important if you’re just vlogging out and about, but I still like having the options!
Wireless capabilities are handy if you’re a lifestyle blogger/vlogger – especially for Instagram!
As I said, I love having options when it comes to lenses, but I know it’s not as important when it comes to vlogging! A pancake lens is ideal.


If I could recommend an ‘all round’ camera, I’d probably say the Canon EOS M10 (body only) – it’s so versatile, meaning it works for photos and filming. The flip screen is awesome, and I use it for indoor and on the go filming. It’s also great for travel photos and more lifestyle snaps.
What’s more there’s quite a good range of lenses, and you can buy an adapter to fit the other Canon lenses – so basically my entire lens collection fits on to this camera!

I’d probably recommend sticking to one camera brand, for the above reason. I started buying lenses for the Olympus PEN and felt like I was wasting so much money, because I would be buying lenses I had for my Canon! It didn’t make sense in the end, as my Canon lens collection is pretty vast.

There’s so many cameras to choose from, especially if you just want a simply vlogging camera. So many brands do an easy, lightweight camera with a flip-out screen – there’s this Sony one, this Canon one, this Samsung one, and so many more. Use the Amazon description and comparisons section to make sure it has everything you need.

Has this guide helped you in your quest for the perfect camera?

  • These are some great camera choosing tips! Also, I wanted to ask where your books are from? I love the covers and The Great Gatsby is an old favourite 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • I finally got a camera at Christmas, it was so hard to choose as there are so many out there.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  • These are some great tips! X

  • emily couture

    Such great ideas and choices 🙂

    emily xx


  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Great tips! Thank you 🙂 xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

  • Laura Mareno

    Thanks for sharing this! It helps me so much! kisses:D


  • I have a Canon 700D and it’s such good value for money, takes amazing photos and has a flip out screen that I couldn’t be without for all my makeup close ups and flat lays!

    Just Little Things xo

  • Great post! I wish I’d had this a few years back when I got my first camera, it would’ve been so much help! xx


  • Amy

    For Vlogging, I love the Canon G7X! It’s great! X.


  • Ashley Christabelle

    I’m still quite new to this blogging thing, but I’m currently using the Canon G7X for my blog pictures and they’re quite amazing! Thinking of upgrading my camera but I don’t want anything too complicated yet. Have anything in mind for that? 🙂


  • You convinced me with the overall camera! Although I don’t make youtube videos I love filiming different places to make a music video so it’s great that I can take both amazing pics and videos. Thanks for doing this post!!


  • I really want a new camera ! the overall one sounds great !

  • I prefer the overall camera!
    I can’t get into the trouble of having two cameras!


  • Super helpful post. I already have a Canon DSLR body but my usual blogging lens has decided to pack in so I really need another one, as the one I’m using at the moment isn’t too practical. Now I need to decide between another 50mm or trying the 40mm!

    Hannah xx
    hannahemilylane.com | Newest post: My blogging process

  • Becca

    Lovely post! Last year I bought my first ‘proper’ camera, the Panasonic Lumix GM1 and I love it. It’s definitely a learning curve figuring out how to use the manual settings but the photos are worth it. And it’s so small I can carry it anywhere. Definitely one to consider for a photography first-timer. xx


  • I totally agree with the Olympus point – I had a Canon DSLR and the Pen and I didn’t want to buy more lenses to make the pen better when I had a fab DSLR. The EOS M sounds really good, and sometimes you need something small – maybe a 40 and 24mm lens will be next! I use an 85mm atm and it’s A DREAM

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Cato weemaes

    I think the blogging camera would be perfect for me!

  • Great post, very helpful. I never had a Canon DSLR camera but everyone I know have one and they say it is the best. So I think is time for me to switch my camera to the blogging camera.

  • Paige

    Fab post, and I love the photos on your blog so it’s good to know what you use. Do you have any advice for achieving high quality photos using only a camera phone and editing apps?


  • AH YES, this is so helpful as I’m currently saving up for a new camera to use for blog photos and filming, I have my heart set on the Canon 70D and I’m really glad you recommended some great lenses – thanking you!

    Isabelle | http://www.isabellekategm.co.uk

  • The Sunday Mode

    This was really helpful. I love my my Canon 5D for blog photos but for travel I’ve just invested in an Olympus EM10, it’s similar to the PEN but with a viewfinder instead. So far so good, it’s a whole lot lighter than my huge dslr so hopefully I continue to love it from here on out.


  • Jacqueline Sin

    Such a helpful post! I contemplated getting the Olympus PEN as my first serious blogging camera but after reading that it is bulky I know it’s definitely not for me. I love carrying my camera around and LOVE mini bags so I don’t think the Olympus PEN is the camera for me. Will definitely look into Canon cameras 🙂 Thanks for doing this post! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  • This! So helpful! Thanks! I’ve been thinking about getting a new camera for a while…

  • I have been thinking of a lens to invest in and this came just in time for me. I’m thinking about them 50mm and the 24mm. I also been looking at good blogging cameras to start.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Chloe x

    This post is so helpful! I’ve got the Lumix G10 and love it but have been in the market for one with a side screen and that I can easily connect to my phone x


  • Wellwell Girl

    this is definitely a great post!! i am looking for new camera and you help me a lot! thanks x

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  • I’ve got a DSLR now but there are so many more compact SLR cameras and I’m on the lookout for a good one. Great post! xx


  • Maggie

    I have the NIKOND900 and the NIKOND40. The D40 is perfect for traveling! its little bigger than most compact cameras but I love it!


  • elisha mae

    i can’t tell you how handy this post is!
    thank you kate <3

    elisha-mae I wear this?

  • Leanne Marshall

    I have the Olympus Pen e-pl7. Really love it! It is a little more complicated than my last Canon to operate but once ou get the hang of it, it is fab!

    Leanne xoxoxo

  • Thank you so much for the camera recommendations <3 I've been wanting to upgrade my camera for awhile now, but I wasn't too sure which one to get 🙂 Loved this informational post!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • vitalina

    I didn’t like how in your last vlog I felt the video was going in an out of focus too much it was really distracting.. I was actually thinking of getting the canon eos m10 after I saw it on your IG and says waiting for you to use it in a vlog but was disappointed I liked your Olympus pen better

  • Gab

    I’m looking for a camera to start my youtube chanel and your tips are really helpful thanks xx

  • Megan Clarke

    This is an amazing post for me right now because I was really looking into the Olympus Pen camera, but you may have swayed me!


  • I actually got my Eos M (that you used a few years back) after seeing you use it so much. Such a good and worth the price camera for beginners! Love posts like this, since I am a huge admirer of your photography 🙂


  • The Beautiful Things
  • I have been thinking of getting a good camera for my business, i will definitely look into these options!


  • Nikki Laraja

    This is so helpful, I am in the market for a new all around camera!


  • This was super useful!

  • Im desperate for the Olympus pen but now reading this I’m being pulled towards the m10! I have the canon 600d and have a few lenses for it! So now I’m thinking do i just want the pen because it looks the part and its the blogger must have? Arrghhh I need help!! 🙁

    Megan |http://www.mummyandharrison.co.uk

  • Ravi

    I have the NIKOND900 and the NIKOND40. The D40 is perfect for traveling! its little bigger than most compact cameras but I love it!

    ~ Rahul

  • Azizul Haque

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