6 Feb 2016 48 comments

Five Good Things.


The weekend is finally here, which means I’m in an AWESOME mood, so I thought I’d round up a few highlights from the past seven days…

01. Things took a TERRIBLE turn this week when I dropped my poor phone down the loo! I still can’t believe it, I’ve always been so good at looking after my belongings, and it’s been a right hassle to sort it out!
I’ve been with o2 for twelve years (since I was 13!) and I’ve always had the same number, occasionally upgrading my phone when I need to. As I got the contract when I was underage, my dad set it up so the account is in his name, and I paid the bills – I can do most things online. What a hassle it’s been to try and cancel – although yes, I should have changed the name over when I turned 18, but efforttttt.

I have to pay a large fee because I’m still in my contract, and my dad doesn’t live in the UK (currently sailing the world, so very little access to phone, email etc.) and so I’ve had to break a few laws to try and get out of my contract and pay the money! I mean, I could have technically saved myself a fat wad of cash and just stopped paying the direct debits, since my dad won’t ever live in the UK again… but I’m too honest to do anything of the sort! Not all heroes wear capes.
Anyway, a few fibs and it’s sorted – and soon I’ll be with Three and won’t have to pay for 3G abroad. The dream! Especially after New York, as o2 were charging me £50 a day to even glance at Google Maps. Grr!

02. I’m feeling a bit restless and weird at the moment, so I’m trying to manage my time better and feel a bit more inspired. I feel like I spend way too much time putting things off, and making excuses for all the big posts and videos I have planned.
I think I’ll cut myself some slack, take a few days off and come back feeling super refreshed. I’ve tried my hand at filming again this week and it’s been fun, so I think I’ll make more of an effort with that!

03. We’re off to Brighton on Monday, good old Brighton! I’ve only been to Brighton maybe five times, so I’m excited to do some proper exploring. I bought tickets to see Jordan’s favourite bands, mewithoutYou, the band that actually got us talking around six years ago, so it’s quite cute that we’ll be seeing them together.
I think we’ll spend the rest of the time exploring, as Brighton is one of those awesome places that has hidden gems all over the place. Way too excited!

04. We started watching Jessica Jones last night, it’s been months since we started a series (unless repeats of The Office count) and I’m already hooked. I’ve been obsessed with Krysten Ritter since the Breaking Bad days, and I literally cannot stop staring at her throughout. It doesn’t help that Jordan’s twin David Tennant also stars.
Such a gripping storyline, and Jess is just so badass.

05. I really fancy going to a European festival this summer – we bought tickets for Primavera Sound in Barcelona back when they were cheap, but I blaaaddy hate the lineup! I feel like we might sell them, as I’m not a fan of anyone playing and Jordan only wants to see Radiohead. I spied a festival in Lisbon called NOS Alive which looks great – Pixies, M83, Foals and Arcade Fire are on the lineup so far. Anyone been, or can recommend any other rock/alt festivals? Baby needs some sun and sounds!

What’s going down with you lot this week?

  • I hope you have a lovely time in Brighton, Kate. As for Jessica Jones, I’m a little sad I’ve finished it, but daredevil filled the gap for a bit and now I’ve finished that too so I’m just waiting for both to return! Krysten Ritter is a total beauty though! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    • Thanks girl! I started Daredevil but couldn’t get in to it, but I know I just have to get passed the first few eps and I’ll be hooked.
      She really is, she’s like an anime drawing! x

  • Elisa

    What bad luck, about your phone! Hopefully everything will be ok.
    I recommend Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands, the line up is really wonderful, I honestly can’t wait to go <3

    • Ahh I love the Netherlands, good shout – browsing now, thank you x

  • Noise in Wonderland

    I totally feel you when you talk about being restless and putting things off. I’ve been doing that the best week. Every few days I’ll have a good one, but for the rest I wake up with good and productive intentions in the morning, but before long I’m stuck on the couch sucked into Netflix (currently binge-watching Vampire Diaries) and not wanting to move.

    I’m currently on holidays so there’s not much structure or plans for my days and weeks, but this time next week me, my mum, my dad and my boyfriend will be seeing Mrs Brown’s Boys live! Can’t wait.xx.


    • That’s totally okay when you’re on holiday though!
      Ahhh have fun, you will be in hysterics! x

  • I really fancy a European festival too! Last year we went to Le Guess Who in Utrecht, which was awesome. (Hello 24 hours of drone music!)

    Primavera Sound looks amazing though! We were planning on going to Barcelona this year anyway, so perhaps we should just combine the two!

    Bethan | Ethical Entrepreneurship

  • Kamila Dziuba

    Hi Kate! I truly recommend the Opener Festival in Poland in June/July! The lineup is awesome so far and tickets are only £90 for 4 days when you convert the currency!
    Have a look http://opener.pl/en xx

    Kamila x

  • Would love to travel to Brighton. Hope you’re having a great time next week 🙂

    Anni xxx
    http://fairytales-inmymind.blogspot.de/ | Fashion, Beauty, Music, Movies, Lifestyle

  • I love your posts 🙂


  • Amber Hunnigton

    Hi Kate ! I’ve been to NOS Alive in Lisbon a couple years ago with my boyfriend and it was a really cool festival, great lineup and atmosphere, plus Lisbon is such an amazing town ! Have fun xx

  • emily couture

    Such a lovely post 🙂

    emily xx


  • Laura May

    When you’re in Brighton go and check out the resturant Food for Friends. They sell all vegetarian and vegan food and it’s absolutely delicious!!

  • Chare

    Benicassim is always fun! it’s super hot though.

  • Laura

    I really recommend Roskilde Festival in Denmark! If you’re not into living in a tent and having mud everywhere, then I also recommend Northside (another danish festival) where you live in a hotel, but still get the festival vibes. Check them out – they both have great lineups this year!

  • tiffanytales

    I didn’t know Three did 3G abroad, I totally need to check that out!

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Ashley Christabelle

    I better get started on Jessica Jones! Hope you’re feeling okay, Kate x


  • Carolina Andrade

    I’ve been to NOS Alive countless times as I’m from Lisbon and couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s really close to the city so you can go sightseeing in the daytime and just take the 15m train to the festival in the afternoon. Plus Lisbon is quite cool these days 😉

  • That festival sounds amazing and is getting me excited thinking of summer!
    Maddy, xo

  • Morgan Miller

    Those festivals sound great! Lovely post to read!
    -Morgan x

  • Oh no! A broken phone/being with a phone is a worst nightmare! I’ve never broken my phone, but it is quite outdated. I’m upgrading in the spring though! I hope you have a fun trip in Brighton!

    Jasmine / http://www.jasminekeclipse.com

  • ahh jessica jones is incredible! i became obsessed a few months back and was devastated when it ended. david tennant made the show for me, i’m almost afraid the next season won’t be as good without him!


  • What a nightmare with your phone! Glad it is all sorted! Im going to NY in November but i will be changing phone providers in August so i will definitely check out the charges first!

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Blog SEO Tips

  • Hannah

    Sorting out your phone sounds like it was a nightmare, but at least it’s all over with now! Brighton sounds like it will be really fun, hope you have a lovely time! xo


  • That sounds like a nightmare and it reminds me to get my phone out of my dad’s name as well. Your trip to Brighton sounds like fun and I started Jessica Jones too and love it so far.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Aww I feel so bad for you and your phone 🙁 It’s okay, at least everything is sorted out now. And I love Jessica Jones too! I started it awhile back, but haven’t had time to go back and finish the season 🙂 Hehe will definitely do that when I have a bit more time! Wishing you a great weekend!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Kimberly Ann

    Ahh I’ve done that before with my phone.. No fun at all. Sorry you had to go through all that hassle! And hope you get to feeling more inspired.. Sometimes a break is just what you need 🙂


    http://trendkeeper.me .. Winter Blues

  • Anna

    Oh, so sorry for your phone! I noticed that most of the summer music festival here in Europe doesn’t even have a lineup yet…
    Jessica Jones is a great tv series… If you haven’t seen them yet, Sense8 and Mr.Robot are amazing as well.
    Anna From Italy


  • YAY you’re coming to Brighton! I live there and it’s my favourite 🙂

    hellomissjordan.com xx

  • Maggie

    I really want to go to a festival this summer as well! It sounds so fun!


  • I’ve been watching Jessica Jones (slowly) as well, it’s good!

    Emma | ohflowerchild.blogspot.com

  • I dropped my phone in the toilet once as well and what a shock! It fell out of my back pocket, so I’ve been ultra careful with it since, haha

    sachie | lovelycomplex

  • I’ve felt addicted to my computer this week and still feel behind in areas but taken a bit of a detox this weeknd (really need to do a 48 hr one like Estee) and have fun in Brighton, I live nearer access to there now so it’s fab to pop down now and again

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • kirsty_garry

    I’ve just started watching Transparent, it is really good, not what I expected though! Jessica Jones is next on my list but my bf isn’t too keen. Also I just looked at NOS and now REALLY want to go, that line up !!!

  • Briony

    I love Jessica Jones! I watched it all in the one weekend. Just adore David Tennant in he just looks like he loves playing the baddie.


  • I need to start watching Jessica Jones, seems like an interesting show! I’m sorry about your phone, it happened to my friend too and it was bad!

    Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  • The Sunday Mode

    I’ve got about 4 episodes left of Jessica Jones and it’s getting seriously intense. If you like JJ I think you’d like Daredevil as well because it’s along the same lines. Plus both are on Netflix!


  • Hmm I have been looking for a new show to start, maybe I will have to try Transparent!

    toast the girl almighty

  • If you want to go to a festival in Europe this sumer I’ll always recommend fest300, looks so good!


  • So sorry to hear about your phone, what a pain! Also, it’s awesome to know that someone else has been feeling restless and strange lately – I’ve been exactly the same! To combat it this morning I woke up and did some yoga, drank a big cup of tea and sat down at my computer with the mindset of ‘JUST DO IT’ (think Shia Labeouf) and I think it helped 🙂
    Have awesome fun in Brighton!

  • So sorry to hear about your phone! That really sucks. I haven’t seen Jessica Jones, or Brighton to be honest- but I look forward to seeing both these things! Its been Waitangi weekend here in NZ so its been a lovely long sunny weekend. Lovely post as always! http://www.ambermariemarie.com

  • Sometimes a few days off is just what you need to feel inspired.. I have my presentation for my dissertation tomorrow so I’m trying to have a relatively chilled out day so there is less chance of loose my shit tomorrow haha! Hope you have a fabulous week xx

  • Rita

    Hi Kate 🙂 I am from Portugal and I can assure you that you will be very very pleased with the Portugal festivals during the Summer. You will have good music, good weather and a great environment. Take a look in Super Bock Super Rock festival as well 🙂

  • Oooooh that Lisbon festival sounds right up my street! And we loved the city when we visited last year – so vibrant and chilled and cheap 🙂 x
    Sophie Cliff

  • LOOOOOVE this post idea so much! I really want to watch Jessica Jones, sound so bad ass!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  • I’m so sorry for your phone! That happened to me as well and it was like a nightmare! BUT! Have a good trip to Brighton and enjoy your time there! 🙂


    Nazlıgül | on my own way

  • Hi Kate! I love this kind of posts, makes me smile that you really try to be optimistic and makes me want to be grateful for a couple of things in my life too!
    By the way, I went last summer to the NOS Alive festival and it was amazing! I got to see Mumford and Sons, and Sam Smith, just to name a few of the musicians in the lineup of 2015. I definitely recommend that festival and you’re just going to LOVE Lisbon!
    xx Maria

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    From the first time I saw Jordan I knew he reminded of someone. So thank you for letting me know it was David Tennant lol!!

    New in Makeup