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New York In Photos.

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I’m so sad to be writing this post, as it means my New York trip is officially over. I honestly think that’s half the reason why it’s taken me a while to get this post done, as I’m usually pretty quick with these things!

New York was of course, amazing. Like, seriously amazing. I could not have asked for a better trip, we did everything! Well, everything we didn’t do in June, that is.
It’s absolutely our favourite city, so we just had to pack in as much as possible. Which was a lot.

We arrived at 5pm on New Year’s Eve (hence the balloons above), and all I wanted to do is stay in and wake up afresh on New Years Day! That was pretty much exactly what we did – I’m not a big fan of NYE so it was good to escape it all – although we could hear the noise from Times Square, and we watched fireworks being set off down by the Statue of Liberty.

We stayed in Manhattan this time, rather than Brooklyn as we did in June (we were staying close to the wedding for our friend’s wedding), and I loved being in the hustle and bustle of it all. We chose the Hudson Hotel as they had a deal on and I’m cheap, and it turned out to be a really lovely experience – albeit the darkest hotel ever. The place was so awesome though, below is the view from our window – straight down 9th Avenue! Also seen below is the lobby of our hotel, it was so pretty!

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We spent two days walking around Central Park (with breaks, obviously. Didn’t stay the night there!) and still didn’t see it all. That park is massive! We did go right up and walk around the reservoir, which I highly recommend. The view at the top of the post is taken from there – you can see all the buildings, it’s incredible.

As for food, we discovered some amazing places we didn’t go to last time. We mostly brunched, and my favourite place was Egg Shop in Soho, this was the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Seriously, you gotta go. Such pretty decor too!

We also stopped at Tacombi for drinks, a cool little garage-like place with a cute red VW van parked inside. The chef cooks up tacos inside the van – how cool? Worth it just for a look.
Another awesome place for a little snack is Macbar, which is also around Soho. This is a little joint that serves up different flavours of mac’n’cheese. Yup. It’s incredible!

I also found the Birchbox shop whilst we were wandering around Soho, which I was very happy about. So many beauty brands on display, I had to stop myself ransacking the place.
The area also has other beauty stores like NARS and Aesop, so make note if you’re heading to New York any time soon.

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Another brunch spot I loved was Sarabeth’s; we went to the one near Central Park as it was close to our hotel, but I know there is another. We shared a plate of pumpkin waffles and a jalapeno omelette, and both were delish!

One thing I had to do whilst I was there was go up the Freedom Tower to the One World Observatory. We didn’t do this last time, opting to do Top of the Rock instead (also awesome!), but this was next level. You could see for miles! It was extreme – even though I knew the windows were made of (hopefully) strong glass, I had to get Jordan to hold the back of my coat whilst I took photos. It was scary!

We also went to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, something we didn’t do last time either. Tickets were quite pricey but totally worth it, we had such a great time and the entertainment between the game is so fun. A must if you’re up for a fun experience!

After the Observatory, we headed across the road to Brookfield Place – we were hungry by this point and decided to check out this shopping centre. To our surprise, there was quite the food court happening in here (as well as some cute beauty stores!). There was a Sprinkles Cupcakes place, and a few other awesome (very New York!) eateries. It was a bit of a cool find!
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We spent a lot of time just wandering, seeing the sights and snooping around Sephora! We mostly saw Manhattan on foot, I think only getting the subway once or twice!

Jordan is a massive Star Wars fan so we just had to go to the Power of Costume exhibition going on. I’ve never been a Star Wars fan (slowly getting in to it now) but even I thought it was amazing to see all the original costumes, there was a big fashion element to it so it was super fascinating.
Of course, we had to have an obligatory slice of Junior’s cheesecake before it – I had the Red Velvet and it was YUM.

We also went to a late night show at Comedy Cellar, a well-known venue that the likes of Louie CK, Robin Williams, Chris Rock and Ray Romano have performed at. Jordan has been desperate to go, and it was such a good night! I laughed SO much, whilst sipping on boozy peach iced tea. Heaven.
We went to Sushisamba first for dinner too, and it was incredible. Like, seriously good. I’ve been dreaming of their perfect sushi since I arrived home – put it on your list!

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Another foodie highlight that has been on our list forever is Crif dogs. We were meant to go here last time, but didn’t get a chance. This is a cute hotdog place tucked away in the East Village, the hotdogs are goood (as are the tatertots), but it’s truly famous for its speakeasy. Or maybe notย famous, since it’s meant to be a secret?
Basically, you go in to a phonebox in the tiny restaurant, dial one and then you are taken through the secret door on your left to a secret bar! The bar is called Please Don’t Tell, and they serve a variety of interesting cocktails.

Jordan, of course, had to have the Star Wars lightsaber theme concoction, whilst I opted for something truly vile. It was like spicy cucumber… not sure what I was thinking.
Worth it for the experience though – just choose a better drink than I did.

We also stumbled across Dough in Manhattan! We went here when we stayed in Brooklyn, and I’ve been dreaming of the delicious, pillowy soft donuts ever since. We found it in a little foodie place near Times Square I think, but I do believe they now have a shop in Manhattan. Sadly, I didn’t even get to try one this time as I was so full when we found the shop! *tiny violins play*

Oh, but I did get myself a peanut butter frozen yoghurt at Forty Carrots in Bloomingdale’s and it was everything. I would do anything for another right now, tbh.

Okay, more food talk BUT we also went to Jack’s Wife Freda! Another place we were meant to go to last time but didn’t get the chance. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing… just, go. Drop everything and go right now.

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Other highlights include the Diptqyue shop, which was situated dangerously close to our hotel! As was the West Elm store – sigh. We wanted EVERYTHING from here.
Sephora was pretty much on the same street as us too, and we were seconds from CVS. You can just imagine the excitement!

We also went back to Bubby’s for some brunch – I told you we were brunchin’ – and walked the Highline from start to finish, just as the sun was setting. Such a beautiful way to see New York!

It was such a magical trip, I am just obsessed with this city! Can I just… live there?
I have a proper New York guide coming next week, so sit tight and I’ll reveal all my favourite places. I also have a couple of vlogs coming! Stay tuned.

Anyone planning a trip across right now?! I must go back.

  • I’ve lived in New York, on and off, for about 10 years, and I’d never heard of the Egg Shop or of Tacombi — both sound very cool! From the look up your trip, sounds like you hit up NY like a rockstar. At no point reading this was I ever thinking “ewwww, she went theeeeerrre? Which is a mighty task to accomplish from a picky, snobby New Yorker ๐Ÿ™‚


    • HAHA amazing! Allow me to introduce you to your own city. Such a great comment, thank you. I feel like I’ve won at New York *flexes muscles* x

  • So many beautiful photos here that are making so so jealous! It’s a dream of mine to visit New York, I would love to go ๐Ÿ™‚

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