23 Jan 2016 56 comments

Five Good Things.


What a busy week! I feel like everything past in a bit of a blur this week – I feel exhausted. Anyway, let’s end this manic few days on a high with some positive thoughts!

01. I’m up early for another PT session this morning, I’m feeling unbelievably exhausted – getting dressed this morning was like solving a Rubik’s cube. Oh, my sports bra goes on before my tshirt? That checks out. I’ve worked out three times already this week (once with my PT and twice on my own) so tired doesn’t even cover it.
I’m excited to do a fitness intro post for you guys, as I feel like I’ve finally found my motivation to exercise!

02. I’m going to have a very chilled weekend after I’ve arrived home from the gym! I might even treat myself to a nap. I need to take some photos of our new shelves for tomorrow’s post, as I can’t publish the post I was working on, and also edit my New York vlogs. Last night I allowed myself to look up flights to New York for September – I am a cheeky devil. I was just peeking. I’m not sure I can hold off though, it’s my happy place!

03. Speaking of trips away, I really want to plan a sunny summer holiday for maybe April/May. I was thinking Thailand, as I haven’t really explored Asia. Does anyone have any recommendations? I just want nice beaches and beautiful weather, and maybe amazing food. It doesn’t have to be Thailand, just somewhere exotic perhaps.
I can’t stop thinking of summer holidays! Anyone booked one yet?

04. I’m totally obsessed with Walking With Cars at the moment, I discovered them through Spotify a while back but their new songs are just amazing – well worth a listen! They’re playing in Glasgow soon but I’m not sure I can convince anyone to go.
Jordan and I are going to Primavera Sound in Barcelona in the summer, and the lineup was announced this week. It’s okay? Jordan is super excited by Radiohead (I did my best Sam Smith impression. “Thom Yorke?”) but I’m on the fence. It’ll be cool to see Sigur Ros and Daughter, but otherwise it’s not really my scene. Sun though. Sun.

05. I’m determined to film my evening and morning skincare routines this week, as I’m obsessed with skincare right now. Once I get used to regular exercise (not even joking), I’ll see if I can film them, as I did make a promise to do more YouTube this year!

What’s happening with you guys?