9 Oct 2015 31 comments

Lush Olive Branch: The Best Ever Shower Staple.


I’ve been using a certain shower staple since my late teens, and almost ten years later (cripes!), it’s still a regular in my bathroom! In honour of this, I wanted to take a moment to dedicate this post to my longtime love… The Olive Branch.

Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel is a softening, heavenly-scented concoction that leaves me feeling luscious from tip to toe.  I can’t even sum up this beauty in words; it’s a trip to the Mediterranean in a bottle. The delicious scent adds an exotic twist to my everyday shower, transforming the space in to a musky haven with every use. This is quite a light fluid, a blend of olive oil, bergamot oil, fresh mandarin and vine leaves, but I find it lathers up beautifully on a sponge or shower pouf.

I usually just purchase a small-sized bottle, as it is only shower gel afterall, albeit my favourite every shower product! This time around, however, I decided to treat myself (I’ve had a very treat yo’self attitude lately) to the big bottle. This bad boy set me back a pretty penny, but I feel it was an absolutely 100% necessary exchange of currency – it’s true to say this product is essential to my wellbeing.

While the dreamy ingredients list gets to work cleansing and softening every inch of me, the incredible fragrance balances mind and body – and leaves my bathroom smelling gorgeous for hours afterwards. Hell, I even slosh a good bit in to my all-too-regular baths! Literally money down the drain, but you can’t put a price on happiness and all that.

Have you tried The Olive Branch?

  • I recently bought this as well and although I love the scent, I just can’t seem to get along with the consistency. It’s so runny!


  • No I haven’t but it seems amazing! Would love to try it.


  • It sounds amazing!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • emily couture

    This shower gel sounds amazing 🙂

    emily xx


  • I have never tried this but it sounds amazing. I want it!! I will have to pop to my local Lush this weekend

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  • Lissy Hayes

    I think skin would adore this! I might even get this for my dad for Christmas because he loves using olive oil on his skin. It sounds so dreamy and delightful 🙂

    love, lissyhayes.co.uk

  • I haven’t tried this but it does sound dreamy, I think you’ve convinced me! x


  • Lucy Birchall

    I received this a year or so ago one Christmas and absolutely loved the scent. Anything that smells like a holiday in a bottle is a winner to me!

    She’s So Lucy

  • I find LUSH to be very overwhelming but definitely need to try more from there x


  • It sounds fab, I’ll have to try it! <3

    heck out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC


  • Love the showergel and I’m wearing that scarf today…


  • I smelt it in store the other day (I’m slowly rediscovering the store and getting obsessed all over again) and I’ve earmarked it for when I finish up my current L’Occitane number!

  • My skin loves anything with olive oil in…must be my Mediterranean roots! I’m heading to town tomorrow, I’ll definitely be picking this product up.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  • This sounds so lovely, I was all in when you said it sounded like a trip to the Mediterranean!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • I’ve never tried this, but I’ve been using the Shea Moisture Green Tea & Olive body wash, and it’s honestly really great 🙂
    Olive oil is seriously the HG of everything <3 LOL
    Thank you for the recommendation! Will try it very soon!

    xo, elizabeth t.


  • Victoria

    I really want to try this now! I love olive oil and use it a lot for skincare purposes. Hopefully my lush carries this!

  • Victoria

    This sounds lovely! I need to go out and try it for myself!


  • Kara Robinson

    yassss! love the olive branch too!

  • This sounds like heaven! I need to try more Lush body products!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.com

  • I haven’t tried this one but I think I will now – I’m a lover of the comforter shower gel. Mmmm


  • Oh my gosh this sounds amazing! I’m well overdue a big Lush haul so I will definitely be picking up this in my next one 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  • I work at LUSH and this is one of those products that people come back to repurchase again and again. I agree though as it is heavenly! I take my little bottle to the gym as a bit of a post workout pamper!

    Lucy x

  • I am planning on visiting LUSH super soon as most of my loved ones have finished, I am definitely going to check this out! <3

    xx Aditi

    Diary of a Cusp

  • I’ve never tried or heard of this before but I think I need it! Popping into Norwich on Monday so will definitely go in and get a lil bottle 🙂

    Meg | meg-says.com

  • The Sunday Mode

    I love the Lush shower gels in general but I usually go for Happy Hippy or Honey I washed the kids, I’ll have to check out this one next time!


  • I love Lush and haven’t been for so long, definitely need to get myself to Lush and pick this up and some other bits. Lovely post.

    Beth x

  • Emma

    Saw this today and bought it after reading your post. Am excited to have a bath tonight x

  • of all the lush shower gels I have tried, this is one that I haven’t given a go! Definitely need to pick this one up after all the amazing reviews! Love this post x


  • Totally agree, this is my favourite shower wash EVER. I only had a small size and I’ve been missing it since it ran out! Definitely going to pop in store and pick it up soon x

    Katina | http://www.katinalindaa.com

  • This looks and sounds so good, definitely picking up next time I walk into Lush to give a go. Thank you! x

  • Ally King

    Thinking I might need to treat myself to a new shower Gel! Beautiful post

    x http://alexandrarose7.blogspot.com.au