11 Oct 2015 84 comments

A New Chapter: Kate La Vie.


Welcome to Kate La Vie… Yup, I’ve only gone and done it – I’ve changed my blog name and all my social handles to match! I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but even I can’t believe I’ve actually gone through with it…

I feel like this change has been coming for so long, I’ve never really liked ghostparties as a name and I just thought it was such an irrelevant persona. When I first started blogging (some five years ago), it was something one did as a hobby. A bedroom business that barely brought in a penny (some free lipsticks tho…). When creating my blog, I didn’t consider that it would one day be more than just a leisurely way to show off my MAC blush collection.
And so, ghostparties was born, and then it grew… and it grew some more. Before I knew it, the name had stuck.
Recently I realised that I had never had a logo made up for this blog, I didn’t even invest money in to the name ‘ghostparties’ because I knew it wasn’t a forever thing. I didn’t even have a proper email address for this blog… odd, right?

The new name will come as a shock to some – and it wasn’t a decision I made lightly, but in a world where we are constantly moving forward, it seemed like the right thing to do. I’ve been ghostparties for the last ten years, having come up with the name when I was going through my random goth girl stage – I was of the myspace generation, if you didn’t already work that out.
I never really felt comfortable with the name; I had grown out of it, it didn’t reflect my blog and I needed something that suited me. I’m fast approaching twenty five years of age, so it made sense to change it up. I wanted something that was me, something that was airy and clean and fitted with my blog.

As it happens, the name Kate is hard to work with – that one syllable is bland and impossible to pair with anything. Despite trying to work on a new blog name for months on end, nothing came to mind. I enlisted friends and family to help, googled lyrics (old habits, eh), jotted down potential aliases… but nothing worked. It was hard not to overthink it, too… I found myself getting sick of names before I’d even given them a chance, purely because I was really over-analysing everything.
It wasn’t until someone pointed out the amount of c’est la vie merchandise in my house that it finally clicked. It was a quote I lived by, so why not turn it in to something that summed me up?

I feel a whole lot more inspired to work on my blog, something as simple as a rebrand has brought a whole new lease of life. I hope you’ll stick around as I continue my blogging adventure as Kate La Vie… although you can still call me Kate, or even ghostparties if you really wanna.

I’ve added my new social handles below, so do make sure you’re following for even more content and pretty pictures!

Also: I’m still finalising things, so there may be a few issues. Please don’t bombard me with things to change as it’s a little overwhelming, just give me a couple of days to get through my to-do list – thank you!

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