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September Goals.


Well, August passed by in a blur! I remember being on holiday and then buying my winter coat… yikes! As always, it’s time to roundup some plans for the month.

September is going to be another busy one! I have quite a few fun work things going on, and also lots of plans with friends and family. My parents are currently sailing to a port near Glasgow, so if I’m lucky I’ll see them both this weekend. Their trip started in Florida, before sailing up the east coast of the US (we saw them in New York), then on to Canada and along to Greenland and Iceland, down to the Faroe Islands, then to Shetland and Stornoway. Only the rest of the world and back again to go! My dad has been blogging it if anyone is interested in travel.

Also this month is Foo Fighters! If you remember, we had tickets to see them in June but Dave broke his leg and they cancelled the shows. In all honesty, I didn’t actually expect to see them again as I didn’t think plans would work out, they’d actually reschedule this year… but here we are! A week away from the gig. My Hero is playing right now, I’m so pumped for the show. My favourite album is There Is Nothing Left To Lose, so hopefully they play a whole lotta oldies.

The day after Foo Fighters we’re heading to Copenhagen for a group hang with our besties – I’m SO excited for the Scandi interiors! Denmark has been my dream destination for as long as I can remember, so I’m beyond excited to actually be going.
For some reason (I had a psychic moment), I thought to check if Foals were playing whilst we were there (no idea why, didn’t even know they were on tour) and low and behold, they have a show in Copenhagen the day after we get there! Double excited. It will be quite an experience to see Foo Fighters and Foals in one week… I’ll let you know how that goes.

Kitchen planning is well underway, we are just waiting for a quote from our kitchen guys. This is the worst part because I have absolutely NO idea how much it will cost, I’ve never done this before so I can’t even imagine a figure. I’ll just try not to think about the designer handbags and beautiful coats I could have bought with the money…

The shop is regularly being stocked with new things, I think I’ll add more stock this week. It’s been so busy, I don’t think we expected it to be this demanding. I’ll give it another couple of months and see how we get on, as we both have jobs and lives and other things we’re working on.
I feel like I can’t keep up with life right now, so much happening! Hope you’ve enjoyed browsing the pretty notebooks though, and the new Cat Coq prints are amazing. It feels good to be able to introduce bits and pieces that aren’t so readily available right now.

So much news! What’s the goss with you lot this month? Any plans?

  • Simpliste Daily

    August felt like the busiest month ever!
    So sad I missed out on tickets for Foos 🙁 Possibly the best band I’ve ever seen live (probs why I’ve seen them multiple times…)
    I’m off to Birmingham for work this week which I’m looking forward to despite the ridiculous working hours! September is also officially the start of my big C shopping – always means no stress come December.

    Have a lovely time on your adventures this month :).

    Sam x

    Simpliste Daily

  • I don’t even wanna think about how quickly August went, I don’t even really remember it starting! Everything kicks off at my job for Christmas now so things are gonna get hella busy. I’m looking forward to it but also not at the same time! Haha.

    Kim | http://www.thelensaffair.com

  • I love your holder for all of your washi tapes! Where’s it from? Also the marble holder for your pens!

    Jenna | Beauty And The Style

  • I’m off to Copenhagen next month! I love Scandi interiors and love the look of Denmark. You must let me know where to go in Copenhagen!

    Feet Meet World | http://www.feetmeetworld.com

  • Rachel

    My August was crazy as well!! I have two trips and a WHOLE LOT of work coming up in September!! Excited and scared!

    Rachel x

  • Your September sounds so so busy, but enjoy the Foo Fighters and Foals!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • Your site is lovely and so many cute bits! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Sounds like you have a super exciting and planned month ahead! i hope your kitchen project isnt too much money!
    Sian | The Tattooed Princess

  • Manouk

    I’ve always wanted to go to Copenhagen! Have all the fun 🙂 x


  • I know what you mean, I feel like I can’t keep up at the moment either. September is going to be busy with Fashion Weeks x


  • Kat Horrocks

    I always look forward to these posts 🙂 I bet the Foo Fighters will be amazing! & I’m loving browsing your shop 🙂

    Kat | http://www.kathorrocks.com

  • It’ll be so cool to see a band in a different country, how awesome! And I cant wait for the Scandi and Kitchen inspired posts – all the interior porn right? Hopefully this month I’ll be finally making a move so fingers crossed….

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • I hope you enjoy the Foo Fighters can’t believe Dave broke his leg, bless him! I’m sure it’ll be an amazing gig.


  • Sounds like you have amazing plans! I’m off on holiday this month so I don’t feel quite ready to let go of Summer just yet. Can’t wait for the shop restock 🙂 xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  • Your parents sound like they lead exciting lives! Good on them 🙂 Just busy with back to school and work but I do have a cottage weekend plan coming up which will be exciting and hopefully relaxing!

    Nabihah | The Sunday Wardrobe

  • I am so jealous of your Parents, and you to be fair. Sounds like you have an incredible month ahead. Good luck and go get em girl.


  • Maggie

    Sounds like you have a wonderful month ahead!


  • This is such a lovely post. I think it is always good to have monthly goals. Sounds like you have an amazing month a head of you.

    Beth x

  • missgetaway

    Sounds like you have an exciting September ahead of you. Cannot wait for all the new posts 🙂

    Love, Kerstin

  • Lauren

    Sounds like a fab month ahead for you! That’s so awesome that your parents are just travelling the world, seems like a dream! Have fun in Copenhagen! I would love to go there!

    Styled By Lauren

  • Zoe Newlove

    Ah I loved this post 🙂 I am totally going to read through your Dad’s blog in my lunch hour, that sounds like such a dream trip! Excited to see your kitchen come together!

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  • Emily Knott

    I’m still yet to buy anything from your shop, mainly due to the fact I want everything! It sounds like you have a good month ahead of you. Have a brill time.

    Emily x

    • I Know what you mean when you say you want to buy everything! I feel exactly the same! Shame i’m as poor as a church mouse..

      – Darcy Victoria

  • Gemma Carey

    I’m going on holiday this month believe it or not! I’m so excited for a lovely week break.

    • jennifrjregan

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  • Love the Shakespeare quote!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • How exciting about Foo Fighters! I saw them a few years ago in Milton Keynes, it was amazing! Also cool you’re going to Copenhagen I hope you will like it here (I live there). I’m sure you have many places to go to already but if you are looking for something particular feel free to tweet me or something 🙂 I’ll gladly suggest places!


  • Hello Kate,

    I feel you so much! I can’t keep up with life right now as well, so many things are happening, but fortunately only exciting and positive ones!

    For now I’m heading to Paris to do some modeling (that’s my profession beside being a graphic design student and blogger) for a month and then university starts again. I just came back from Milan at the end of July, then I went to Croatia to make some vacation, now I’m back here in Austria and I’m already leaving on Saturday!

    Have a nice time at the concert and in Denmark!



  • Emily

    It’s my birthday month! YAY! Busy, busy like every fall. I know life will slow down in January, right?!



  • August and September are panning out to be super busy over her easy as well, especially with travel abroad. A little trick that I use to stay on top of my travel docs (passport, visas, immunizations, id’s driver’s license, health insurance, etc.) is the Docady app. It reminds me of important expiration dates, can easy and securely share docs, and it discovers my own docs for me once I connected my cloud services! Amazing!

  • I would love to go and see Foo Fighters! I loved them when i was in school!


  • How amazing that your rents are travelling around the world! And also strange to think of dads blogging haha. We’re doing the bathroom first, which isn’t *too* pricey, but I’m dreading the kitchen quote as well… eek! x

    Sarah | Sequin This

  • Great goals, Kate! I’ll purchase from your shop once I get back to the UK! xx


  • Sounds like an exciting month! The Foo Fighters are such a great show, they’re amazing live. Did you see that they Rick Rolled the church that was protesting one of their shows? It was awesome. 🙂 Copenhagen in September should be absolutely lovely, looking forward to the photos!

  • Love this! I totally understand, I feel like it was just June, and now it’s already raining in Vancouver. September is a great month for planning, I’m just keeping a little list of blog posts to keep the creativity going. <3

    Tiana xx // alwaysneedher.com

  • It’s great to have everything planned out for the month! 🙂
    Loving the quotes that you hung up on the wall! Super inspirational! <3
    And it sounds like your parents are having such fun!

    xo, elizabeth t.


  • Sounds like an exciting month ahead! Sadly we are going to back to school but that calls for new stationery and everything on your shop is so pretty.

    Esme & Rhiannon | esmerhiannon.blogspot.com

  • It sounds like a exciting month, so much to do but good that everything is well planned!


  • Emma and Emily

    Sounds like you are going to have a great September! I’m off to New York tomorrow and will be taking some of your recommendations with me!

    Emily x

  • lauragale94

    Eek, I’m super excited about September! It’s always been my favourite month; I love autumn, it’s my birthday on the 14th, my countdown to Christmas starts, I usually holiday in September and it always means back to school/college/uni, which is exciting for a week or two haha!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  • I absolutely adore your new shop I want something from there so badly!!

    hellomissjordan.com xx

  • So many exciting things happening! Very exciting about the Foo Fighters! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • Candace McGee

    This month is my birthday! Woo hoo! I planned to celebrate with a move out of state lol, but medical issues are halting my plans for 6 weeks! So this month will be about healing, running my business and blogging since I’ll have plenty of unexpected down time!


  • Congrats on your full life. Enjoy every minute.

  • I know right!! August went by so far for me too!! I am inspired by you to start monthly goals as well.


  • Nadia Madzharova

    it is important to have goals 🙂 I love the one about travelling, it is in my list 🙂
    xo xo from Paris

  • I agree, August went by SO fast!! I love your shop and happy you get to finally see the FooFighters. I’m so excited to see the Fratellis in Dundee in November.
    Can’t wait to check out your dad’s blog!
    xx, Pia


  • Such a great bunch of goals Kate! Your shop is absolutely fab and you should be proud of yourselves for starting it and for your hard work with the orders and getting new stock! My goals are too get back to daily posting on my blog & to dedicate more days to my blog!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.com

  • Hey I’ll be at Foo Fighters on Saturday (see you there ;op)

    Then off for a road trip around France. September is gonna be epic! Looking forward to hearing all about what you get up to.


  • Exciting times ahead! I went to see the Foos back in May for the third time, and it was by far one of the best gigs I’ve seen. Such memories!


  • Really like this type of post, I appreciate the goals a lot. My summer has literally sped past me too. Im a teacher and back at school now and it feels like I haven’t been off xo


  • I was so disappointed when Foo Fighters cancelled. I literally received the tickets on the morning Dave broke his leg – talking about good timing right? Just like you I thought there was no way I would ever see them any time soon as I didn’t imagine they would ever re-schedule. But hey ho, not long to go! Hopefully won’t rain on Tuesday (we both know this is just wishful thinking since we live in Scotland I suppose).

    Also, you and Jordan are doing a great job. But if you stop enjoying it and it just becomes dreading, take a break. The whole point is to have fun and get that rewarding feeling x

  • Your shop has such cute products, and definitely reading about your goals makes me remember that I have to set some for myself too. xx


  • Love this post! I have so many goals left over from August I still yet to tackle!

  • You have so many amazing goals! and I hope that you accomplish them x


  • The Sunday Mode

    Sounds like September is going to be a great month for you- have fun on all your travels! x


  • Foo Fighters & Foals, two of my favorite bands! I am a bit jealous 😉
    So much is going on over here as well! We’ll be moving into our new house at the end of next week so I am getting ready to start packing my life in boxes 😉
    Axelle | Style playground

  • Great goals- good luck with them!! 🙂


  • Carys

    Good work on the Foals & Foo Fighters tickets, that’s going to be one epic week!
    I’m lusting after a new kitchen but don’t think what I’d like is going to be realisitic. After preparing the bathroom are you planning on doing any of the work yourselves?


  • I can’t wait to see what your kitchen looks like when it’s done! I’d love it if you’d do a post on your kitchen ideas/inspiration/things you like!?

    Gemma x