13 Sep 2015 81 comments

A Green Apartment Tour.

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It’s no secret that my house is busting at the seams with plants; I have cacti everywhere, hanging planters coming from the ceiling… even our bathroom looks like a tropical rainforest. I wanted to give you a quick tour of my favourite leafy friends…

I tend to pick up a cactus or two whenever I’m at IKEA, although lately I’ve been heading to a nearby garden centre for greenery. Those two big cacti at the top are my most recent additions, aren’t they cute? Mouse hasn’t met Spike yet… she’s been staying well away from him, which I think is a good idea.

I find ASDA and even florists great for finding house plants; a lot of supermarkets do the Peace Lilies I like, although I do find these hard to care for sometimes. Ivy is another great indoor plant, lovely on windowsills and hallway tables.
Last year I got Mother In Law’s Tongue, that spiky guy in my hallway – I’ve wanted one for so long, and I think he really completes the space. Greenery adds so much to a room, and it works beautifully against white walls.
Another favourite of mine is the String of Pearls plants, these are hanging succulents that have little green buds on them. I want to do a hanging feature in our new kitchen when it’s ready, they’re just so cuuuute! I have three, which I don’t think is in any way excessive.

The plants in the gold shapes are air plants from Amsterdam; these are amazing because they don’t require any soil or food – they take their nutrients from the air. They feel like velvet and they’re so easy to look after – I just give them a random scoosh with my spray bottle when I remember.
Getting a spray bottle is key to keeping plants alive – giving them a good misting once a week really helps cacti and succulents to thrive, and also works well with other plants that come from humid places. I’m a lot better when it comes to looking after my green pals these days, you sort of just learn what they like… although there have been casualties along the way!

Are you a plant fan?