23 Jul 2015 68 comments

Blog Photography 101.


It wasn’t long ago that I posted some tips and tricks for blog photos, but I had the bright idea (it came to me so suddenly, so unexpectedly) to film the process for you all. I get asked about the blog photo taking process often, so this seemed to be the best way to give you some answers.

I tend to spend a few hours taking a bunch of blog photos, as my posts are planned out in advance. This means I have an area all set up, with the products I need to photograph, so I can get through it quite quickly. Of course, it’s not a ‘shoot and go’ deal – it does take me a few different setups to get it right, so I think I’ve captured that in the video.

Hopefully the video will inspire you more than anything; I might do a few more videos in ‘photography 101’ series. Maybe how to take lifestyle photos, some photo editing basics and my camera setup. I’m open to ideas though!


If you want a little bit more information, here’s my last ‘blog photography’ post – it deals mainly with the setting up of photos, but there’s also some technical stuff for you to nosy at. I don’t always think it’s what camera you use (lenses matter though) but rather the background and lighting, so keep this in mind. I take some of my photos on my iPhone…

Are you feeling inspired to take some blog photos right about now?!