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New York City Guide: Food & Drink.


Of course, a food guide needs its very own post! We ate a lot in NYC, and we tried SO many amazing places – it was basically a food tour of the city. We both wanted to try some classic American staples; pizza, bagels, cupcakes, donuts… all the unhealthy foods that I would feel entirely guilty eating on British soil. Somehow being on holiday makes eating pizza, fried food and cupcakes in one day a-okay.
We walked a LOT while we were there, usually 10miles per day for the whole time we were there (8 days), so I didn’t feel too guilty… and I would absolutely do it all over again if I could.

I wanted to try some sexy New York donuts while I was in the US of A, so I googled the donuts to try and up popped Dough, a Brooklyn donut shop with a mad rep that was situated not too far from us. We kept meaning to go here every time we caught the subway in to Manhattan but it never happened until we were wandering around Brooklyn the day after the wedding. As it turned out, the day we arrived at the Dough shopfront was actually National Donut Day. Hooray for that holiday.
Ugh, just looking at all these magical photos of donuts brings back the sweet, spicy aroma of the (tiny) store, and the intensely fluffy dough of that first bite. I really didn’t know what flavour to go for, so I went for toasted coconut – anything coconut is my favourite – and it was heaven. The softest dough that felt like biting in to a cloud, a slighty crispy edge and a gorgeous sugar coated and toasted coconut finish. Heaven.

Shake Shack
I’m usually hit or miss when it comes to burgers as I’m not a big meat eater, but Shake Shack was incredible – one burg place I can absolutely say I loved! 10/10 would recommend. We went for a hot dog, the bacon cheeseburger (which had peppers on it – heaven!), and some cheese fries… such a delicious combo. The bacon was incredible, the hot dog had lil onion crispies on there, and the fries were the best I’ve eaten. I’m lucky we don’t have one of these here in Glasgow or I’d go every damn day. Definitely go to Shake Shack.

This was another place I Googled, we were looking for a brunch spot in Tribeca one morning and Bubby’s popped up. I was over carbs at this point, WHICH WAS A TERRIBLE DECISION TO MAKE. I ordered an iced latte (surprise, surprise) and, wait for it, a cold-pressed juice with vodka. That is a thing you can buy, my peoples. They cancel each other out so it’s like drinking water. It was 10am and I was chatting to everyone.
Okay, so this place. I went for huevos rancheros, which was incredible – lots of avocado, chilli sauce, a fried egg, you know the deal. I looved it… I didn’t even envy Jordan’s choice of French Toast (he was finally being naughty since he didn’t have a suit to fit in to anymore, this was post-wedding). Until, well… you won’t believe what happened next.
Inside the crispy, powdered sugar-sprinkled slabs of gorgeous fried toast was a mountain of whipped cream cheese and raspberry jam. Inside the French Toast. God bless America. Needless to say, we did our usual deal of exchanging meals halfway through. We are those people.
Also, a good story – while we were passing a place nearby, there were maybe 20 girls sitting on the ground outside a random restaurant. I was like “that’s weird, maybe it’s a school trip” and then someone went passed and said “I wonder who they’re waiting for” and it kind of clicked that we were in Tay-Tay’s hood and they were waiting for a celebrity. I’m having an excited mental run-through of who it could be – the Jenners? Taylor? Ariana? KATY? when Jordan says “maybe it’s Ryan Adams”. Uhh… yes because 20 girls wait outside restaurants for Ryan Adams, Jordan.

Gansevoort Market
I stumbled upon this little gem after having a browse round a nearby Sephora; it’s basically a foodies paradise. The food markets within are all incredible – or at least, they look incredible! I didn’t try anything, sadly. A decision I’m really, truly regretting right now.
There’s so much variety in this beautiful little market space – pizzas, macarons, RED VELVET TWINKIES, smores tarts… oh my god. Why didn’t I get a red velvet twinkie? I must go back. I will check flights right now.
This looks super pretty inside too, made up like a cute indoor garden with seating areas. It’s a must see.

Artichoke Pizza
A few people recommended Artichoke pizza to me whilst I was in New York, so I knew I had to check it out. We just went to the little takeaway area at the back, rather than the actual restaurant because who has time to sit down and wait for pizza. I got a slice of pizza that had lots of cheese, red onions and I think meatballs or something… I can’t remember, but it was beautiful. A great place to try a New York slice the size of a suitcase.

Magnolia Bakery
In the words of Jordan “I can’t believe I’ve been to a cupcake shop that was in an episode of Sex and the City”. I didn’t ever watch the show, but someone obviously did – and while he was fangirling, I took a moment to swoon over cakes and snap some photos. I ticked two things off my list this day, Magnolia Bakery and cheesecake. We went for a red velvet cheesecake and it was all sorts of amazing. I really should have chosen a cupcake but I wasn’t feeling it at the time, and the cheesecake was everything! Super light and fluffy, with a dollop of cream and an Oreo base… mmm.
We sat in the park and shared the delicious dessert with the little birds nearby. One ate a bit from my fork, he was my spirit animal.

Tequila Chito’s
This place was somewhere we stumbled upon after HOURS of walking around Manhattan. At this point I was ready for bed (it was late in UK time, ok?) and my legs were about to fall off – as we walked through the doors and saw the place, Jordan said something like “we’ve either found a gem, or a dive” which pretty much summed up the place. As it happened, this place was all kinds of incredible – there were frozen margaritas, guacamole made at your table (heaven), and cheese fondue. It’s not somewhere you would expect to be amazing, but the food was so delicious and every bite was packed with flavour. 10/10.

Another Brooklyn find that we stumbled upon whilst out walking, Boomwich is an awesome sandwich shop with a really cool vibe. We shared a pastrami sandwich, with pickles, melted cheese, onions and mustard – it was delicious. The mac ‘n’ cheese had crumbled Cheetos on top, and the coleslaw was a nice bit of crunch on the side. A place to put on your list if you appreciate a good san, I say.

Tom’s Restaurant
We headed to Tom’s in Brooklyn for brekkie one day, and it was all sorts of amazing. I went for choc chip pancakes, which came with bacon on top and their homemade cinnamon butters. I took a few action shots so you can really see for yourself how heavenly these were – it was such a delicious combination. Why isn’t cinnamon butter a thing that I can buy and eat daily?
The feel of the restaurant was awesome, very ‘classic NY diner’ with that family-owned vibe. Great service, lovely atmosphere and the food… the food. There’s another restaurant in Manhattan as far as I know, so be sure to make a trip. Jordan had eggs and pastrami with some fried potatoes, and he said it was the best he’d eaten, so there’s that.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Sprinkles Cupcakes
I’ve followed Sprinkles Cupcakes on Instagram since time began, so I had to visit the store when I was in New York. I really wanted to find their cupcake ATM, which was across from Bloomingdale’s – right next to their store. I saw someone use the ATM, but we went inside to get a coffee and some cake. I went for red velvet (what else?), and Jordan had peanut butter – which he still talks about to this day.
I also went for a red velvet mocha, which was probably a bad idea – although it was delicious, I felt SO full after this – there was so much whipped cream and cupcake crumbled on top. I ended up saving my cupcake and eating it the next morning for breakfast. Classy.
Everyone must take a wander here, it’s heavenly and the cakes are gorgeous! Plus, it’s an Instagram dream.

So, that’s it. I’m off to do a juice cleanse and avoid thinking about how I’ll fit in to a bikini in a few weeks…

Have you been to any of these places?

  • emily couture

    What a great food guide and such yummy food 🙂

    emily xx


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  • You really made my hungry now!! Isn’t Gansevoort market amazing?? I’ve missed Sprinkles because they’re always out of my way, but have visited Magnolia Bakery, twice!

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    Hmmmm I just feel like eating and eating!

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  • oh my goodness I need to visit these places. I need some sort of food now!

    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // x

  • Jessica Maye

    I actually feel a little bit tearful after reading about and looking at all this delicious food. Take me to New York ASAP so I can eat triple my body weight in everything!

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    Katie Loves ~ UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

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    Everything here looks amazing!

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  • Lucy Birchall

    I wouldn’t even know where to start, everything looks incredible! Dough, Tequila Chito’s and Magnolia Bakery all look right up my street. I love that Jordan knew that Magnolia Bakery was in Sex and the City, amazing.
    Were these taken with your Canon EOS M and with the 22mm lens? I just updated mine to the 22mm lens and haven’t had the chance to properly play around with it yet.

    She’s So Lucy

    • Haha he’s some guy. Yes, I love them – I wasn’t sure what to expect with the lens but it’s a beaut! x

  • The food looks amazing! Especially the doughnuts and pancakes! x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Holly Cooke

    This post has just made me super super hungry! It looks like you had some of the most incredible food whilst you were in NYC, those doughnuts look divine! x


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    I love your New York posts and photos, I want to go to NY so bad!

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    Girl, Shake Shack are supposedly eyeing up a location in Buchanan Galleries, in the planned extension I expect. You may yet taste the burger goodness in GLA <3

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    Red velvet twinkies?! Only in America… and those Sprinkles cupcakes look too good tor resist!

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  • You went to Tom’s! You were literally a few blocks from the Doctor Who bar. Which wouldn’t have been open at the time, but still…

  • Such an awesome post, your photos are incredible – I’m in New York at the moment so this post is veeery useful! I love Shake Shack and Dough was incredible. Next time you’re at a Magnolia Bakery, try the Banana Pudding – it is THE best stuff.

    Ash / thebeautycollection.com.au

  • Looks incredible and makes me miss NYC – a lot!

  • Kate

    I am starving after reading this post! I have a Shake Shack four blocks away from my apartment, but I’m afraid to try it because I fear I’m going to fall in love and subsequently gain 20 lbs. xx


  • Oh my goodness! Everything looks so amazing! Sprinkles cupcakes are the best!

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  • Great choices! Next time add in Momofuku (both milk bar and their normal restaurants), Mile End, Donut Plant, Chick-a-licious, Barrio Chino, Clinton St Baking Co, and Lombardi’s. I find Magnolia’s cupcakes to be eh but their banana pudding is seriously insane.

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  • ALL of these are A+++ choices! What did you think of the true NYC bagels? My least favourite part of growing up here is that no bagels or pizza compare!
    So glad you had fun (and did an awesome job trying all the good stuff)!!
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  • emily

    Dough and Shack Shake or FAAAVVV; thank god they just opened a Shack Shake in Austin, TX!!!

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  • Wow everything looks so delicious! My mouth is watering! I’ve had Shake Shack before and it was amazing! You picked great places to eat at!


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  • So many good spots!! There is a Shake Shack by my office which is SO dangerous lol. I also love how Jordan fangirled over Magnolia Bakery. Too funny!

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  • Tiana

    Wow all of these places look amazing! Which ones would you specifically recommend for dinner? Going to NYC in a couple weeks and would love your input!

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