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Paris in Pictures.


You requested a Paris post, and I am delivering the goods. Paris was just beautiful, sunny but crisp most days and it even reached 20C one day. It was divine! Get the EasyJet app and search for cheap flights immediately, ladies…

I have been to Paris quite a few times, so this isn’t a guide as such but rather a little insight in to my trip. If you want to see a guide, I posted one here, and if you want to see my other Paris posts, click here.
We stayed in the Montmartre area, just a few minutes down the road from the Moulin Rouge – which I had previously only seen from a car. It looks amazing at night, and I really liked the area as it was easy enough to see everything – I would definitely stay here again. We actually watched the film one night after a long day of walking, it really added to the experience.
As always, I just found a cute Airbnb to stay in – I usually stay in apartments as I’m not a fan of hotels – I like having a whole apartment that I can cook and chill in too. Paris can get pricey so popping to the supermarket for crepes and breakfast stuff really helps to cut the costs a little.

The first day we got there quite late in the afternoon, but it was so sunny so we decided to take the Metro down to the Trocadero – whenever I take someone to Paris for the first time, I insist their first view is from here. It’s an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower, and you never expect it when  you come round the corner. After this we wandered down the hill to the river, across the bridge and through the Champ De Mars, the large park around the tower. It was a really warm day and you get great views from the tower here too so it’s well worth a visit.
Next we wandered over to the Hôtel des Invalides, a beautiful building that is full of history, before walking back up the Seine and all the way up to the Champs-Élysées, the shopping avenue which has loads of great shops and other sights. We walked all the way up to the other end where the Arc De Triomphe is located – such a lovely sight!
I was surprised we managed to see all that in just a few hours, but we stopped for a rest afterwards and loaded up on cocktails before heading back for a rest and some dinner!

The following morning, we took a walk to find a breakfast spot I found on google – Marcel. I had a quick glance of the menu online and we set out to look for it, or at least find somewhere as it was Sunday and brunch was most certainly required! We walked up the hill, taking a shortcut that was listed on Google maps, and occasionally through breaks in the buildings we would see glances of the whole of Paris! We had no idea we were walking up so high.
Marcel was lovely, a small restaurant that served the most incredible French toast with Brioche bread, caramel syrup and caramel bananas. It was utterly divine! Naturally, we had to walk this off (T had Eggs Benedict, I stole a bit – can confirm, heavenly) so we headed uphill thinking perhaps we could find the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. I hadn’t ever stayed in or even been to Montmartre before so I had only spied this occasionally, but it is a really exquisite church.
The view was incredible, views all over Paris – and such a lovely day for it as well.

A lot of the other days were spent just wandering; I always aim to end up along the Seine – I love walking around the Louvre, popping in the Angelina’s to see the incredible display of cakes (above) and ordering some their hot chocolate – it’s just melted chocolate with cream, I swear. Ugh, delicious. Then wandering the designer boutiques and other stores – I even found & Other Stories and had a nosy in there. I won’t lie, we spent a lot of time trying to spot Kimye. Am I sorry? I am not.

A trip to Ladurée was also on the cards, I love the store (everyone says the Pierre Hermé macarons are better, but the whole Ladurée experience is beautiful so I prefer it here). I highly recommend heading to one of their boutiques, they are so pretty and the macarons are just heavenly! Food you can Instagram is always a winner with me.

The best part of the trip? We had just had a little look around the Notre Dam and were walking around the area, basking in the sun, trying to find this well-hidden Metro when we stumbled upon some sort of farmers market slash petting zoo. At first all we saw were bird cages, hundreds of them, but then we saw a beautiful rabbit in a basket that people were patting. It wasn’t even in a cage, just lapin (lol) up all the attention! I haven’t ever really met a nice rabbit like this before, but he was so adorable and loved the cuddles.
We moved along and found a whole playpen of baby bunnies – again, no cage so we could cuddle them. I don’t agree with zoos, so I was a bit wary at first – but most of the animals were free to roam and looked really happy and cared for. There was a pen of little mice that were just chilling out, nothing to stop them doing a runner. It was amazing. A lot of happy squeals came from me!
This was a Sunday at Cité metro – you must track it down.

On the final day, we had a trip up the Eiffel Tower booked. I’ve seen the tower many times, but I have to admit I had never even thought about going up it – I guessed I just thought it would be overpriced or whatever. Tickets were actually quite cheap, we booked them before we left and made sure we had tickets to take us right up to the summit. I would recommend booking before you go as the queues are insane.
The lift up there was pretty terrifying – you go to the first level, then the second viewing deck and then you can walk up the stairs to the outside area right at the very top. I think I have that right, it was a week ago but I was freaking out! I do have a slight fear of heights, I felt fine when I was up there but the glass lifts are horrendous! I was filming going up, but I just had to stop and close my eyes as it was so scary – but kind of a rollercoaster, thrilling scary.

As you can see, the views are incredible. You can just see everything – so it was worth it! Definitely recommend doing this, if you can deal with the lifts…

All in all, 10/10 would Paris again. Are you booking a trip soon? Follow me on Instagram for more pictures…

  • The food looks insane!! I can’t believe I’ve never been to Paris! This year could be the year! 🙂 xxx

  • Great post! I was in Paris last year and it was incredible! Gorgeous city!

    Chrissy x

  • Look like you had a great time there.

    I love the pastries and that egg

    Looks yummy.


    Check my new post.

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  • I love Paris. Even though I’ve been a few times, it never gets old. Those pancakes looked amazing! And I agree about the lifts on the Eiffel Tower, they are horrible but definitely worth the view 🙂
    Kirsty x

  • Jenna

    This looks so amazing! I would love to go back to Paris

    Jenna | Jenna Loves Beauty

  • Oh my god! The french toast! The bagels! The cakes! It’s all too much for me to handle right now after I ate a sad salad for dinner. Living vicariously through this post!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Lovely pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! This post made me really want to go to Paris again. I was there around this time last year and it was so nice. The weather was so sunny and warm, it was fantastic!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • This looks absolutely incredible. I went to Paris when I was a teenager and I loved it. I’m dreaming of a Parisien brunch now. Glad you had a lovely time!

    lucy | luceellen xxx

  • Jen @ Lace & Lunges

    Paris is my favourite place. I last went in January and your photos are making me want to book another trip! Montmartre is beautiful.
    Jen http://www.laceandlunges.com

  • Such gorgeous pictures! Paris is such a magical place x


  • elza

    the brunch looks absolutely divine ! these pictures make me miss Paris so much, the last two times i’ve stayed in Montmartre and it’s such a lovely neighbourhood x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  • impatienceblog

    I really want to visit Paris again, I went when I was younger but never really appreciated it. Thanks for the tip of pre-booking the Eiffel Tower tickets, I never would have thought of that! x

    Holly | Impatience is a Virtue | Bloglovin

  • Anna Blush

    These are some amazing snaps, Kate. I’m heading over to Paris in the summer to do a course for uni and I’m so excited! That Marcel café looks amazing, definitely on my to do list now! x


  • Bomb Cosmetics

    Beautiful pictures Kate. Our stomachs literally grumbled so loudly at all the food pics though!


  • I’m going to Paris on Easter so this is perfect! Love the pictures and thanks for the Eiffel Tower tip 🙂 x

    Marina Not Until Coffee

  • emily couture

    Such stunning photos! I would love to visit Paris 😀

    emily xx


  • Looks so amazing!!! I want to go to Paris again! Hopefully I can go soon!

    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  • Whichit

    You know what, I have never tried Macaroons in my life, feel like I am missing out big time!


  • Oh food glorious food, now I’m hungry! 🙂
    xxx Claire

  • Your photos are absolutely lovely, thank you for sharing these bits of your trip with us! It really makes me want to take a trip to Paris now!

    Kelsey | kelseybeauty.blogspot.com

  • I enjoyed your post so much! Ah, take me to Paris… :))

    xx OXANAMUA | New Inspirational Lifestyle Post!

  • Hope

    I am sooo jealous! I want to go to Paris so badly! That bagel shop looked incredible, you can never have too many bagels in your life H xx


  • I j’adore this post! (cringe) I love how you’ve varied between Instagram and non-instagram pictures. I’ve never been to Paris, though you make me want to.

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty and the rest. ♥

  • Ari

    I wish I was going to Paris!! These pictures are so beautiful and make me want to travel and eat!


  • Amazing pictures! Looks like you had an incredible trip 🙂

    Kirsty | http://www.kirsty.ws

  • Zoe

    Omg that food looks insane, regretting my salad choice for lunch now ha!


  • Vivian Yuen

    Love seeing the breakfast foods!

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  • Absolutely lovley! You are giving me Parisian fever! 🙂


  • I went to Paris a couple years back and your post is giving me so much nostalgia! Paris was (and is) SO beautiful – it definitely lived upto my high expectations and I would go back in a second if I could! Those living in Europe are lucky that culture, architecture and beauty is in their backyard!


  • So pretty and it’s seem like you had an amazing time. It’s my dream to go one day but for now I’ll just savor your pictures.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin’ |

  • evelyn

    What perfect timing! I just booked my ticket to London/Paris yesterday and was going to start researching things to do when I stumbled upon this blog post, the will definitely give some ideas of where to start. I love your pictures a perfect combo of food and sights.

  • Kasope Sonola

    Paris is so pretty! All the pictures are making me want to return so much! And the places you went to eat look pretty amazing!


  • I can never get enough Parisian posts haha Lovely photos, and that breakfast looks divine! xx


  • Ahhhh your photos of Berlin and Paris are making me want to jump on a plane right now! The weather looks beautiful and so do all of your photographs. I’m always a big fan of travel posts 🙂


  • I was just in Paris two weeks ago and this has me ready to go back again! Lovely photos xx

    Love and Marmalade

  • Izz

    Ah your trip looks so amazing! Im going in the summer and i cant wait

  • Your photos are GORGEOUS Kate!!!

    Such a fan of that brioche french toast as well. Looks amazing! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Kat Horrocks

    Gorgeous photos! All the food is making me drool. That giant Nutella tub

    Kat | http://www.kathorrocks.com

  • Gorgeous photographs, that first image got me drooling x


  • Tanya

    Wowwww that first picture literally made me drool!!!!

    Lovely photos xx


  • It looks incredible- I want to go back to Paris so badly after seeing this post! The french toast looks incredible, I’d love to see a post on how you do your half up half down style hair- i have the same length hair as you and can never get the bun to look as voluminous as yours!

  • Lovely pictures!!


  • Looks like a wonderful trip, I’m heading here this month 🙂

    With love,

    – Hayley ❤


  • Love your photos and I’m so jealous of your trip!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Jenny Papworth

    Those bunnies are so adorable! Paris looks incredible, I’ve got serious wanderlust right now!

  • Millie Robinson

    Lovely photos! I love Paris, dying to go back!! x


  • The food, the stripes, the views! Oh Paris is so beautiful, I really want to go after my birthday 🙂

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • catherine ♡

    This looks so so beautiful – so jealous! I’d love to go to Paris again one day x


  • Bethany

    Absolutely love Paris! Went a couple years ago for my 18th birthday, reading this post is making me want to go again!

    Bethany | http://www.lesbiansarereal.blogspot.com

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  • Jade Barnes

    We are hoping to go to Paris for our Mini-moon this November, before our main honeymoon. We have been looking into the Montmartre area, so really glad its local to everything! Your pictures and food look amazing <3

  • Nia

    The food!
    I am now saddened by the fact my kitchen currently has only tinned rice pudding and questionably smelling ham – must do a food shop.

    Great photos, Paris is incredibly beautiful.


  • It looks so beautiful there! The foooood, and those little bunnies!! :3 x


  • Lucy Birchall

    Gah, this whole post has got me wanting to go to Paris even more – I’ve never been and it would be a dream to go. I l-o-v-e your hair in the second picture – looking fine girl!
    Just everything about this is perfect. Take me next time!
    She’s So Lucy

  • tianna

    omg gorgeous photos! the bunny rabbits and macarons and I need to go to Paris!


  • Ohh my gosh, that first photo would of been enough for the entire post! The entire trip looks lovely though.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • So envious of your trip!

    follow my adventures!

  • Paris looks absolutely amazing. I’ve never been (nor have I been to any European country), but it’s definitely on my bucket list! And the pictures you took are stunning!


  • These photos are all so beautiful!


  • SamanthaSeries

    This made me hungry

    Samantha Series

  • Rachel Ang

    Lovely post again!!!

  • Montmartre is one of my favourite areas of this beautiful city! I was there just before Christmas with two of my best friends; so special at that time of year!


  • You always take such a amazing photos! So glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Charlotte – styleaked

  • It looks so amazing – very jealous.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Laura Rose

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris and this has made me want to go even more!

    Rose and Weston x

  • Loved the post! The food looks amazing, also your hair looks perfect lol


  • Love these pictures, I’m just so hungry by looking at the pictures of the food you’ve posted!


  • Such beautiful photographs 🙂 hope you had a lovely time! 🙂


  • tiffany

    I love this post. I will put Paris on my list of wonderful places to visit.

  • Julia

    Ahh I live here and this post has just inspired me so much!! I’m thinking Marcel for brunch this Sunday? 😀 Also, another great Eiffel Tower view is if you take the metro from Passy (Line 6). It goes above ground and you can see the entire Eiffel Tower!


  • Such beautiful photos, you make me want to visit Paris so much!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • Lots of Love Lottie ♥

    Now THAT is how you write a Paris post. Such a lovely read, the pictures and your lapin joke totally made my day!

    Lots of Love, Lottie ♥
    Lifestyle blog to make you smile 🙂

  • How amazing! x

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  • It looks like you had a wonderful time ! Love those photos 🙂

    Love from France, Victoria


  • Lou

    Everything looks 100% prettier and 100% tastier than England!
    Being as France is so so close, I definitely don’t do often enough. Definitely something that needs to change after seeing these photos! Just beautiful!



  • Such gorgeous photos, Paris is at the top of my travel list, looks like the most gorgeous place!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • Serena Reidy

    Lovely post! Paris is a great city!

  • grace

    I’m going to Paris for the first time in a couple of months and I can’t wait! I’ve also booked through AirBnB, as I love having a cosy little apartment to chill in. Lovely photos, as always, looks like you had a great time.

    http://www.inspirationormadness.com xx

  • Your photos are lovely, Paris is such an amazing city xx

  • Wow def adding Go to Paris and Eat at a Patisserie in Paris to my Life Wish list, again Wow