Home Goals #1.



In an attempt to include more personal/interiors posts, I thought it was time I introduced a monthly ‘home goals’ roundup with some ideas and goals I’ve got in mind for our flat. Our house is constantly being switched up, DIY’d or redecorated in some way – right now I have both plasterers and plumbers here!

I don’t tend to stick to one room as I go, but rather find pieces for every corner, so I’m always feeling inspired. I think it works better this way, as I’m more open and things get pretty fruity. We’re in the middle of redoing our hallway, and I also have plans to update the bathroom so it’s busy busy.
This month, while the hard DIY bits get underway, I’m thinking about small updates for the living room and hallway. One thing I’ve got my heart set on is this West Elm Reeve Coffee Table – I’m completely smitten with the marble top and mid-century design. I also have a similar colour sofa to the one above, so I’m definitely feeling this charcoal/pops of greenery feel – and I may even throw in a dash of coral. Crazy, I know.

Speaking of crazy, I think it’s time to get some sort of feature wall involved. I’m not a huge fan of feature walls, I think (like gallery walls) they can easily look a bit naff. I do want a small back wall of our hallway done with the Ferm Living Herringbone wallpaper – herringbone is one of my favourite patterns, and I think the messy, quirky vibe is just what this space needs. With a side table placed in front, and a marble and copper light on top, I think it’ll be a really welcoming first sight.

In both the hallway and the living room, I plan to have a lot of plants – a lot. I love turning greenery in to a feature, so I think a lot of these hanging diamonds (shop here) will be happening. I’m still planning where I’ll have them, but I just know I’ll include them somewhere.

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