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Copper Vinyl Shelf.


For a while now, I’ve had this Oliver Bonas Copper shelf (£45) sitting in my office, still in bubble wrap. I was planning on putting it up in the hallway, which is currently still without wallpaper or paint – we’ll get round to it eventually… probably – but I was quickly getting impatient!

Yesterday I unwrapped the shelf so I could see where it might fit best, then I popped it down next to our record player stand to do something else. It wasn’t until later that I had an epiphany – the vinyl singles (which didn’t have a home until now) were the perfect fit. I relayed this information back to Jordan when he got home (and we had already consumed a few beers) and out came the power tools!
I had originally planned to put plants in here, so my lovely hanging Ivy is the perfect fit – while the singles actually have a place to live that isn’t the floor.

recordplayer record4 record2 cacti2
The print we had on the wall there fits perfectly on top of the shelf too, so it all worked out so well. I am hopefully going to be selling these prints in my shop when it launches – I’ll keep you posted on that.

Oh, so I had to fit in another snap of my cute little cacti there too. See yesterday’s post for details on that.

What do you think of our cute shelf? I’m going metallic mental at the moment. If you fancy seeing more home snaps, I post a lot on my Instagram!

  • It looks so stylish and unique!! Goes really well with the decor of the rest of the room 🙂


  • elza

    it’s so nice ! love how everything is matching and looks so neat, very inspirational x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  • Oh lordy, I am so in love with this! The ivy looks so gorgeous in it.

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

  • It looks fantastic! I love the plant hanging down from it too, you have lovely style 🙂
    Emily xx

  • I’m moving to my first non-student house next autumn and this is great inspiration. Thanks!

    Girl Against Oleka

  • Your home looks so lovely and cozy!
    Bisous, Marye


  • Kat Horrocks

    I am in love with that copper shelf!!


  • Becky

    I really love plants but every time I buy a new one I find my cat nibbling on it when I’m not looking. Does Mouse not do the same?


    • Sometimes, we have an aloe vera plant that she LOVES to nibble. Whenever she does it, we just spray a bit of water in her direction – I think she’s learning??? Haha

      • Becky

        Yep our aloe vera one had a good chunk missing out of it.. I read that it was poisonous to them too so I had to put it on top of the wardrobe!

        Maybe I will invest in a water gun then, I don’t think they will ever learn though! 🙂

  • Lovely post! The shelf looks gorgeous with the Vinyls in! I love the way you decorate your place 🙂

  • I love your interior, lately I am really loving copper!

  • Your apartment is BEAUTIFUL! That Copper grid shelf is gorgeous as well, I’ve been wanting something like that in my apartment x

  • I’m definitely feeling copper and gold accents right now! Your apartment is so well decorated (not just from these pictures but from previous posts) and it makes me envious that all I can decorate is a little room!


  • I love the decor! I am loving all the copper and metals- your home is so inspirational 🙂


  • I love how much you think about what you want your home to look like!


  • Your house is literally beautiful! I’d love you to come round to mine and bounce ideas around with me, haha! Really excited to see what you’ve got in store for us with your shop…if it’s homeware I have a feeling you’re about to get a frequent shopper!


  • Lurch Hound Loves

    I am in love with all of your Cacti! <3 xx

  • The shelf looks so nice, it’s a great piece against all the white!

    Lauren x

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  • Pup Tart

    EEK thats so pretty I can’t stop thinking about the copper shelf and am defo going to get spraying some pots next weekend. 🙂 Where is your wild at heart print from? x x x

  • The shelf is gorgeous! Your apartment looks so pretty 🙂 x
    Elise @ http://www.elisedopson.com

  • I loooove the shelf!!


  • I loved the pictures of the cacti from your last post but I also love the gold spray paint style “Wild at Heart.”

    Lizzie Dripping

  • HRW Lifestyle

    I absolutely love this! Definitely on my wish list for our flat. RW x


  • sooooooo nice!


  • Lauren Schroer

    So gorgeous! I absolutely love all your decor!!

    lauren / lipstick & lacquer

  • Your home is filled with what makes a home into a home – all the small details x.


  • I can’t get over how pretty your room looks, decor jealousy haha!

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx

  • emily couture

    such a wonderful and pretty apartment 🙂

    emily xx


  • Emmie

    I adore your interior styling!

  • Emma and Emily

    Looks gorgeous! Loving the copper look at the moment.


  • darjeeling tea leaves

    This looks so beautiful! I love how plants make everything so much more friendly and lively!


  • Ellie C

    You have such a gorgeous home. I hope I can create a beautiful living space when I get my home x

  • Those shelves are too perfect! Your whole apartment is like something out of a magazine.

    Brittany x | Bringing Up Brittany

  • Beautiful, as always! x


  • Kat

    Looks so awesome! Serious house envy!


  • Ahhh, can I just live here please?! Your home is my favourite.


  • Your hair looks like its straight from Pinterest!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Kathryn Watts

    Loving all the copper – definitely having a copper and white theme when I decorate my future house 🙂


  • I love how minimal, but cutely decorated your place is! A few beers can sometimes create some of the best ideas haha.


  • This is so beautiful! x

    Blog A Girl with a Camera

  • This is such a cute little corner! I’m obsessed with your taste in decor. x


  • Love all of the copper homeware that is so trendy at the moment, and that shelf looks great there! I love the touch of the cacti in the painted pots, so creative!

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  • grace

    Love it! Serious home envy, your decor taste is gorgeous.

    Grace @ http://www.inspirationormadness.com xx

  • laura

    I love copper details!

    A Forte For Fashion


  • Stine

    Where did you buy the record player? <3

  • Emily Knott

    Can I just move in now?


  • You have such a gorgeous home! I love all the white + copper.

  • Jean

    I’ve had a recent love for baby cacti and purchased an obscene amount. thank you for the inspiration to display them! such a lovely minimalist look you’ve got going there.

  • Amy Taggart

    I love canvass’ like that! Beautiful! x.


  • Love the handpainted pots xox


  • Your apartment is gorgeous. Lovely photographs x


  • Allie

    Those cactus’ are adorable! I just bought one a few months ago. Reminds me of the west. xx


  • Oh this is fantastic! Love the touch of metallics here and there.

  • so freakin stunning!

    x Kat // http://www.makesyoupretty.com

  • Jordan Morgan

    I’m thinking of adding a similar shelf in my son’s room to give it an industrial feel. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Jordan @ jordansaraliving.wordpress.com

  • This shelf is gorgeous. I love it!

    xx, Renaud | renaudew.blogspot.com

  • Andie Forster

    Ahhh Kate this is so beautiful, I’ve just bought a Crosley and I’ve got a teeny tiny little vinyl collection blossoming upon my bookshelf and I need a place to store them and I remembered you’d make this post! This shelf is exactly what I’m looking for. You should totally do a vinyl collection post too, I’d love it! xx