9 Jan 2015 55 comments

Makeup Medley #16.


Since I have a considerable amount of makeup by now, I try to rearrange my stash so I don’t lose track of everything – what a hard life. Anyway, I like to do these little roundup posts so you can see what I’m using at the moment. I think this month’s picks are a throwback to two-years-ago Kate – Silk Creme, VitaZing and cream shadow. I really haven’t changed!

I rediscovered Origins VitaZing Moisturiser (£29) at the back of a drawer recently and I was elated! This is a long time favourite of mine, it’s just so perfecting and really adds a lovely post-holiday glow to the skin in a flash. It’s a sheer tinted moisturiser, I wouldn’t quite call it a BB cream but it does add a touch of coverage. I always find when I use it, I use way less foundation because my complexion looks hella clearer. It’s dreamy stuff, folks.
I guess there would always be a day when I would come back to the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (£34) – another product I’ve been harping on about for years. With this, you only need the smallest amount for perfected, healthy skin – and a tube lasts forever! Seriously, I’ve had tubes of this that have outlasted boyfriends. Well worth the splurge if you like good coverage and a radiant finish.

I also have to give a shout out to the 17 Stay Time Concealer (£4.49) – I really don’t think this stuff gets enough attention! It’s deliciously creamy and blends like a dream, concealing any unsightly imperfections without looking obvious on the skin. I like to stockpile whenever I’m within a mile radius of Boots.
Cream blush is having a moment once more – see, I told you I was back to my old ways – and my current favourite is the Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Flirtatious (£21.50), the perfect perky pink for adding a cute flush to those cheeks.

As for eyes, I’m all about the Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Cream Shadow in Embellish (£16.50) right now – it’s a gorgeous bronze with a metallic shimmer, it almost looks coppery when applied. I just love it pushed in to the lower lashes, it’s the ultimate not-too-harsh definition for any occasion.
Finally, for big, bold brows I adore Soap & Glory Archery (£8); a brow pencil that does it all. This makes light work of getting neat ‘n’ sexy brows – I just adore it, and it’s an absolute bargain too.

Have you tried any of these?