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Berlin in Photos.

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I have been promising this post since before I even went to Berlin – I wanted to do a little ‘city guide/photo album’ sort of thing, so you can see what we got up to and also I can throw in some recommendations on where to go etc. I have to be honest though, I used my camera twice while I was there! It really was a holiday – no vlogging, no camera out constantly, I just relaxed and took the occasional Instagram snap.

We had an early flight from Glasgow, and it was snowing a lot when we left – but thankfully Berlin was sunny when we arrived (albeit very cold!). We got to Berlin around 11am on Sunday, some guys we know who run Abandon Ship were on the same flights as us, and we actually bumped in to them outside a bar called The Dudes in Kreuzberg. That’s 5 litres of beer I’m drinking in the below snap – it was heavy.
Jordan and I pretty much went to see the sights and drink beer, so it was that sort of trip. We hadn’t planned too much, it was more of a relaxed vibe – although I had made up a small itinerary using the Tripomatic App – but we ended up fitting in a lot of activities. Jordan had been to Berlin a couple of times, most recently in November, so he had been around this area but for me it was completely new. We went from Sunday until the following Friday, which I think was a good amount of time to go for.

The first day was spent finding our apartment, we found a super affordable, absolutely beautiful apartment near Kreuzberg on Airbnb. I always use Airbnb because I prefer to have an apartment rather than a hotel, I think that way you can at least have some meals and relax in an actual home, whereas a hotel you can feel a little restricted and things end up getting pricey.
To get to our apartment, we had to walk along the East Side Gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall that’s been covered in art – it’s really amazing so I recommend heading there on your trip at some point. Since we stayed across the water from Kreuzberg, it was easy enough to walk around this area, although we did buy a weekly train ticket at the airport so we could jump on and off when we needed. I really recommend this if you’re going for more than a couple of days, it’s around €36 euros per ticket but it’s well worth it.
After settling in to our apartment, we headed across to Kreuzberg for a little look round and to grab something to eat. We went over to Burgermeister, a place many, many of you had recommended (along with most of our friends), and we spotted it quite quickly. A lot of people say they can never find it but I don’t know how you would miss it – although it does look like a little shelter. I’m not a huge fan of burgers as I don’t love red meat, but these were good – the bun was incredible!


We also took a trip to the Jewish museum – fun fact, I very almost studied Theology at university, so I’ve always had a big interest in religion. We spent an entire day here so be prepared! It was one of the best bits of the trip, although some sections were, understandably, harrowing. We did a fair bit of tourist stuff, also stopping off at the Topographie Des Terrors. It’s incredibly interesting, but quite upsetting – so keep that in mind if you’re really affected by these things.
Berlin is very affordable I would have to say – the Jewish Museum is €8 to visit, and it’s absolutely massive. It covers everything from the foundations of the beliefs, traditions, Jewish people of note and also of course the Holocaust, the war and the aftermath. They also have some amazing exhibitions and installations, including a robot writing the Torah at human speed.
The Topographie Des Terrors is free, and it’s both indoors and outdoors. Again, very upsetting at times but an incredible amount of history – worth seeing for free too.

Also filed under ‘touristy things’ is of course, the TV Tower! We stumbled across this by chance, as we ended up getting the train to Alexanderplatz for a look around the shops. Bam – there it was. It was a foggy day so we got up there easily without any queues, and also had some currywurst and ice cream at the rotating restaurant at the top. Again, I thought this was quite affordable for such a trip – it was €13 each to go up the viewing deck, and we quickly got a reservation at the restaurant. I wasn’t actually planning on doing this, it was in the back of my mind but fate kind of led us there and I have to say, I really enjoyed it!
On one of the days, we had a rainy wander down Kurfurstendamm too, which is a long shopping street. It was good, although very chilly!
Around Berlin, there’s little photo booths were you can pay €2 for a strip of four photos – you can see a few of ours in the top picture, they’re SO much fun! We laughed so much at ours, and even when I dug them out today, I had a little happy chuckle.

As for food, we headed to a place called Five Elephant for a coffee stop – it was great, but there’s not much else except coffee and cake. We also went to The Bird for lunch, it was good but they only do burgers and sandwiches, so again not much variety. I wasn’t a big fan, but everyone says to go here – and also Jordan thought it was amazing – so if you love meat, head this way!
We saw some amazing street art while walking around Kreuzberg so if you’re hunting down a restaurant or bar, don’t forget to take a look around you. I loved looking at all the buildings, I think if you stood still long enough in Berlin you too would be covered in graffiti.

One of my favourite places to eat was Seoul Kitchen – near the Michelberger hotel. I adore Asian cuisine, and this place tasted exactly how my dad cooks it so it was like being at home. I really recommend going here, I would give anything to be able to teleport back for some of their Bi Bim Bab! Heavenly.


We also went to a place called Aunt Benny’s on our final day, this serves coffee, cakes and sandwiches and had a really homely vibe. The decor was flawless and you can see just how incredible the cakes are up in the photo at the top. Really lovely setting!
Berlin also does incredible kebabs, everyone said to try a kebab in Berlin – more so than the currywurst! We went to a place called Bagdad Bistro which is across from Burgermeister and it was incredible – really amazing food, not at all greasy or gross. I highly recommend you pop in, especially after a trip to a bar…

I think that’s most of the highlights covered. We had such a brilliant time, the beer was amazing, the people are SO nice – really patient and helpful, and the city offered so much. It was lively and fun, and we managed to squeeze in a lot more than we had expected. It’s also very easy to get around, just pick up a map so you can work out which station to change or get off at.
It was quite an affordable trip I would say, I think I spent less than I expected – and that was with wasting some at the airport on magazines and coffee. I managed to score the flights super cheap too, I think two returns were £99 in total! It was a great little post-Christmas pick-me-up.

Are you planning a trip to Berlin?

  • My boyfriend and I are going to Berlin in a few weeks 😀 Your post has made me even more excited to go! I’m looking for a big chunky scarf in readiness because it looks cooold x

  • I live in Germany at the moment and wish I could go to Berlin more often…definitely want to squeeze in at least 1 more trip this spring/summer. I love Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain, only been to Kreuzberg for one evening so I need to spend some more time there

  • caroline

    Yay, you went to all the best places! I live in Friedrichshain and Aunt Benny is one of my favourite cafés. Burgermeister is also amazing. Great choices! I am happy you liked Berlin!
    http://www.silverstories.dk (for more tips on berlin visit my blog)

  • Such lovely photos, glad you had such a great time 🙂


  • Berlin looks like such a beautiful city with so much to do! It’s definitely somewhere I would love to visit.


  • I love Berlin – it’s one of my favourite cities! Kreuzberg has some amazing bars. Last time I went it was summer so I hired a bike which was a great way to see the city, although I know how cold it can get in winter.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  • Katrina Porter

    My friend is going to Berlin, I’m going to send her a sneaky link! Berlin isn’t a place I thought I wanted to go, but looks so interesting!


  • Berlin is such a gorgeous city, definitely one of my favourites! You’ve captured the city beautifully, and I love the clothes you’ve worn here!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Little Bloggity Blog

    Ohh! I’m so jealous right now 😛 It looks like a great trip!

  • emily couture

    lovely photos 🙂

    emily xx


  • elza

    your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the apartment you stayed at looks so nice ! i’ve been to Berlin before but not in the recent years and i’d love to go again x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  • I’d love to go to Berlin in the warmer weather, the history is one that really interests me!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • I think Berlin is probably my favourite city and I’m desperate to go back for another visit this year! There’s so much history and it’s a fantastic clash of old & new, seriously beautiful x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  • Berlin is such a cool city, gorgeous photos <3


  • daisy walters

    Berlin is by far my favourite place in the world. I really want to move there soon, if only! x x | daisydaisyxxo

  • Malle

    I’m actually going to Berlin in August! We’re driving there, I live in denmark, can you recommend any good interior shops? ^_^

  • Great post! I loved Berlin when I went there in September and I agree, so affordable! xx

  • Beautiful photos! I really want to go to Berlin now!

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  • ella

    I am going to Berlin in 2 weeks time So this was really helpful and has made me even more excited!

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    Lovely photos! Your big grey scarf looks so cosy~

    LIVE. IN .LOVE ✞


  • Love these pictures!!! Glad you had fun!


  • Uli

    Aww I miss Berlin! I used to live there when I was a kid. It changed massively. Your pics want me wanna go back again this year x


  • Kat Horrocks

    Such a coincidence because the week before you went me and my Boyfriend were in Berlin for my birthday 🙂 wow it’s such a beautiful city and the food was incredible! I’m a vegetarian and Berlin is like the vegan capital of Europe for food so I was so happy there was so much on offer. I definitely want to go back again!


  • I went to Berlin a few years ago it is such an amazing city. The photos capture the city beautifully and the food looks delicious.

    Beth x

  • It looks like you had such a great time. When we visited I really loved the mix of very intense history and the relaxed, creative culture that they have now. Could do with another visit!

  • Natali

    Great photo diary! You look so beautiful and all of the food looks way too delicious! 😀


  • Looks amazing I’d love to visit one day, love your outfits too x

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  • I’ve yet to go to Berlin, looks like a beautiful city. It’s definitely on my list of place to visit this year!

  • Looks like you had a fantastic trip! I’ve never been to Berlin but I would love to venture there sometime.

    Happy Friday Kate!

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    This looks like a wonderful city! Love your makeup on this trip!


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    Your pictures are absolutely stunning! My bf and I have often discussed taking a little trip to Berlin, I may just use this post to convince him! xxx

    Kirsty – http://www.effortlesslyexcessive.com

  • I am currently on exchange in Amsterdam so after reading this post it made me think that maybe I should pop over to Berlin for a bit… Lovely photos!

  • Jessica Maye

    This is such a great post! I went to Berlin two years ago and loved it, though when we went the weather was scorching then (30oC – while the rest of the country was flooding with rain, haha!). I’d go back in a heartbeat – and your post is giving me wanderlust for checking out some spots a bit more off the touristy beaten track and taking some time to relax. The airbnb looked amazing also!

  • Gorgeous photos! I’d love to visit Berlin. That apartment looks stunning! x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  • Seems like you had a blast. I went to berlin 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. You covered most of the places I’ve been too, my favourite spot has to be the East Side Gallery it is a place steeped in history. And I know exactly what you mean when talking about the Topographie des Terrors, it is amazing and thus intimidating what you can feel when visiting an exposition.
    Thank you for this post, really enjoyed it and your pictures are beautiful as always.

    Bisous Marye,

  • Wonderful photos, looks like you had a lovely time! I’d love to go to Berlin again, it’s such a lovely place!
    Hannah x

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  • Looks and sounds like a lovely trip. And my gosh does it look great in Berlin!! xoxo


  • I don’t even drink beer, but I’d drink those five liters just so that I could say that I did! My family and I usually stay in hotels when we travel, but if we stay anywhere for longer than three weeks we usually stay in an apartment. I never considered it until this post, but maybe we should just rent apartments all the time… I’ve never been to Berlin, but I’m always up for traveling! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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  • Such lovely pictures! I really like the way you dress 🙂

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    This was so interesting to read and it really felt like I was on the trip with you, I’ve thinking of getting an Interrail pass in the summer, but only had Italy as a definite to visit, maybe I’ll add Berlin to the list now! 🙂

  • Great post! All of the restaurants look delicious, and Berlin looks like such a beautiful city! I’ve lived in Europe for 7 years, and I can’t believe I’ve never been to Berlin!!

    http://www.livinginplaid.com / http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/13092057

  • I just came back from Berlin and it’s such an amazing city. Not only pretty but very rich in history and culture. I’d like to go back another time, during summer. 🙂 x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • I’ve never been to Berlin but I can tell it’s a city rich in culture. I love love to go to the museum and eat all of the amazing food you did. Travelling is such a treat!

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    Great post! The quality of your photos is amazing. I’m so glad you had a good time, Berlin is such a lovely city to explore x

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    Sincerely K by Katrine Bjarnhof

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  • Wow, Berlin wasn’t on my “to visit” list, your blog post just changed that, it looks like such an amazing city!

  • Gorgeous pictures Kate! I stayed in Alexanderplatz 2 years ago in winter with all the German markets on and it was incredible.

    styleaked – Rayban giveaway

  • darjeeling tea leaves

    You HAVE to eat kebab when you’re in Berlin, there’s no way avoiding it! I’ve never in my entire life eaten a kebab anywhere else that was as good as the ones in Berlin, they’re just what kebab’s supposed to taste like!

    I really enjoyed seeing Berlin from a different angle because to me going there always is a bit like coming home as I was born there. However, it’s a wonderful city and those photo booths are amazing, aren’t they?


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    I have always wanted to visit Berlin! looks like you had a fab time 🙂 x


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  • I am dying to visit Berlin! Would love to see the Pergamon museum but I’ve heard the queues are dire. 🙁 I’ve visited Germany a few times, absolutely love the place, but never made it to Berlin. So relaxed over there though, everyone is so friendly! Awesome photos 🙂


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    Looks like you had a lovely time! I would love to go to Berlin! (Love your watch by the way!)


  • I visited the same places back in December. I liked the Bird , but the Burgermeister burgers were more like Burger King. I think they are a good 5 am stop.

    I also stumbled upon Aunt Bennie and loved the place. Just like relaxing at Michelberger before heading to our appartment

  • Berlin looks so amazing, it’s high up on my travelling bucket list! I think I’d find the historical side of it really interesting x


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  • NoOvernightGuests

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    This was such an amazing post, I’m actually going to Berlin next weekend so it’s always nice to see what other people got up too and enjoyed to give me some more ideas of what to see/eat! I’ve been looking at the little photo strips too they’re such a nice souvenir 🙂

    http://taylorrtalks.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

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    I went there just one year ago… i also made a post on my blog about it 🙂

    nice post!

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    Interesting what a Berlin visitor went to see. 🙂 I’m constantly surprised that there are so many spots I still didn’t really notice, even after nearly 3 years of living here.. Hope you enjoyed your time! X, Lea

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    I love your striped knit sweater 🙂
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  • Kate, I must say…. I love your scarf, I love your pics, I love that experience, I love your blog, and definitely I love this post! It has made inroads into my heart. Thank you for sharing it!

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    Love the pics! I went to Berlin in December 2013. Was never a city on my radar, and then I arrived and holy guacamole, what an incredible city! Can’t wait to go back, R xo

  • Great pics! Berlin is so flippin amazing. As a city it was never on my radar, and then I went in December 2013 and holy guacamole! I fell in love. Can’t wait to go back – although your photos help a little with the wanderlusting 🙂 R xo