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Etsy Stores For Christmas Gifts.


I’m often asked for my favourite Etsy shops, and with Christmas coming up I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of the indie stores I’m forever browsing. I went for British stores just because of the whole shop local thang and also shipping times, but I’ve done another Etsy roundup here which has more of a mix.

Lloyd Loves
Lloyd Loves is the work of Glasgow girl Corrin, who I just adore. I spied her prints on Instagram through mutual friends and I’ve since picked up a couple of my own. I have the Biffy Clyro one above, which has to be my favourite, as well as the amazing Scottish Vader and this Joy Division number. All of them are so unique and really, really lovely! Ideal for any music fans who love original art.

Fawn & Rose
For unique jewellery, I adore Fawn & Rose – there’s just something for everyone here and they’re all absolutely beautiful! I love the triangle necklaces and the other geometric picks, they’re so sweet.

Minky Kitten
I love this shop as there’s so much going on, lots of stones, gold pendants and lovely rings. It offers something a bit different, but I can imagine anyone would love a little piece from here.

Jen Roffe
Another art store that’s sitting comfortably in my favourites is Jen Roffe, offering more pretty typography. Again, very unique but something for everyone – I love the black chalkboard style prints, but this tea quote has to be my favourite!

Cinnamon Studio
I wish I had discovered this little lovely sooner, as there’s such so much I want! I love all the stone bracelets, I’m really in to stones and bold pieces at the moment so I expect I’ll be making a purchase in no time.

Nikki McWilliams
I only recently found this shop and oh my god, I’m obsessed. Biscuit cushions! BISCUIT EVERYTHING. I can’t even deal with how amazing the biscuit washi tape is. Someone hold me.

Yvonne Ellen
A bit more pricey, but definitely worth it – Yvonne Ellen sells up-cycled china with cute quotes and designs. Me love. Me want.

Vivid Please
Another recent find of mine, Vivid Please is everything I’ve wanted from an Etsy store! Cute illustrations on everyday items, from phone cases to notebooks. I’d like everything in the pineapple print and also the kitty cats, the donuts… sigh just everything please.

Sparrow & Wolf
I had been hunting down some gold notebooks for ages when I came across Sparrow & Wolf. Of course, I was instantly obsessed – this shop is definitely one to favourite. And come back to daily.

Steph Says Hello
Finally, more cute illustrations and adorable quotes! What’s not to love?

Someone has had the amazing idea of making toy dinosaurs in to planters. We need to reward this person immediately. Oh, and the terrariums are what dreams are made of.

Oh No Rachio
Possibly one of my favourite Etsy finds ever, this adorable shop covers everything from notebooks to cute plates, all with theeee cutest illustrations. I’m hooked.

I bet you didn’t even know you loved concrete homewares until you saw this shop, huh? Unique planters and other pieces, perfect for the minimalists amongst us!

Okay, I really need to stop somewhere so I guess this is a good place – before I just list every Etsy shop going. Hope you like, feel free to recommend some similar stores…

  • Loved this post, thanks for introducing me to so many lovely shops!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Vivian Yuen

    Amazing stores!! Great recommendations, definitely checking all the items out now!

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  • So many great recommendations here! I’m always on the lookout for new Etsy shops to support – I particularly love the look of Fawn & Rose.

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • Ilia Mura

    Wow, so many great shops! The biscuit pillows are brilliant, will definitely have a closer look at them!

    Ilia | Ilia’s Cup of Tea

  • Great recommendations! Not so much for my bank balance however…


  • Daisy Churchward

    Really love posts like this because not only does it make me want to buy it all… but also gives me inspiration for my own arts and crafts 🙂


  • Love this post! These are great recommandations! I can’t wait to check them out.


  • It is so nice to share all of these stores! Etsy has some of the best, most unique gifts.


  • Shannon Clark

    Love this post, off to check out all of your recommendations now! I also love the Biffy Clyro print, might need to get myself one of those…

  • Thanks for the recommendations!!


  • Going to go have a peek through them all now! Loving posts like these right now, you’ve made my gift hunting a lot more easier! xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

  • Some amazing choices! I’m always on the hunt for new etsy stores for present buying. So much nicer than high street stores


  • Thanks for the suggestions, there’s so many great Etsy stores around! I recently made an order for an upcoming YouTube video. 🙂


  • vicki

    such a great post! off to check these shops out now, massive fan of etsy shops!

  • So many awesome suggestions! Can’t wait to come back to this list to use for my own place! x


  • Oh, so many new ideas!! Thank you, I’m loving those plates from Yvonne Ellen and the industrial style of Pasinga.. Great post! xo Romy rusty-revolvers.blogspot.com

  • I adore finding new things on Etsy, thanks for the ideas!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Maggie

    I will have to look at these soon! I want to get some nice statement peices that are simple!

  • i’ve opened all of these in new tabs to look at – can’t wait to browse through them all 🙂

    Kate xo // http://www.beautybabbles.com

  • emily couture

    wow so many things to look at 🙂

    emily xx


  • Love this list 🙂 So many talented shops! Just wanted to say I have an Etsy store too 😉 I specialize in illustration – here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out!


  • Lots of Love Lottie ♥

    Such a great list! Your pineapple is too adorable 🙂

    Lots of Love Lottie ♥
    Lifestyle blog to make you smile 🙂

  • gonna flick through the different shops now 🙂 thanks for sharing!
    x Vivi

  • Emma F

    I love etsy for finding quirky gifts that the person will love.

    Reverie de Paris

  • I used to always use Etsy but I seem to have forgot about it lol. I mean a lot of the shipping costs to the uk seemed to go up quite high. There has always been so many cute things, I will deffo check these out. xox


  • These shops are all amazing! I love Etsy, especially for gifts 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Great list – I love Etsy.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  • Jennifer Kang

    Awesome recommendations! This is so helpful since I was running out of gift ideas! xx


  • Jade

    Ive heard so much about the etsy love. Haven’t jumped on this yet….. might have to xo


  • Kaitlyn

    I love Etsy, thanks for sharing these stores!

    Kaitlyn xo


  • So helpful, i adore etsy but sometimes it can be hard to find the really nice stuff ♡

  • Thanks for sharing! Will tots look at all of them!

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,

    Ella from http://www.EllaStreet.com

  • wonderful for sharing indie etsy artists 🙂

    ♥ Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  • Jen Roffe

    A great etsy collection Kate – thanks for the mention and for sharing with your readers!
    Jen x

  • Natasha

    one of my resolutions is to support etsy stores more, rather than big brands- so thanks for sharing these shops!


    tash x

  • Nikki McWilliams has been one of my favourite designers for a while however I haven’t heard of the other shops so will go and have a nosey at them!

    Morag x

  • NoOvernightGuests

    I just love Etsy, OliveJewels and Michelle Chang are some of my favorite jewelry designers.

  • Bookmarking this to come back to for birthday gifts etc too, great finds!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • I love every one of these stores! All the ones that are now closed for the holidays I’ve set up to email me when they have stock again. Love.