19 Dec 2014 42 comments

An Evening Hairstyle For Short Hair.


Okay so this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking tutorial, but a new ‘do is always worthy of a post in my opinion! I’ve been loving this simple chic half updo recently, I find it quite hard to make short hair look evening appropriate but this seems to do the trick.

It takes minutes, I simply use a backcomb brush (like this) and lift up sections around my crown, then I slightly backcomb each small layer and set them with a bit of hairspray. This allows me to build up a slight beehive, which I can then pull in to a half updo at the back and secure with hair grips.
I then use the brush to lightly smooth down the beehive, so it looks neat and shiny.
Once the beehive is in place, I spritz on a little more hairspray to set. Next, I take a few small sections from around my face and twist them back and secure them with more grips just where I have secure the beehive. I do this with a few sections of hair on either side. I find this just adds a bit of texture to the hair and gives it a slightly effortless look. I’m not really a completely neat and preened kinda gal so I think this finishes it off perfectly.

I then pull a few more pieces down around my temples for a relaxed finish and secure in a nice hair clip. I have this studded clasp from years ago, very rock n roll.

That’s really all there is to it, I find that each time I do it it comes out slightly differently which is always nice. Occasionally I take the bottom section of hair and twist it up and pin it in place – an easy way to do a complete updo in minutes.

What do you think of this look?