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Instax Mini 8 Camera.


I thought I would use today’s lifestyle post to talk about my Instax camera, as I know a few people will probably be eyeing one up for Christmas. I was hoping to wait that long, but I just couldn’t – naughty me.

I had one of the old style Instax cameras while I was at uni, but lost it in a house move just a month or two after I got it. Tragic. I had spied these little Instax Mini 8 cameras (Β£60) a lot over the years but only this year added one to my camera collection. I got pink, naturally!
If you haven’t heard of the Instax Mini, it’s a polaroid-style camera that produces instant pictures that develop in a few minutes. You have to buy the refills for them, but it’s well worth having little tokens of good times. I buy bundles of film on eBay – usually one pack with 20 ‘shots’ in it is around Β£13 – not cheap but not entirely expensive either.

The camera is so easy to use; you just pop the batteries in and then place the film cartridge inside. There’s really nothing else to it – I don’t even really touch the settings, just click out the lens to turn it on and point and shoot. The quality is pretty good for everyday snaps – the idea is to take a snapshot of memories rather than create something perfect, you can end up with some random results but that’s what makes it fun. The camera has a flash which means the results are usually sharp and clear – except if you’re Mouse.
I used up about 30 shots recently when we had a house party – everyone decided to try on my accessories, if you’re wondering what we’re all up to in the photos, and I ended up with some hilarious snaps! Most of those memories probably wouldn’t have ever become physical photos without the Instax so it was awesome to have it on hand – I have a whole drawer full of the photos so I’m considering making a huge Instax wall or frame!
As this is the Mini camera, the photos are quite small (Essie polish for scale) – my friend Emily has an InstaxΒ that you use with the Wide filmΒ and that’s pretty cool if you want a bigger result.

I think it’s well worth the money; it’s light enough to take around with you and not so pricey that you put off buying the film. In a time where physical photos seem to be unheard of, it’s a fun camera to have! If you’re looking for gift inspiration, I highly recommend giving (or hinting for!) an Instax camera, you definitely won’t regret it.

What do you think of the Instax Minis?

  • Such a lovely idea for Christmas x


  • These cameras are so cute, really want to get one for myself now!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Ohh I have this camera too~ ^ u ^
    It is such a cute and fun way to take photos! ^ v ^


  • Aw, I really want a camera like that! They’re so cute, and I love how you instantly get a photo. It’s such a nice change from the digital cameras. πŸ™‚

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • I own the Instax Mini 25 but I left it back home! I might get another one here though!


  • I’ve been looking online to get it, but it’s quite a splurge. Hopefully Santa will get it for me πŸ˜›


  • Emily Knott

    Might ask for this for Christmas!


  • I really want an Instax Mini, but it is quite expensive for me. So saving the pennies πŸ™‚


  • Amalie

    I already have the camera on my wishlist. I like the idea of an old retro camera xx.


  • Emily Nugent

    I love this! Have been looking for a polaroid-style camera which doesn’t cost a fortune to refill and hadn’t even heard of these! Adding to my Amazon Wishlist right now!!

  • I love it so much!

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    little taste of heaven

  • I have this camera in blue, and absolutely love it!

    Kate xo // http://www.beautybabbles.com

  • This looks lovely. See these advertised everywhere x


  • This is something I’ve been eyeing up for awhile and definitely something I want to buy before travelling. I can think of nothing nicer than catching some holiday snaps through this medium.


  • Frances

    I have this in white!! My boyfriend bought it as an early Christmas present. I love it, so easy to use and prints the pictures so quickly, just a bit bulky to carry round. I want to review mine soon. franpointofview.blogspot.co.uk

  • Paulaena Franco

    I’ve always wanted a Polaroid-type camera but I always wince at how much the cost of the film adds up. However, I recently borrowed my friend’s Instax for my birthday party and loved it so much, so this might pop up on my wish list soon!

    Tweezers and Tongs

  • elza

    this would make such a great present ! i love this current polaroid-type camera craze, there’s something so lovely about polaroid snaps x

    CLUB AVENUE | BY ELZA BEATRISE http://club-avenue.blogspot.com

  • I bought one of these at the start of the year and it is hands down one of the best things I have ever bought in my life. I have a box of photos sat under my bed which I look through when I’m feeling a little blue and honestly they are brilliant. xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  • I have a proper old school huge instant camera and just can’t bring myself to upgrade even though I probably should because people look at me like I’m a weirdo with a giant camera lol xoxo


  • These are so pretty! It’s definitely on my list! x


  • I would get this… But the film is too much in my opinion :/ For my budget anyway.

  • I’ve wanted one since last Christmas but unfortunately I didn’t get it and since then I’ve never come round to getting one. This year shall be the year, though!

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  • Cherie Tang

    I love the idea of the polaroid cameras, but I do think that it would be a pain to keep buying film, which aren’t cheap, especially now that we have digital cameras. If I got one, it would probably only be brought out every so often. xx

  • Allison

    We still have my parents ancient Polaroid camera in my basement somewhere but it broke years ago unfortunately! I love the aesthetic of the pictures though!

    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  • I still have my mom Polaroid from years ago, a few years ago I also brought a lomography camera…yet this one has been on my wish list for yearsssss. I love the idea of the instant prints!?
    I think it’s the 3rd or 4th year I’ve asked for this camera, so I might just make the purchase myself if not!

    Sarah xo || time to see the stars ||

  • Every time I’m in Urban Outfitters I’m like should or shouldn’t I? Although the camera itself isn’t all too expensive, I find the shots a bit too much. It makes photos a lot more fun though.

    Jimmy | http://amsterdaily.wordpress.com

  • Lou

    I’ve had an Instax Mini for about 5 years now and still love it.
    I have a couple of instax-sized albums now too which are super cute and are like little time capsules. They are always shots of really fond memories.

    I can see a couple of people commenting on the price of the film. Although they are really costly in places like UO, you can get them pretty cheap on Ebay. Especially if you buy in bulk. 50-100 shots can work out relatively inexpensive. Also, if you’re buying your first Instax, you can get bundle offers on Ebay which give you 20-50 films with your camera.

    Happy snapping!


  • Jess

    Great post! I do love a Polaroid pic. I have the instax share which prints your iphone pics as Polaroids as I didn’t know how much use I’d get out of an actual camera but I always have my phone with me so that’s working out better for me πŸ™‚ but I’m still drawn into the camera :p

  • Emma and Emily

    This sounds like the perfect christmas present! I’ll be checking amazon in a second!


  • Angela Sandez

    This camera is on the top of my christmas list πŸ˜€


  • I really want this camera, polaroids are so cool. Hopefully Father Christmas will be kind enough to give it to me :p


  • I love how dinky and cute the photos are! I know someone who brought one with her when we went travelling and she got some really great photos to keep as memories from it x

    Holly / holly la beau

  • wow i need one of these in my life!! Retro πŸ™‚ xx


  • Iris Klaver

    They’re so cool. I really want one, but I don’t have the money at the moment.

    x http://hatsandlipstick.blogspot.com

  • It’s really cute and retro though I wonder if it’s annoying to not be able to see your pictures before they print. As someone who isn’t very photogenic, that’s what I love best about cameras now!


  • This is really cute! I usually take photos on my phone at parties and events but then they just stay on my phone – it would be nice to have actual, physical pictures right away to hang up somewhere!

    Kelsey | kelseybeauty.blogspot.com

  • Aw I love this it looks so cute. I am waiting for santa to bring me a new camera can not wait xox


  • how cute! definitely my kind of present!


  • I love this! The polaroid-style photos have turned out really well, I’d love to get my hands on one of these cameras!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • Amanda

    Oh my gosh this is so cute! I obsessively print all my photos (I’m old fashioned like that) and this appealed to me instantly! Added to my Amazon Wishlist πŸ™‚ Amanda x


  • Love this! I really want one, of course I’ll get it in pink ;p Kinda been obsessed with polaroid’s lately thanks to Taylor Swift.

    Ashley | http://artedellamoda.blogspot.co.nz/

  • I love this! Hopefully this Christmas I’ll be able to get my hands on one!


  • I would have loved the mini over the bigger one. The bigger one is so bulky.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • Gauthami J

    I really want one! They produce polaroids which are so timeless!


  • zaamissbowtie

    I love the Instax cameras, they’re such novelties but sometimes having a physical copy of a photograph is awesome.

  • Chloe x

    I would love to get one of these, the prints are always so lovely x


  • Hi Kate, this is cool. I have a big pro Nikon DSLR but this seems intriguing as a way of quickly snapping a small image and having it ready. More importantly….there is no editing…it is what it is. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

  • Ah this is adorable!!! I love this camera and it’s so lovely to have small images – perfect for scrapbooks and even gift ideas for friends!! Love it! πŸ™‚

    Layla xx


  • Emily

    I got one for my birthday in September and I love it so much, it’s the cutest! xxx

  • Julia Shutenko

    Very cute picture!


  • Great Picture and the camera looks adorable!!!


  • Hayley .

    I have been eyeing these up for months now and I think I am getting one for christmas, Looking forward to taking lost of crazy littlee pictures.

    Hayley \ LeyAshHay

  • Minh

    I was gifted this for my 21st birthday… Pink of course! It really is something special x

  • Megan Roisin

    I’ve been wanting one of these for ages. Some day I will get one, I’ll probably ask for one for m birthday if I haven’t bought it myself already!

    Megan x

    London Callings

  • I’ve really wanted one of these for ages! love the fact its not going to be a perfect picture!


  • I actually hate the minis and prefer the normal instax camera, as you get polariods double the size of the mini. I got one about 8 years ago from my cousin and just recently bought another one for my niece.

  • These little cameras are just so cute. I think I’d prefer a regular size one but the idea of tangible photos where everything is usually digital is lovely.

  • I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera, but my dad apparently thinks it’s useless…. Well I’m going to show him this post. Aaha Hopefully he’ll change his mind.

    Connie from theconbonz

  • I have the white one and absolutely love it! Instant photos are the best. πŸ™‚

    xo Mandy | http://www.mandyleighblog.com

  • Would love to get one of these in my xmas stocking! xx

  • Saan Lee

    I have one myself and I absolutely love it but the film is so pricey it pains me gahh!


  • NoOvernightGuests

    It looks so cute and the pictures look pretty clear.

  • Nat

    That camera is amazing! I’ve been wanting one for ages but never really got around to buying one. I am tempted to pick one up for the New Year mind. πŸ™‚