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Creating A Dressing Area.


I find it quite hard to make our bedroom look just right; it’s quite a white affair, with white floors and walls – but we kept the original woodwork (skirting boards and doors) which adds a nice contrast. The floors aren’t quite finished yet, which I think doesn’t really help!

I like a ‘lived in’ look, but as the walls have all been re-plastered I feel a bit scared to ruin the fresh plaster to put up things, although I’ve started doing it slowly and carefully! I like the mix of white IKEA furniture and vintage picks, but I think it can look a bit too catalogue-y so I’m trying to introduce some personal touches that keep the room looking unique. It’s quite a large room, and I don’t want it too cluttered, but sort of cluttered in an organised, eye-catching way.
I think this is probably the only area in my flat which I’m not really happy with, but I think it will take time to think about what I want here – I did want floor to ceiling shelves built in, in the little alcove there but I’m going to live with it first to get a feel for it. I think the only shelves that would work would be white and I don’t want the sort of IKEA plastic-y ones as it just wouldn’t work with the room – so I’ll wait it out.

Jo and I share that beast of a wardrobe, and we also have a huge chest of drawers just out of frame. The IKEA rail is more for display, but I can never get it to look quite right so I’m thinking about ditching it – I really can’t decide! I don’t keep any of my makeup in here, apart from that basket there which is more everyday body lotions and things, so it almost looks slightly empty. I think one day I will just have a revelation and it will come to me, but until then I quite like the set-up I have going on.

I have everything I need for here (in terms of a dressing room) so I guess I just need to add some prints to the walls – I have some of the IKEA picture ledges to put up, so perhaps I’ll do that next. It’s a work in progress anyway, I guess I will get there eventually with it.

What do you think of my dressing area?

  • I really like your style Kate! I think it’s best to take small steps adding your personal touches here and there, while you get a feel of the space you live in. I also agree about the rail – I feel it makes a room look more cluttered… And I love your ‘I love you to the moon and back’ print! x

    Christina | christina77star

  • This is one of those things which has to develop naturally so that your dressing room is the most efficient it can possibly be!
    It looks lovely 🙂 perhaps try and organise your outfits for the next couple of days on the rail?

    Katie • http://www.katielclark.co.uk

  • I love these printed things you have on the floor with quotes, and the way of hanging your neckleces is really pretty. I agree with Katie about having your outfits for the next days in the rail… I should do the same hahahaha.

    xx Cecil // http://www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

  • This looks so beautiful! Great taste! Lilly xx http://alittlelilly.blogspot.nl/

  • Georgie Lowen

    Love your dressing area. I am not in love with my bedroom. I have always dreamed of having a white house – much like yours – but when I moved in with my boyfriend we “compromised” and bought oak furniture. That’s why I am hoping that our next home has an extra room that I can have as a “girl room”, so that I can have a dressing area and a nice office space to blog from.



  • Anna Blush

    Love your style, Kate! It’s so lovely. I love how everything is on display and ready to inspire when getting ready in the morning x


  • I love the way you set this up and it is such a great idea! I never end up wearing my jewellery because it’s out of sight, if I did something like this I’m sure I’d actually reach for it.


  • Gauthami J
  • This is such a dream, Kate! I always love your interiors posts because you gave such impeccable taste x

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Clare

    You have a lovely style and I’m very envious of your dressing room 🙂
    I’m in love with your “I love you to the Moon and back” print- can I ask where it’s from? It’s a running joke between my husband and I as I bought him a mini version of the book by the same name as a small gift on our wedding day xx

  • I really love your style!


  • Jenny

    Love this and the all white looks so fresh and gives the room more space 🙂 I love the framed quotes, x

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  • Thebeautyspot

    I quite like it, its very quirky and fresh! 🙂 thebeautyspot-5.blogspot.co.uk

  • This is a really cute dressing area. I love those prints as well
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  • I like how you kept the original wood work, but you added a few personal touches. I love those prints and the necklace holder!


  • rebekah maryx

    I love the original wood your decor taste is so beautiful so my taste

  • It looks lovely!! I love the white base, it makes your clothes and accessories really stand out! Where did you get that lovely print- ‘I love you to the moon and back’? thats gorgeous!

  • emily couture

    your bedroom looks stunning 🙂

    emily xx


  • Katy

    It looks gorgeous! I’m the same with the bedroom in my flat I just can’t get it right no matter what I try! Gigglesandmakeup.blogspot.com

  • PeonyandPeach

    It looks lovely! Would love to know where that black bag with the gold studs is from!


  • I lovvve the metal dressing rail, maybe use wooden hangers (to match the skirting-boards)? I think it could look cosier then? 🙂

  • catherine ♡

    It looks lovely! Love the quotes in frames xx


  • I love it! It looks amazing!

    Sophia / sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  • Love how this space looks! 🙂

    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  • Cheyanne Sorelle

    This is so pretty! 🙂


  • Julia Shutenko

    Gorgeous pictures!


  • Isabel Ronayne Healy

    What a besutiful idea! I love finding ways to create little seperate space in my bedroom. Living in a student house your bedroom becomes your sanctuary and has to take on more roles than just a place to sleep!

  • lovely shots!

    can i know what camera do you use ?



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  • Millie Robinson

    Such a nice idea to add in a little dressing area! I agree that it’s hard to make everything look right and in place though 🙂 x


  • This looks lovely! Love the idea of being able to hang up hats at the wall, I never quite know where to put mine!


  • I love this space! It’s such a nice idea to have a dressing area if you have the room. You’ve also got the perfect mix of personal touch with your IKEA furniture too 🙂

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • Your dressing area is amazing! I love that sling bag btw! Where’s it from?


  • I’ve been wanting to get a full length mirror for so long! I think it’s what I lack for my dressing area, but I have nowhere to place it -.-

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  • Iris Klaver

    Looks great. Love your bag and the black/white shoes!

    x http://hatsandlipstick.blogspot.com

  • I love your interior style, it’s so cool but still feminine. Cute x


  • wow I love this look! so organised yet really homely! My wardrobe area is such a mess.


  • Love it.. So inspiring Xx

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  • I love the railing, and the way you’ve adding in the art work and different layers and textures, looks amazing.

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • Iclal Bulur

    I made on of my rooms in my house a walk in closet with the Pax system and I had the Ikea rail from before and had no idea what to do with it, now I have an idea. Thank you soo much! I will put out my weekly wears on the rail and I plan on spray painting it gold! Hopefully I can make it look as good as yours does.


  • Love your design taste, always on point


  • I’ve never been a fan of displaying clothing rails in one’s bedroom. To me, it just makes the space look messy and cluttered. I prefer having all of my clothing and accessories tucked away in a closet/wardrobe.

  • Stacy

    Such a beautiful photos!!! Inspiring!


  • Ugh, so clean I love it! Minimalism is the key to decor, heck, and life! I’ve been debating on whether all white walls and floors was a great idea because I’m a walking, talking disaster just waiting to happen. You, my dear, make it look so effortless. More decor posts, please!

    jo | http://adoseofjo.blogspot.com