12 Oct 2014 42 comments

Fireplace Details.

fireplace1fireplac2 fireplace4fireplace3

As you can probably guess from my endless Instagram uploads, our living room is pretty much my pride and joy – it started off being the room I liked least as I just didn’t know what to do with it, but it quickly came together. One of my favourite features is the beautiful marble fireplace, I adore marble so I really wanted to make it a feature…

I actually think ‘styling’ a fireplace can be quite hard, it can be difficult to get the balance right when you perch and display things on the hearth and mantlepiece. I have rearranged this area so many times but I am finally happy with it; I went for a minimal monochrome and metallic feel, with some pretty gold prints and lots of candles.

I love the white stag head to give the room a kind of modern yet timeless feel, although I’ll definitely end up painting the antlers gold at some point. It’s from Wilkinsons, if you’re wondering.

I’ll be doing a more detailed post on Nouvelle in due course, but here’s a few pictures to get you feeling inspired!

What do you think of this little corner?