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Autumn Eyes.


Autumn means smokey eyes for me, and I don’t mind switching out my makeup for the shimmery shades as the weather cools. I seem to have acquired quite a few new products for the season, and they’re all on a constant rotation in my routine…

The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Eyeliner (£20) is one of my favourite releases for the autumn period, they follow on from the much-loved gel liner, but have an iridescent finish and a formula which works beautifully as a liner or a shadow. The little pots are just dreamy, and I love how versatile they are. I love the inky black of Night Sky smudged in to my lower lashes to bring out the blue in my eyes. Divine.

Urban Decay released their Naked2 Basics Palette (£22) this month, and of course I almost immediately snapped it up. I am a huge fan of the original Basics palette, and so I knew I would love this cooler edition. It’s just perfect for a simple smokey eye – the sophisticated selection of hues works perfectly for me and I find it’s such a no-fail way to create a smoked up look. A smaller selection makes it easier for me to work out what suits me, and I don’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to doing my eye makeup.

I have a lot of love to give when it comes to the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Shadow Pencil in Champagne Diamonds (£19), I actually think it’s my favourite product from her almost-too-brilliant line! I tend to sweep this over my lid, and then set it with the lighter shade from the Basics 2 palette, before smoking it up slightly with the darker matte hues in the palette. It takes minutes but looks gorgeous.

Finally, I had to include my much-loved MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork (£15.50) – a long-time love of mine. I can’t ever imagine not having this in my collection as it’s such a staple for me. The almost-matte finish is so lovely, and the formula blends perfectly for just the right amount of definition.

Have you got an autumn-inspired routine in place?

  • Lovely post! Perfect for me as I’m on the hunt for a new smokey/ neutral eye palette since my Benefit one is running out. Would you say that this palette works for night as well? Or would you recommend another one? Thanks!

  • The Bobbi Brown liners look so beautiful. I really love a black liner so I find colour hard to get into on the gel front, but these are still so dark while still giving the intrigue of a non-standard liner.


  • Although this doesn’t apply to me, my mom loves this autumn inspired makeup, and as christmas in coming closer I think some of these, especially the Naked2 Basics pallet, will make some lovely presents.

    Jimmy | http://amsterdaily.wordpress.com

  • I am definitely getting a few mac paint pots soon, so far in Autumn I’ve been loving a red eye, but also just a darker neutral eye, instead of light shades on my lid I’ve been playing with a lot more browns.


  • Katie

    Absolutely love the look of that Bobbi Brown liner, would be perf for seasonal looks.


  • I have the Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze and I’m obsessed with it 😀 like you, I’m loving cream and pencil eyeshadows at the moment!

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine //

  • Manon

    Can you tell which lens you use for your Canon? I can’t see it in the FAQ’s..

  • I need to try that Charlotte Tilbury pencil!

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Kicking myself for not buying a Naked basics palette instead of Naked 1 and 3! I only ever use the matte colours, d’oh! Autumn/winter makeup is the best though, and that Charlotte Tilbury pencil looks lovely!

    Madame Raptor x

  • I think I’m going to have to buy the Naked basics 2 palette, it’s just too pretty! Loved this post!

    Penneys To Prada

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on the basics 2 palette, I love the first one! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

  • Hattie Constance

    Ahh this looks gorgeous I lost my naked basics original palette so i may pick this up when I’m back in the UK! Project Rattlebag x

  • The Graduate Goddess

    I’ve only heard great things about Charlotte Tilbury eye pencils. I love how luxurious they look. This is a great autumnal colour scheme, all my favourite colours!

    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx

  • I need to get my hands into a good gel eyeliner and practice! That one looks like a good pick 🙂 I can’t, for my life, even out my wings… I just can’t! XD

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  • I love the gold and bronze tones for autumn and also the burgandy type shades! x

  • Vivian Yuen

    I have yet to snap up Naked Basics 2, but use Basics 1 on the daily 😉

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  • I’m so in love with your photos, they’re always perfect and spot on!
    Kate x

  • Love your recommendations, that MAC paint pot looks perfect!

    Bramble & Thorn

  • emily couture

    all these products sound amazing!

    emily xx


  • such good choices, I absolutely love the Naked basics 2.

    Jess x

  • I need Naked basic 2 :).

  • I love the look of the sparkle eyeliner, it sounds so pretty!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • rafiia

    Lovely choice.. would love to see some tutorials …

  • I absolutely love A/W make up looks! The sparkly liner looks gorgeous! 🙂



  • I really love the sound of the charlotte tilbury shadow pencils! x


  • Definitely some bronze/copper shades and deep coloured lips – I’m dying to try the Matte revolution lipsticks and the BB liner looks awesome

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Need to try Charlotte Tilburys shadow pencils! Lilly xx http://alittlelilly.blogspot.nl/

  • I’d love to see a video tutorial with these products. Xx


  • Kathryn Cicero

    Would love to see a video tutorial on this smoky eye.

  • Margery Ho
  • Blizzard Girl

    Love the naked 2 palette:)


  • I am obsessed with Groundwork! I really need to go get that palette haha


  • Katie Campbell

    I so want to try the naked basics 2 but it’s sold out everywhere! 🙁 xx

  • I’m loving dark lips and nails to contrast with my porcelain skin at the minute! Always great for A/W as I can’t pull off the smokey eye as well as you unfortunately 🙁


    Alice x

  • Oh love these! I like neutral eyes for Fall and I’m really into Navy nail polish right now!

  • Svenja67Beer .

    I really love the e´darker colors for make up during fall/winter. I’m still looking for my “perfect” products for this year and the products you show in this post look very nice actually.

  • I really want one of the Naked palettes and the basics ones are just that bit more affordable! I have no clue whether I would go for the 1 or 2 though – they are both so pretty!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  • I just ordered the Naked2 Basics the other day and cannot wait to try it out. I adore neutral matte shades, so the palette seemed just perfect. I’ll have to try it out with Charlotte’s Champagne Diamonds, one of my favorites from her line as well!

    Morgan // http://www.blushingwit.com

  • The Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Liner looks beautiful! I love dark eyeliners with a hint of color.

    Maria Mui // Beauty Blog

  • I love the Groundwork paint pot too, that and Painterly are staples. I’m going into summer but the weather is still rubbish, usually just put a bit of Wedge in my crease and Patina over the lid and bog standard mascara to finish x

  • I also loved the first Urban Decay Basics and definitely want to try the second one! Urban Decay do some of my favourite palettes!


  • Love my Groundwork Paintpot and I’m seriously thinking of buying the Naked 2 basics. The first one didn’t appeal at all but this 2nd one seems so much nicer. x

    Speaking Beauty UK

  • Yes, need to get my hands on that Paint Pot! And loving the Naked 2 basics palette heh x


  • Allison

    the photography for this post is so on point!

    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com/

  • Girl. You are talented at making me want to purchase things. Like that Bobbi Brown liner for example. Oh looooord please let someone buy it for me.

  • Una (Hedonizm & Eskapizm)

    My shades! 😉
    And what a wonderful photo!

    PS. Is the Diptyque candle “Figuer”? My favourite Diptyque scent! 🙂

  • Emily Knott

    I have the CT shadow sticks on my beauty wishlist! I might just have to make a purchase!


  • I need to buy the Naked Basics 2 palette, I just know I’ll get so much use out of it!


  • I can’t wait for the naked basic 2 to launch in France, and I wish Charlotte Tilbury would… I love your little selection, it looks a lot like mine 🙂


  • francesca.frith

    Right I’ve waited way too long now, I NEED a Naked palette in my life immediately!



  • Zoe Archer

    Naked palettes are fantastic I love mine, so versatile, a must have in my opinion


  • I am dying to get my hands on the new Urban Decay palette as well as the MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork and also Camel Coat. Lovely post

    Gaby // etcGabrielle

  • I am so tempted by the new Naked Basics! Such lovely, easy to wear shades. Beautiful picks, Kate 🙂