4 Oct 2014 23 comments

5 Things: This Week’s Favourite Pins.


01. Pretty Hallway
This pin is pretty much my dream hallway, cat and dog included. Our hallway is huge but quite dark because of all the wood – I’d love a big white space. That rug is perfection and I adore how busy the whole area is. One to pin for inspiration should I ever redecorate the hall. (Can’t find a source anywhere but the pin is here).

02. A Book Wall
I love, love, love walls of books! I am dreaming of having floor to ceiling bookshelves one day, so anything that involves this instantly speaks to me. This pin (source)

03. Scandinavian Living Room
I’ve pretty much finished my living room now, but that doesn’t stop me scoping out cute rooms to swoon over! I love the neutral feel to this room, and the coffee table is just divine.Β Source.


04. A Neutral Space
Again, more living room loving! I would love a feature wall, especially as I’m planning to stain our floors a dark walnut shade soon. I love the fireplace too, we have a marble fireplace but it has a gas fire in it – I’d love to take it out and tile it out like this beaut. Source.

05. Autumnal Meals
I love cooking wintery meals, and although I’m not usually a soup fan (got teef, init) this cream ham, potato and corn chowder sounds super dreamy. I’ll definitely be whipping up a batch with this recipe.

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