Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil: A Detailed Review.



Ahh the time has come – I’ve finished my beloved Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (£20) and there’s a new bottle lined up already. I think this is one of the first times I’ve finished a facial oil, they last so long! I talk about this little gem all the freakin’ time so I thought a full review was in order…

I would definitely name this the king of facial oils, it has sorted my skin out over the last year and really got me back to a normal skin type (I guess you could say I did have oily skin) as well as keeping my skin well nourished and hydrated. I’ve been using it for some time – I actually searched through my blog to find out when I started using it and it seems that the first post it featured in was in May 2013 – so I guess it’s been almost a full year of using it (liberally!) every day. Not bad going for £20.

How To Use
I tend to use it alone at night as my treatment and moisturiser in one, or I use it alongside other treatments and my night cream on top. So at night I remove my makeup, cleanse my skin, use a toner and then massage in the rosehip oil. I usually find that this is enough but occasionally I’ll apply a serum before the oil and a night cream after the oil. I tend to think of the facial oil sealing everything in, so I put most things underneath – even spot treatments usually. By then I kind of feel like my skin is prepped enough without moisturiser.
As it’s really light it sinks in quickly, you can use just a couple of drops and it will work for the whole face – I prefer to use a few extra drops though. Sometimes I will completely slather my skin in it, using maybe 6 drops for my face, and then massage it in and leave it overnight like a moisture mask. But usually I pipette out a few drops in to the palm of my hand, and then use my fingers to apply small amounts to areas of my face, rub my hands together to disperse and then spend one or two minutes massaging it in. It feels amazing. I also occasionally mix it in with my serum for a boost, it’s just quicker and feels nicer – at the moment I adore the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer (£29.50), they make a great duo.
One thing I’ve found that really helps is to work it in to any under the skin spots, I get hormonal acne that takes weeks to clear up but this stuff always sends them packing far quicker. I’ve also noticed that if you catch them early enough, it will make sure they don’t turn in to anything nasty too – they kind of just deflate.
You can also use it in the morning, just apply it after your toner – it works so well at boosting the complexion and foundation seems to apply and sit better too.

Skin Types & Concerns
The formula is all natural, having been extracted using volcanically sourced CO2 to get the purest concentration of the oils. It’s actually a mix of rosehip seed and rosehip fruit oil, so they take it from the plant without bringing in germs or oxidising the oil. This means it’s unlikely to irritate skin, even on those with sensitive skin, and it also lasts longer in the bottle – I make sure to keep it in a drawer though to get the best out of it. It doesn’t break me out or have any adverse effects on my skin – for reference my skin is normal, a little dehydrated, occasionally oily and blemish prone. I’d say this would work on all skin types – definitely oily skin too. I found that using a facial oil on my skin was the best thing for helping to reduce the excess sebum, and after a little while I had more of a normal skin type.
As I said, it also works wonders on blemishes (even whiteheads) I’ve found – though keep in mind that everyone’s skin type is different. Perhaps you could leave your findings in the comments if you have blemishes and have tried this oil, that would be super helpful. I asked on Twitter if anyone else had found that the Pai Rosehip oil cleared up under the skin blemishes and the result was a pretty consistent yes. See here.
Rosehip oil is also meant to be help with scars, I was told it’s used on burns victims in hospital (quite a tragic thing to drop in, sorry). I have a number of scars from acne, I tend to have more issues with scarring than blemishes and I definitely find that rosehip oil (along with a good exfoliator, see here for more details) goes a long way in helping to fade the dark spots that blemishes leave behind, and also reduces the redness of current angry blemishes. Of course, fading blemishes takes a long time so it’s hard to back this up but you know yourself when something works.
As for dry and dehydrated skin, well of course, you should see great results from this. It’s hugely hydrating – remember even oily skin can be dehydrated, lacking in moisture – and nourishing. It’s instantly relieving, and by that I mean the feeling of when your skin feels tight and dry, if you’ve been sitting next to central heating with your makeup on (or have had a nap with it on, the worst!) or have just used a gel cleanser that has stripped your skin? A little of the rosehip oil will soon sort that out.
It’s also great for mature skin I’m told, for much of the same reasons as above.

Of course, there are other types of rosehip oil – I have the Trilogy Rosehip Oil (£14.85) which is also great, a little lighter and certified organic. It’s from my native New Zealand so I do feel slightly bad saying this, but for some reason I just prefer Pai’s offering. I just think it has better results, but I do still use and rate the Trilogy one and if you buy it on FeelUnique then there’s a difference in price. Personally, I think I usually recommend the Pai version over any face oil.

I think I’ve covered everything there. I got 9 months out of my bottle (and I use more drops than the average person I’m guessing) which works out at just over £2 per month so I definitely think it’s worth it.

Have you tried the oil? Are you thinking about trying the oil? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments as I’d love to read them…

PS. Obviously not a Sponny P (that’s a sponsored post for all of you less educated on today’s language) I just thought this would be helpful.

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  • Anna Blush

    I use to absolutely love this oil, it was my holy grail moisture booster which I used every night. However I’ve been suffering with painful pimples for quite some time so when I saw another blogger’s post about how this oil broke them out I thought maybe I’d take a break from it and see how I go. My skin has calmed down a heap so I’m way too scared to go back to it just incase! It’s such a shame because I use to really love how it made my skin feel xx

    • That’s a shame, Anna! Nothing worse when you start to suspect your favourite product haha. I hope you find something that works x

  • Julia Marchand

    I have been using this now for about two months and have noticed that my skin (dry, dehydrated with a few blemishes) has improved overall, and become more consistently normal. My pimples definitely go away a lot quicker and it really helps get rid of dry patches. I have also noticed my skin has become more radiant, and it has possibly even reduced the apperance of some of my freckles (is that even possible? I dont know…) I do feel like I could live without it, but it is super nice and very well priced for something that you can see results with.

  • Im dieing to try this stuff! x

  • Zazie Bibi

    This sounds so fab! Definitely need to get this x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Aimee

    I shall definitely be buying this then. My skin is awful at the moment, dry yet oily. Not sure how that works.

    Follow me

    • Your skin is probably dehydrated (lacking in water) and also oily (too much sebum) – mine was like that for awhile and it was the worst. Best thing to do is cut down on gel or foam cleansers, use light balms or creams (I love the Elemental Herbology Bio Cellular Super Cleanser) and I also really rate the Origins Make A Difference Treatment x

  • really helpful review,I really want to try this! xxx

  • Alright, that’s it. If you repurchased it I have to get it today. I saw it on sale yesterday and thought “Eh, I got heaps of oils at home” but this was the last drop. No excuse. Going to get it now.

    Kat B | Katience

  • Im thinking about giving the oil a go! xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  • Marlenne

    I have been eyeing on this product for so long so thanks for the detailed manual/review of it! Going to buy it now!

  • Heather

    Oh Kate, I have been reading your blog for so long and never commented, but this post really spurned me to do so. You are SO helpful and have such a lovely writing style, it feels like having a chat with a mate and I have really come to trust your opinions and judgments on things. Thank you so much for this!

  • Fiona

    I really wanted this oil to work for me, but it really makes me break out. Glad you are loving it though. You can’t really knock the quality and price!

  • love this post! I use the trilogy one as its cheaper. but may have to try this one 🙂 also sponny p!! amazing. sorry for the lack of punctuation etc but im at the end of my lunch break! xx

    • Haha glad you liked, and no worries! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  • Siobhan Smith

    I bought the Trilogy Rosehip oil after reading about these oils so much on your blo g- went for the Trilogy as it’s slightly cheaper. For some reason it just doesn’t get on with my skin 🙁 the first couple of times it was fine – i loved how plumped and moisturised my skin felt but then i started to get random dry patches (like the worst flaky patches i’ve ever had). I attributed it to another change in my skincare routine and kept going with this – even putting more on that i was before but things only got worse. It was only when i stopped using this that the problem went away. I read online that you shouldn’t use this straight from the bottle but diluted but even that is no good for me – now i only use it once a week, in the bath on a soaking wet face so i get a little of the goodness from it but i’m not even sure i can get away with that 🙁 Have you any other facial oils you can recommend? x

    • Hm that’s weird – skincare is so personal though so everyone is different. Have you tried the Origins Make A Difference Treatment? Not an oil but always helps me. x

      • Siobhan Smith

        Was strange as i have quite forgiving skin that doesn’t normally have a bad reaction to anything! Thanks for the recommendation will give it a go! x

  • Only a month ago I tried rose hip oil after getting a sample and my skin has never been better. I have oily-combination skin with insane dry patches, constant under skin blemishes and hormonal breakouts which were prone to scarring- partly from a medical condition and partly because I have never found anything that worked. My skin was never totally gross but was never totally fine either. Until now. It has cleared my skin and treated my scarring like you wouldn’t believe, breakouts are gone, dry patches banished and my skins condition is amazing. I saw a friend for the first time in 6 months and she almost cried at the change. Never going without it! Just ordered PAI after hearing great things about it from you and others and am looking forward to continuing this new skin trend!

    • I love a good success story! I think it’s really helped me too, I can totally see a difference in my skin. Love this, Jess x

  • Jessica Whitbread

    I use the Trilogy one, and it works pretty well for me but I’m definitely tempted to try this one as well!

  • This sounds so good I was going to get the Trilogy one but may add this to my wishlist instead 🙂 x

    Catherines Loves

  • Parisian To Be

    Ah, I love this oil and used it religiously. Although, I have a new routine at the moment that’s really working for me and I’m a little scared to add this back in…but I think I’ll cave at some point. I find it works best on scarring, though. (:

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

    • I get like this too, but actually I found myself missing this! x

  • This sounds like such a beautiful facial oil. I’ve read that Rosehip oil shouldn’t be used if you’ve actually got blemishes as it can make them worse, but this sounds like a great option for me. I also love the sound of the Clarins facial oils too.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • clairabelle0306

    Ooh this oil sounds so interesting, I’ve been looking for a new face oil, I didn’t really like the Clarins one. I’m not the biggest rose scent fan but I might have to give this a go, it sounds like it ticks all my boxes 🙂

    xxx Claire

    • Bleugh, I hate rose scents. This luckily doesn’t smell like that ha x

  • Lauren ygtl

    i’ve also had my eye on this and this has just sold it for me!x

  • Kristy Mansfield

    definitely want to try this product, have heard so many good things about it.

    -Kristy |

  • Samantha Davis

    Ooooh sold! This sounds great and just what I’m looking for. Great review, as always xx

  • This is a really hard sell! I’m wondering if I should invest. Have you ever used the Clarins Lotus Treatment Oil? I wonder how it compares. (That’s what I currently have/use.)

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

    • Yeah I started off using the Lotus oil and thought it made a difference, and then I discovered this and was totally wowed x

      • Eep! Good/bad to hear. 🙂 Thanks for the info!! x

  • Isabelle McWilliam
  • Annie Lindsay

    Facial oils are the BEST. I haven’t tried Pai yet since I’ve only just bought my first oil and I didn’t want to spend the extra cash just yet. But I’ve been using the Boots Facial Oil (I’m in the US but it’s available from Ulta online) and I’m loving it so much. I’m naturally oily and I’ve found that it actually helps to lessen my normal oil production and I need to powder less throughout the day. Pai will be my next oil purchase when I’m done with Boots!

    • I found this too, really helped with oil! Thanks Annie x

  • Amber Hunter

    I haven’t tried the oil but after this I’m considering it! I have skin that leans towards the drier end of things and while I don’t have a huge problem with spots, I do get them around my chin and nose. This was *such* a helpful review, it was super thorough and I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you Kate 🙂
    Lovely Notions

  • Ingrid

    I love this oil too! Both for my face and the upper body, feels rather luxurious, and I can see the improvement of my skin. It tends to be a bit too much for my face every single evening, so I use it on occasion; however I use it for my body every day, I know that it means I will have to get a new bottle fairly quickly, but it just works so great and feels amazing.

    • Yeah, I tend to realise when things are a bit much for my skin and swap them up from time to time. All about finding that balance with skincare. Thanks Ingrid x

  • Kristi C.

    I’ve slowly been dipping my toes in the facial oil pool! I tried Clarins Lotus – was sort of meh abt it. Tried Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – again sort of meh., I decided to get an organic cold pressed rosehip oil from Natural Grocers to try before spending more $$. I am very impressed so far. My skin seems to love it & soaks it right up. I have always struggled with oily skin and as I’ve learned more abt skincare in the last few years realize that it was dehydrated as well. The use of the rosehip oil with my night time serum and moisturizer if needed has made a great improvement in my skin! More even tone and plumper & I’m not as oily. Yay!! The 1 oz. bottle will last quite awhile but will consider moving up to Pai or the Trilogy with Antioxidants once this bottle is gone. Your in-depth review was informative. Thanks for taking the time to write up the details!

    • I was the same, I liked Lotus because it was the first oil I tried and found it such a lovely experience, the MRC did nothing and I still have a full bottle, but use the rosehip religiously. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, loved reading this x

  • Jen

    Well I generally adore Pai. Their cleanser and rosehip & chamomile cream are the backbone of my skincare routine, I couldn’t be without them. The cream made a huge difference to my red, hormonal breakout prone skin, it just sends the inflammation right down and leaves my skin calm and glowing. I will have to try this oil! I tried the Clarins’ orchid and it didn’t work for me – too many essential oils, it left me bright red.

    • I’m the same, the cleanser is lovely – they’re also bringing out a couple of masks later in the year (not sure I’m meant to reveal that but I’m too excited) AND their eye cream is the best I’ve tried. Oh and their toner haha x

  • Allison

    This sounds absolutely fantastic, I’ve tried the tarte face oil and the josie maran argon oil and although I like them both and they are great I’m not going to repurchase either, I may get this when those run out!

  • NickisNickNacks

    I have dry skin with hormonal breakouts. I’m pretty sure my skin had a bad reaction to this but I have heard nothing but positive reviews about this so am thinking about testing it again. Would be typical if I ended up being the only person who couldn’t get on with this oil!

    Nicki x

    • It could well be a bad reaction, it’s always hard with skincare as everyone is so different. Try and use it once a week at first and just a couple of drops, introduce it slowly and use it with products you know don’t break you out and sort of stick to a routine and see 🙂

  • Liesa V

    Would love to try this! Seems like a great treatment for blemishes and scars. And the price is very reasonable if you see how long it lasts! xx

  • Amazing post! That looks an amazing product!


  • Oh Kate, you really know how to convince a girl on the edge of purchasing this facial oil! I currently can’t get enough of facial oils, my skin just soaks up all the goodness and i’m pretty sure this could fit into my ever growing facial oil stash ;).

    Abbie x

    • Haha I think it’s going to feel very much at home in your skincare stash 😉

  • Vivian Yuen

    I do enjoy using the Trilogy Rosehip oil, think I’ll try this one for good measure!



  • Francesca

    I bought a Rosehip oil (not the Pai one) after reading one of your posts a few months ago, but it didn’t work out for me. When I used it I had super oily and acneic skin -I’m on Roaccutane now-, and I think it may even have triggered more acne breakouts! I wanted it to work so badly, but I had to stop using it before I could see any results 🙁

    • Ah not good, hope the Roaccutane is working for you, that stuff is heavy going! 🙁 x

  • Desperate to give a new facial oil a go and this looks awesome! For £20 it looks like such a good quality product – anything to keep the acne calm!

    Shaun Nolan // Shaunyland

  • Anne-Dorthe Andersen

    This oil is absolutly the best! I got it recently and loved it after the first try. Such a nice post btw 🙂

  • and i now want to use the pai oil. really want to be rid of my problematic skin. it’s been an issue for me for years, and its about time i find my saviour in shining armour

  • there is nothing like your skin care posts and taste!

  • Kayla

    I have combination (oily/normal) skin and I really enjoy using facial oils. I use Mario Badescu’s Rosehip oil and love it. It does cut down on acne. I sometimes forget who great it is, and will stop using it, but in less than a week I will resume use. I also like Tarte’s Maracuja Oil as well.

  • Emily

    I have had this oil for 12 months so far and still going strong! I use the recommended 2drops every night and I have extremely dehydrated skin that’s highly blemish prone. I love this oil, and the only other I use is Pai’s Amarinth and echium….also fabulous btw. Love your skin are advice Kate, keep it all coming x

  • Hayley

    I just purchased the pai oil a few weeks ago! Awesome to see a great review!

  • Emy

    I’ve always wanted to try Pai rosehip oil. But I’m also currently using tretinoin for my acne — and as rosehip has a Vitamin A derivative of tretinoin and works in the same way, I’m afraid the combination of the two would be too much for my skin. However, if I ever stop using tretinoin, I’ll definitely give Pai rosehip oil a try. 🙂

  • Zoe

    Best oil in the world. I use it literally all the time. I get a cystic zit I massage the Pai oil into the area and the soreness/swelling goes down overnight and a lot of times it just disappears. I couldn’t live without this stuff!

  • Madeleine S-B

    I’ve been really wanting to try this oil ever since you been talking about it as it sounds soooo good and I get a lot of scarring after blemishes, but the price really put me off as I thought it was definitely out of my range! But knowing how long it’s lasted you has probably persuaded me otherwise now 😀 x

  • I have been having issues with the rough texture caused by under the skin acne bumps and I really want to try this oil out!


  • lisa robb

    It sounds like a lovely product to use!!
    L x

  • Belle

    I have so many scars from spots and blemishes so this sounds ideal. Plus 9 months use is pretty good going!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Daniella




  • Sounds amazing, I’ve been using the Body Shop oil and really like that 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • I have been loving my rose hip oil to death! It’s featured in my latest post.

    Check out my Skincare Saviours post and one quick trick to get your brows and lashes thicker and fuller than ever over on:



  • And here I was pondering whether to order it or not and then I saw your post. Which is really convincing…

  • Glad you’re loving this! Having a backup at the ready is always the best sign of a killer product! I have oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin and was initially scared of oils, but I recently found Antipodes’ Divine Face Oil and it’s fab! Definitely tempted by this Pai option too 🙂

  • I haven’t tried this one. I picked up Trilogy’s oil instead of Pai( i couldn’t decide).
    Initially it didn’t do anything for me, but recently I’ve been using it more frequently and it is actually fading my scars. I’m impressed, I’d love to try this one too.

  • Tini

    I have blemish prone skin and the Pai Rosehip oil has changed my life. I’m on my third bottle currently and will never live without it again!!
    It helps to clear blemishes and also their marks very quickly and acts as a night serum for me as well. I love it!

  • Rimantė Grigaravičiūtė

    just placed an order on for this oil. I cannot wait to try it out hoping that it will make some difference for my hyper-pigmentation after inflammations…

  • Giulia Ficarazzo

    Hey there! I am really, really tempted to try this product, but honestly i’ve never spent so much money on a skincare item, although my skin is not good at all. I have acne prone skin and what annoys me the most is the redness left from the pimple which takes aaaages to go away. OH yes, and scars. Should i go straight with the Pai rosehip oil, shouldn’t I? to be honest, i am scared that it’s not going to be helpful or worse that is going to make my skin worse..