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Life Lately: A Festive Weekend.

Last weekend Jordan and I wrapped up warm (two tops, a jumper, a cardigan, a scarf and a coat) and headed to the newly opened Christmas Market here in Glasgow. We’ve been waiting all year for that delicious bratwurst and warm strawberry cider, but did we manage to get hold of some? Stay tuned for more information…

My photographer was on hand to take my outfit snaps, I wore an H&M skirt and jumper and my Missguided cardigan over the top. I’m also wearing an H&M coat and scarf and a pair of Glamorous boots. The necklace is one I’ve had for ages, I’m sure you can find something similar though, if you fancy the full ghostparties experience.
The market was rammed as it was a Sunday and the first weekend of opening, but I can confirm that we managed to grab ourselves a spicy bratwurst and a cup of warm cider – I love this stuff, it’s the best way to warm up! We had a little browse around the market, it seems even better than last year – just look at all that delicious food. I wanted to dive head first in to that pile of sweets and chomp my way out, but I manage to resist. Next time I may not be so strong.
We were going to finish off with some churros but… there was a queue and it’s a little known fact that I’m allergic to queuing so we passed up on the churros this time, though I did hear one squeak my name as I walked by.

We said farewell to the market and headed for a tea and a coffee to warm us up. We went to Eat because it’s usually quiet and you can people-watch from the upstairs seating, everyones dream date, am I right? Jordan promised me cake and I settled on this beautiful red velvet… thing. Cake, I guess it is. Jo had a slice of caramel shortcake which was amazing dunked in to my tea (yep, I’m a food thief). Jordan actually took a very enlightening series of snaps in which I took out the teabag from my cup, whilst making a face that can only be described as a Mr Bean impression – sadly, it didn’t make the cut.
The cakes were incredible, the tea was met by rapturous applause and my date was pretty scrumptious too. Just before we left I was overcome by an unexpected sneeze which sounded a lot like an airplane taking off. We left hastily.

I think at this point we went and raided Zara before another tea pit-stop back at our flat – a cup and saucer for Mouse too of course.

Are you a fan of the Christmas market? Would Jordan and I be your dream coffee dates?

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  • Zazie Bibi

    ooh i miss the cold weather! looks fab xx

  • Cornelia Kennedy

    I want to eat ALLLL the food! Oh I all looks so good, and I haven’t had breakfast, hotdog anyone?

    Ineffable Beauty

  • Looks like you had a wonderful time:) Love days like this even if it is super cold! xx

  • Aw this looks like such a cute outing, I love all the christmas markets! the best one i’ve been too was probably Manchester’s, its amazing!

  • Nena – Whatevergivesjoy

    Love your coat!

  • Helen

    Aw I am jealous ,we don’t have a proper Christmas market round here. That sausage looks delicious as does the cider ! yum! πŸ™‚

  • Brooklyn McKay

    I can’t get over that hair color, you look absolutely stunning <3

  • Kim Clark

    You look adorable!

  • I adore Christmas markets!
    Everytime I see a picture of your hair I remember how much it suits you. Love it πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    Love the coat. And your hair is so cute!

  • Sarah Beth

    You and Jordan would definitely be the perfect coffee dates, those places look amazing! xxx


  • Renate Kupse

    Such a cute post and your text is entertaining and charming πŸ˜‰ I have a Christmassy weekend ahead with my boyfriend and his family – we’re picking up a tree and making decorations and having Christmassy dinner etc., so I am really looking forward to that! Haven’t been much in the spirit yet, but I always dive in as December starts!

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Renate from

    My tips on selling your items at a flea market has just
    gone up on my blog, if you’re interested to check it out!

  • Leeanne baldwin

    Aw, I love these kind of posts..
    I so Wish, we could have a Christmas market where I live

  • Shani

    That’s how we know you’re not a native Brit: allergic to queuing! It’s the British national pastime! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve only been to the holiday market in Edinburgh. I do miss Glasgow. Sigh. Maybe next year!

    And you guys sound like the best coffee date. I promise to take you out for some if you come to New York!

    Shani x

    • Shani

      P.S. Is that the rebel nudes on your lips? Whatever it is, I love it!


    Kate, you make me howl. Hilarious. You do sound like my perfect coffee date. Looks like you had a brilliant day and loooove your coat! xo

  • I am starving now gosh as soon as I saw the hot dogs that was it hehe, You and Jordan would definiately be great coffee dates although I’m not a food sharer and caramel shortcake is my fave, I love christmas markets definiately need to see if any are going on near me soon! love this more lifestyle post definiately want to see more! xx Emmi


  • Imogen

    Looks fab! πŸ™‚ I adore christmas markets.

    A Rendezvous with You

  • Elizabeth

    Fudge, pastries and olives…all making my mouth water! I love this time of the year, I’m a regular at the German Christmas market in Leeds!

    Elizabeth x

  • Beautiful photos, the food looks amazing! Love what you wore too. x

  • Elizabeth Apps

    Your outfit looks so warm and wintery and the christmas markets look amaaazing! I really would like to visit one this year!

  • Lucy White

    This post is so upbeat and humorous, love it! Ps. Food porn pics much? Yuuuum.

  • xXxStundonxXx

    That sausage looks amazing, oh my!

    I love going for coffee and people watching, great way to pass a bit of time! x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life