Summer Beauty Picks.

I’ve been incredibly busy this weeks so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to film so I apologise this wasn’t uploaded in my usual mid-week slot. Better late than never and I filmed in a new location! What do you think?

Although it doesn’t feel like summer in Scotland right now, the weather is so damn unpredictable that you kind of need to be ready, waxed & tanned for those five minutes of sunshine to make the most of it. Nonetheless, I’ve been feeling summer beauty lately – I’ve been especially loving Caudalie products, I’ve always been a fan of the brand but both the Enzymatic Mask and the Divine Scrub have impressed me so much.

Another two products I feel I should proclaim my love for is the Oribe Apres Beach spray, I love this as it doesn’t leave ends feeling really dry and it manages to give my hair some wave. This has to be my favourite product at the moment, I really love how textured it makes my hair. Also on that list is the new Estee Lauder Pure Colour Cheek Rush in Hot Fuse, this is pretty powerful stuff but the flush it gives it just too gorgeous.

I’ll be uploading the makeup tutorial of this look on Sunday hopefully! Please watch my Summer Beauty Picks in YouTube and let me know if you’ve enjoyed it.

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  • Can’t wait to get my hands on Caudalie Enzymatic Mask, I’ve heard so many great things about it 🙂 Can you compare it to REN Glycolactic mask, are the results similar or is one better than the other?

    • casey23

      much better! you can see the results instantly even in one use! I have both of them and I saw no difference with REN but this one is a keeper.

  • love all of your picks, really want to try out the estee lauder cheek rush especially in your colour hot fuse, everyone seems to have it at the moment! Also will have to try out the beach spray its my must have for my blonde wavy hair!

    eloise xx

  • That essie polish looks beautiful – just my kinda shade 🙂


  • great suff! Particularly love the Estee Lauder pure colour cheek rush and the essie nail polish!
    -Emily xoxo

  • That Essie nail colour looks BEAUTIFUL! Really love that one, very sweet! Great video! I always look forward to these.
    Stunning as always.


  • Yes – a new video from Kate! Now, I know that today will be a good day.
    xo Lillian

  • I definitely need to check out the Caudalie mask & Oribe beach spray. Really great picks! x

    Debbie |

  • Laura

    lovely selection, so many amazing products (:

  • Lovelovelove that nail polish. Such a gorgeous colour. I’m popping to Boots tomorrow, might just have to pick it up!


  • The colour cheek rush’s are so pretty, I really want to try them! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  • I could listen to you talk all day. I haven’t found Sunday Funday in stores in Canada yet but when I see it, I think I’ll have to get it right away.

    Celina | The Celution

  • whimsical glitter

    I love the Essie nail polish!

  • I’ve always wanted to try that Oribe spray. A couple months ago I bought the texturizing one but to be completely honest I wasn’t too impressed. It just made my hair greasy faster?!
    Love your blog btw 🙂 I always seem to check your skincare favorites before I buy something lol. So much enabling…

  • Veronica

    I bought Sunday Funday the second I saw it on your instagram! x

    Really intrigued by the Estee Lauder cheek shots. Going to try them when I get back to the USA…it really sucks how much more expensive make-up is here in the UK compared to the US (stupid exchange rate!)

    Lovely video as usual, Kate. You’re so entertaining…endearing…funny. 😉


  • I have been dying to try the Oribe Apres Beach spray I’ve heard so many great things about it. If it wasn’t so damn expensive!

  • I need the cheek rush!

    Seaside Beauty

  • The essie nail polish looks very nice, I like the color 🙂

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