Starting A YouTube Channel.

Editing on an iMac – scary stuff.

When I started blogging, I didn’t know about videos on YouTube – infact, I think it took me some time to discover makeup and beauty videos actually but I remember hearing that people weren’t all that… er, appreciative of videos like they were blogs. I remember actually looking up a hair tutorial years ago and found a vlogger who is now rather well known, it was a brilliant tutorial and I learnt exactly what I needed to know but the comments – and not just females, either – were awful! It was pretty off-putting.

I eventually uploaded a few videos circa 2009 but never really got in to it, I’ve always been more in to writing so I stuck with blogging and as ghostparties took off, I didn’t really bother much with YouTube. It was far more time consuming and at the time I didn’t have much spare… time.
Fastforward a year and I began to get in to videos and again and started to upload some more, I had a better feeling about it this time and just went with it – I now upload two videos per week and actually enjoy it.

If you’re thinking about starting your own channel, I say do it before your blog is really out there – this doesn’t matter too much but I found that there was more pressure to be perfect instantly because people already knew my blog. Of course, if you do already have a blog and a few followers, then you’ll gather subscribers quicker so either way, it will work out.
The important thing to remember is that your first few videos will be a bit of a farce – you’ll still be getting used to talking to a camera, making sure no one at home hears you talking, technical hitches and general awkwardness – most people will be okay but there’s going to be a few snidey comments about talking louder, being more cheerful etc. – all this comes with time so don’t panic. Go with the flow and you’ll find yourself in no time.

Don’t forget to be yourself; some viewers will want a hyperactive chat-show host but I find this a bit much all the time. It doesn’t seem real to be overly cheerful constantly, I would rather informative with a few smiles here and there since I am watching for beauty advice. It’s so, so easy to pander to the negative comments and give them what they want – these people will probably never be happy, more likely they’re feeling hopeless for their own failings so concentrate on the positive comments. Some comments can actually be constructive, such as directions or helpful hints but don’t be afraid to block and delete comments that make you question yourself. You will never be able to please everyone so you may as well please yourself! If you’re happy with a video, most likely your level-headed viewers will love it too.

Get some good equipment, at least eventually. I filmed using the camera on my Macbook when I first started and no one said anything – eventually I got to grips with the video settings on my SLR (Canon 600D if you’re wondering) and used that. I wouldn’t splash out on lighting, remotes etc. at first, see if you actually get in to videos and then take it from there. I never use lighting for my videos, I just sit in front of one of the windows for maximum light so try to use what you’ve already got handy. If you start really getting in to it, consider investing in a HD camera and go from there.
I hate, hate, hate editing my videos so I tend to film it in one and edit out the pauses and any bits that aren’t needed. I just use iMovie on my Mac as anything else isn’t really needed. It’s okay not to be an expert from the first video – look up YouTube tutorials of editing movies and go from there.

Take comments with a pinch of salt – yes, there is negativity on YouTube because people are anonymous and, seemingly, like to inflict their own misgivings on to others. This is life, it comes with the job etc. – but believe me, the good far outweighs the bad. People always tell me I’m funny and great to watch, which is definitely amazing to hear! Not everyone will love you, not everyone will enjoy your sense of humour, your haircut, your tattoos, your makeup – but most will and you’ll feel better about yourself after a few videos. Don’t take all comments to heart – you’re the one putting yourself out there and doing something with your time, you’re doing better than most!
This goes hand in hand with being yourself; you want to grow infront of the camera, become your own person and come out of your shell – you don’t want to morph in to someone else just to get subscribers. It’s just not needed!

Don’t go looking for trouble. There is, shall we say, many opinions voiced in some areas of the internet about those on YouTube. This is their own space to discuss people they’ve never met – it sounds ridiculous but at least it’s off your videos and away from where you are forced to see it. I like the quote “what others think of me is none of my business” – so don’t go looking for what people think of you, it’s irrelevant! You can either move on – ignorance really is bliss – or let it drag you down, guess which one most choose!

Be patient, subscribers and support won’t come overnight. I very rarely look at my subscribers, in fact I try not to go on to my YouTube channel at all for some reason. I’m happy with where I’m at but it’s still a hobby, I don’t and won’t ever have the time to do it full time but I think two videos a week is ideal – I don’t overly promote myself and I could definitely do more with my YouTube channel but as I say, it’s just there and I do what I want with it. I do love uploading videos and knowing that people learn from me and enjoy my personality so I guess that’s my gain from it – it’s like an extension of my blog. You really do get back what you put in, so put as much or as little effort in to it as you want!

I think it’s good to be casual with your channel, if you do decide to get in to YouTube (and I really think you should!), I would probably do something easy like an Intro video at first to find your feet. No one is expecting you to crack out all the iMovie effects and create a masterpiece! Just be yourself, edit out any awkward silences and play it cool!
I really hope this helps a few of you to take the plunge. I hear so many people saying they would love to do YouTube but feel put off by the negativity and the time it takes – this is your chance to film and upload a quick video and see how it turns out! After a few videos, you will get used to it and your confidence will only grow.

Let me know if you’re contemplating uploading a video! Any more tips? You can see my channel here.

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  • Amy

    This is really useful Kate, thank you 🙂 I’ve thought about YouTube but I’m rather scared of it along with the fact that I think I’m not very funny so the whole thing would be disastrous! It’s something for the future for me I think, not just yet. I’m happy with my blog for now 😀

    I think you’re fantastic on YouTube, glad I discovered you 🙂

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • I’ve just started my channel! I only have four videos up so far but I am loving it! I have yet to experience the negative but I fear this is probably not too far away! I tend not to care what other people think anymore however, so I don’t think I will be too phased when it does happen.

    Lots of great advice here, thank you for the post 🙂

  • I love watching youtube videos and would really like to try it myself and see how I like it. The thing is that I’m swedish so I’m a bit scared of talking english even though I think I’m good at it. I guess I could start with videos without talking and then start to talk when I feel more comfortable with it. At least I got more tempted to try it after reading this post!


    • This happens to me too! I’m Spanish and I actually like to talk in English but only when I’m alone… haha. When I’m trying to communicate with an English speaker, I wonder if they understand me. However, I think it’s good to start talking English in Youtube videos because with you will get better at it 🙂

  • Such a great and useful post Kate 🙂 I have been wanting to start on Youtube for a while now but end up talking myself out of it! Will have to jut give it a go.

    Claire does beauty

  • I make youtube videos for a year and a half (in German) and started a blog some weeks ago. Because I study animation film, I was more familiar with filming, but I enjoy writing too. This weekend I started a new channel with non beauty related videos (in English). There is only one video and I’m not sure weather I should hate it or not, but I know I have to make some and then they will be more like what I want them to be.

    English Channel
    German Beauty Channel


  • Loved reading this post, was so helpful!

    PS. I adore your youtube videos! x

  • I really want to start a Youtube channel soon, so thanks for the tips! I’ve found this really useful :)xo

  • Ah you literally summed me up in the last paragraph! I’ve been wanting to try it forever, and keep recording videos and then deleting them, haha. This is a really useful post, thank you Kate!

  • Thank you very much for those tips. I want to start a YouTube chanel, but I’m afraid of what other people thinks about me or what if I had nothing to show. I just don’t know if I will interest people…

  • This was so helpful. I said I’d start YouTube this summer but I keep wimping out, as after I film and watch them back i just cringeee!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Thanks Kate, great post! I’ve just started my own blog and people keep telling me to create a youtube channel but I’m so scared haha!!
    Ill have a sneaky look at yours though 🙂
    Keep up the great blog
    Anoushka xx

  • Loved this post Kate! So interesting and helpful to hear your thoughts! xxx

  • Thanks so much for posting this, I’ve been thinking about YouTube ever since I started my blog a few weeks ago! Got my HD camera, now just time to shift the nerves and self consciousness!

    Amber xxx

  • I think i’ll start a youtube when my blog is a bit more known 🙂 but thank you for the tips! they were great help!
    Emily xoxox

  • Thanks for this post. I’ve been really eager to start a YouTube channel; It’s not the comments online that puts me off, it’s what people I actually know will think. I may wait until I get a ‘good’ camera and then try it out 🙂

  • I’m looking forward to uploading my first video, and this post had some handy tips for me to think on. I’m still nervous about what others will think of me on my videos to how I come across in my writing, but I’m sure I’ll become more comfortable with it over time. Your videos are my favourites, and always make sure to check your channel when you release new content. x

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  • Aysha

    Great post. I’ve been considered YouTube for a while now and I’ve even filmed a couple of videos, I just don’t have the confidence to post them :/

    Aysha x

  • I have been watching Youtube videos since 2009 (basically when all these beauty/fashion channels started). Since then I have been blogging but making videos has always been in my mind so this summer I decided to start! I have only a couple of videos up but I hope I start gaining more confidence and keep making them 🙂 Thank you for these tips!

    Blog: Fashionably Sparkly
    Youtube channel:

  • Thanks Kate, for putting it up together. Your post tells me everything from being optimistic to how to handle technical glitches. Your post explains everything without being too technical or too pro, this is what beginners want.

    i don’t know if I’d start my own youtube channel but I know where too look for advice and help when I plan to start. Without ignoring the fact that there are other posts too but yours is more genuine.

    Love from India.

  • Michael is really into youtube (watching gamers) & is always telling me I should do it too when he hears me watching you lot. My response is always well why doesn’t he make youtube videos too then?! He says he would… if he buys a PVR to record his game play (yeaaaah right, when’s the next blue moon exactly?)
    The things stopping me aren’t the negativity or trouble editing, I’d probably like editing videos! but the fact I don’t like my own voice (or face very much) and when you start you can’t upload your own picture… I have visions of my first video being me with one eye half closed, mouth gaping. Pretty! Plus I wear glasses, that’s a valid point right? What beauty guru wears glasses?
    As much as I’d like to, there are so many reasons stopping me that I can’t pluck up the courage and ignore them.
    😀 xx

  • This was super useful, Kate! I’ve been watching you for a while, and I love your style of videos. It’s laid back and informative, and I feel like I’m watching a friend 🙂 I started posting videos on my Youtube channel, and it’s safe to say that I’m addicted. Who knew I liked talking by myself in a room to a camera so much? hahaha… I agree, there’s definitely a bit of a time period where you feel weird in the beginning, but then you get over that hump and get addicted to it.

  • Good points.
    I feel that it would be so much better to start off my blog with a few subscribers, which is why I would prefer doing it after my blog is more known.
    I think blogging in a way prepares you for YT.
    Some times here and there I record myself talking about a product.
    Sometimes I even edit it and add my own effects.
    I think doing little stuff like this can also help people become less camera shy.
    I also take notes on how people talk about products for ex:
    – Price
    – Skin Type
    – Packing
    – Texture/Form
    – & Other
    My biggest problem was rambling off about something (I can talk for days).
    But I think you have some amazing points here!
    YT is so negative.. way more negative than blogging.
    Sometimes I wonder how people even do it.
    But it looks like so much fun.
    Anyways, great post!

  • Great post, Kate! I am planning to start my Youtube channel over the next few days and this helped me a lot! 🙂 x

  • Ahhh, Kate this is perfect timing for me! I have recently uploaded my first video and this has just put everything back into perspective for me and kept me grounded, especially regarding negativity. Thank you for this, I’ll be rereading as my YT channel, hopefully, grows a little.

  • Amber Fountain

    This Is about the most timely post ever! I have been contemplating starting a blog and a youtube channel, and this has definitely helped me to start taking steps to start! I think you are super sweet and very REAL. I like that you don’t act fake on your videos, and your one of the few that I never miss a video! Keep up the good work!

  • Really great post! I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a channel for a while now… Thanks for the tips and info! x

    Debbie |

  • Loved this post Kate!! I’ve just started branching out into YouTube from my blog and really appreciate the advice 🙂

  • These are some pretty great tips, Kate! I’m at that point with my youtube career that it’s fun when I film and upload videos, but I’m getting discouraged because I don’t have very good quality and I’m not too comfortable posting videos that I’m not visually pleased with. I’ve been looking to upgrade to a DSLR to improve the photography quality on my blog, which I find updating is more my speed, but I do want to get more involved in youtube because I watch a lot of youtube and being more involved would be a lot of fun!

    I run a beauty blog and think that a good way to grow my audience would be to supplement my content with videos, but I’m just not entirely sure I only want to do makeup videos on my channel. I don’t know if I want to be known as another beauty guru… I also really love geeky things and want to talk about those, too.

    Oh, well. I guess this is one I’m going to have to sort out for myself in time, aren’t I? Thanks for the informative blog post! It’s making me reevaluate my life, haha. I’m going to bookmark this for future reference!

  • I’ve relatively recently started my blog ( and I’ve been thinking about doing videos but just haven’t been very sure whether I should do it or not. This post may be the final kick in the ass I need to start! lol.

  • I’ve just started my own channel (February) and I absolutely love it! I will definitely be taking these tips on board- I use movie maker to edit all my awkward ‘jumps’ aha!

  • Thank you soo much Kate, your blog post inspired me to upload my first video today! Filmed one before but was to scare to upload it to Youtube. No I just thougt: why not?

    I really love your blog ♥

    xxx Jo Betty

  • This is an amazing post! I was thinking about starting a few years ago, but I’m not really sure now

    Seaside Beauty

  • Wow thank you so much for writing such a detailed and heartfelt post. All of this information is so helpful — and I commend you big time for creating a YouTube channel and being brave enough to stand through the negative comments…and positive ones too 🙂 You are amazing at your blog and your videos. Keep up the good work!!

  • I love this post! 🙂

  • I really love this post. I have only just started looking into YouTube and have filmed, edited and uploaded two videos at the weekend with one being a vlog.

    This post ‘spoke’ to me a lot and has helped me understand things better. Thank you.

    Carrie x

  • I love watching your videos, and you are too cute! 🙂

  • Martinha

    Such a cool outfit for a hot summer !!!

    You looks amazing !


  • thank you so much for sharing your tips! so useful considering I started my channel pretty recently and I know plenty of girls want to but dont know where to start! xx. gigi.

  • I really want to get back into youtube! great advice 🙂 xx

  • Amazing post kate! You are very to-the-point which I love. Great advice.

    Charlotte x

  • I’ve just started a channel, and the main thing stopping me was people in my town seeing it and making fun, but then I just stopped caring! haha. Thank you or this post it was really helpful 🙂


    • Katie

      Don’t worry about that, it’s what you feel about your videos that counts. I filmed in my garden yesterday and felt weird but if anyone heard me they’d think I was on the phone 😉

      Katie xo

  • Katie

    Fab post Kate! I started doing youtube before I really got into blogging and I feel much more comfortable for that. Luckily, people have followed me on youtube due to my blog and visa versa. I’ve got nearly 400 subscribers and I’m really proud of that, I’d love to see my channel grow and get better. I put so much time and effort into my videos and I hope that shows. 🙂

    Katie xo

  • I think your advice are really great, we can feel you know what you are talking about. I think this is also the right place to tell you both your blog and youtube channel are really great. 🙂 xx

  • Elle

    So lovely of you to write this, I’ve wanted to start my own channel for like a year but I haven’t because I don’t have an awesome camera and I am scared of people opinions but this has changed my mind! Ps you should really be proud of yourself, I have learnt an astonishing amount about skin care thanks to you !

  • Zeeba

    Just today I was really thinking of starting a channel. It’s always been something I wanted to do and I think you may have just pushed me off the fence with this post.

    Thank you Kate! xoxox

  • Another awesome post!!! I really love your blog and youtube!! I’ve wanted to start videos for months now and even filmed one but didn’t feel confident enough to upload it. Someone above commented that they were scared about people in their town seeing it….I’m terrified!!! I can sometimes care a little bit too much about what other think of me so thats a big thing for me :/

    I’ll just have to get over it and just click post next time….

    Thanks again for such an inspirational post!! 😀

  • Yasmin Browne

    Great tips and post! – Ive just started a blog and thinking of starting a Youtube Channel – thanks for the advice.

    Im loving your blog 🙂

    Check mine