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6 July, 2013

We finally got our kitty yesterday, after months of waiting! We had been looking to get a kitty for a few weeks when my brother, Sam told us his cat was pregnant. So we waited out the pregnancy and then another eight weeks while she grew up and we finally have her – we named her Mouse which is just too adorable and she’s so lovely. I was expecting her to be a little bit frightened and hissing but my nephew Owen – certified cat lover (my favourite picture ever) – has obviously been very gentle with her as she’s incredibly trusting and loving. I’m so happy to have a little kitty back in my life as I am an extreme cat lady! I’m not sorry for the amount of Instagram pictures to come…

I had a little rearrange of the bedroom recently, I much prefer how it is now and it seems to work better. I think I’m going to get a dressing table, perhaps that IKEA Hemnes one that everyone and their dog has – but what can you do! I love how simple IKEA is, I’m not really one for OTT designs or paying a lot of money for things at the moment. I’ll probably have a shop round but the Hemnes is really lovely and I haven’t seen anything else I like. It means I’ll have to scale down my makeup stash, too!

I apologise for this hella big selfie but I’m really feeling my hair at the moment. A lot of you guys have been thinking about getting a short fringe lately and asking me my thoughts – I think I’ll probably do a full post on this as it might be helpful! I really love my short fringe and I think it’s perfect for me, I probably wouldn’t go back to a longer one as I hate my fringe being anywhere near my eyes – that, and I don’t think it suits me. A shorter fringe looks thicker on me and it means I can get it cut once quite short and enjoy it growing out, knowing I won’t have to have it trimmed again for a while (it get expensive when your hair grows at rapid rates like mine!). My only advice would be to get it cut kind of messy and not blunt!

I had the best slap up meal at Jamie’s last night as my parents are visiting for the weekend, I went in thinking I wasn’t that hungry and managed three courses and more! What a trooper, right? We’re heading out for dinner again tonight, does anyone have any Glasgow recommendations?

Also on my hitlist this weekend has to be this post on Nouvelle on the beauty launches coming this week. We also have a giveaway on the ND Instagram if you fancy the chance to win a treat from Elemental Herbology. Just follow and like this picture to enter!

I’m also loving a few new blogs this week – including Lucy’s blog, despite not really reading beauty blogs anymore (there’s only so much you can take when you run two already!) but Luce has some amazing content and great taste – plus she’s such a cutie!
I’m more of a lifestyle kinda gal and I have to say Jazzmine’s blog is one of my favourites for her mix of life and fashion – isn’t she a beauty? Give me that figure.

What have you been loving lately?

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  • anonymouskelly

    Cafe Andaluz is my favourite place to eat in Glasgow :0) so pleased for you about Mouse! She is adorable!

  • Holl JC

    Your room looks lovely Kate! And mouse is adorable! So so cute! xxx

  • Caroline

    Love your room decor, and Ikea is the place to go!!! Love your fringe, I’d love to get a fringe too but I’m so unsure. xx

  • Maddy Cane

    She is so cute, I am very very jealous! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  • Kristin

    Your kitty is so beautiful and adorable! <3

  • helena881

    I love your bedding and your drink looks so yummy

    Seaside Beauty

  • Martyna

    your cat is so adorable! :)


  • Rachel

    Mouse is cute! You are so lucky to have stunning eyebrows which I think you have to have to carry off a short fringe as the attention is kind of drawn to them. I have had fringes, grown them out, put back in etc etc, but looking at yours I am so tempted to try.

  • Pip

    She’s so adorable! And Mouse is such a cute name too hehe :) I have the same bedding as you!


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  • jonna

    The length of the fringe you have now suits you perfectly xx

  • Joanne

    That kitten is so cute! I also am in adoration with your fringe. I am trying to get the courage to get mine cut but I’m scared it will look bad, but seeing that has made me really want to get it again

  • spoony025

    The cutest cat… ever, quite possibly (just don’t let mine know I said that!)

    I love having short bangs, I can’t stand stray hair everywhere either. They look great on you!

  • Avy

    Adorable <3

  • Lillian

    Your cat is to-die-for adorable! I am also a fan of Luce’s blog…and, of course, yours.
    xo Lillian

  • Josie

    Aw enjoy your new kitten! Hope she doesn’t scratch too much furniture and all that haha xxx

  • Fat and fab (@fab_fat)

    Im sorry but I have to say this: kittens have to be 12 weeks before you should adopt it. I know USA have this idea that 6-8 is fine, but it isnt (and I have little faith in a country that allows declawing). You risk problem behavior such as chewing on plastic and wool, troubles becomming litter trained and other behaviors normally associated with rescue cats.

    I myself was lied to and recieved a kitten who was not 12 weeks but rather 8 or 9. Luckily I reconized her behavior from rescue kittens and was able to act upon them. However she is still a nervous cat who does not like noise or even guests. She becomes nervous and will pee outside the litter box and hide for long hours under the couch.

    If you want a healthy, happy and wellrounded pet, take it back to your brothers ASAP and wait that exstra month

    • Kate

      This isn’t actually true in most cases as the mother pushes the kittens away when they’re weaned. I’ve had kittens earlier and they’ve been fine, I’ve had cats all my life. Cats who have had kittens, too.
      I really wouldn’t worry about it and perhaps let me enjoy something that I’m happy about.

  • Annabel

    I think I *may* have been a tad excited for the arrival of Mouse! Could you tell? 😉 I think I played it cool …

    • Kate

      Hahahhaa I did get that impression! X

  • Celina

    Mouse is so adorable! I can’t wait to see more of Mouse in the future! :)

    Celina | The Celution

  • Alanna

    I love your room and Mouse is so cute. Makes me miss my cat :(.

  • Emily

    Tbh, as cliché and cheesy as it might be, I’ve been loving blogging haha. But aw your kitty is darling! I had to give up my cat when our family moved over to Vietnam from Australia :( she was a burmilla named Lucy. I’m definitely a cat person also! Your bedroom looks great, as does your hair! And your eyes are gorgeous!
    Emily xo

  • Fanny

    Your kitten is the cuttest!
    I love your makeup on the pic, very natural.

  • Amy

    Mouse is adorable Kate :) I still wish my Ollie was that small sometimes, he had big baby blue eyes 😀

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Chelsey

    Such a cute kitten and what a cute name! Making me want a kitten so so much. Looking forward to seeing plenty of snaps! xo

    • Kate

      You should definitely get one – if you get them around 8 weeks they are SO cuddly and loving. Mouse is literally the cutest little thing in the word, a cat will make you so happy! x

  • vet

    No kitten should be taken away from their mother before week 12.
    -Vet student

    • Kate

      The operative word here being “student” and not “owner”. Let’s just concentrate on our own lives, shall we?

      • vet

        You’re putting yourself out there, so it’s not so strange if I reply on a topic…

        Please read up on it.

  • Catherine

    Oh my word… Mouse is so so adorable! Looking forward to more cute snaps! x

  • JoBettyB

    your little kitten is adorable ♥ And I love your bedroom!

    xxx Jo Betty

  • Lauren

    Oh my how cute is Mouse! Don’t you wish they stayed babies forever!


  • petitedelilah

    Mouse is adorable! She reminds me of the cat I grew up with. I miss her so much!

  • Fiona

    aww mouse is so cute and I love the name too! I am also a fan of short fringes, I think it does depend on your face shape but yours definitely suits you :)

  • Deirdré Strydom

    I have to say this but I got my cat at 3 weeks old from an animal shelter and they told us it was 8 weeks old. Kittens only have behavioral problems when their owners don’t treat them properly or don’t give them enough attention. I have had 23 cats in my life and I’m only 19. All my cats have given birth to kittens and the mothers have weaned their kittens off by 6 weeks old and allowed their kittens to fend for themselves. We have given most of the kittens away at 8 weeks to friends and each time we see the kittens we’ve given away at 8 weeks to friends and each time we see the kittens we’ve given away; they are loving, happy and healthy cats that love their home. Its the owners responsibility to care for them and make them feel happy and loved. My point is that it doesn’t matter what age you get a kitten; if you love them and care for them they will be fine and happy. By the way Kate my cats name is Mouse too :) and thats the one we adopted from an animal shelter at 3 weeks and hes a happy, healthy, loving and beautiful cat of 4 with no problems and is the proud “father” of a one and a half year old Chow puppy :) I hope you enjoy and look after Mouse :) xxx

    • vet

      You have no animal behavior academic education. I have.
      To have had lots of cats is not the same thing as having a diploma in the subject.

      Seems to me you like to twist facts, so it better suits your needs.

  • Tasha

    Mouse is so cute! Every time I see a photo of her on instagram I nudge my boyfriend to show him, haha. Even he agrees that she’s really cute x

  • Diana Siuta

    Aw I remember when I got my first cat! Found him meowing in my bushes after Hurricane Irene. Poor thing had been electrocuted! Good luck with Mouse! Adorable.

  • Katie

    I loveMouse! What a cutie, I love love kittens they’re so adorable. Sadly they have to grow bigger lol

    Katie xo

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