Beauty Spotlight: Faux A (Subtle) Glow.


I recently took a long hard look at myself and realised I looked so very pasty, I’m usually fine with being rather fair but recently I had to admit that I looked almost grey and quite ill. Something had to be done.

Whenever I need a small amount of colour, in comes the Palmer’s Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, one of my favourite tanners that works so much better than the likes of Xen-Tan as you really can’t mess this up, it never streaks and it moisturises your dry patches so you never need to worry about that. This gives me a really nice bronze colour from one application, but you can build it up by using it every few days. It fades evenly too, so no more odd orange patches! I usually ensure it lasts longer by using a good moisturiser, at the moment the Dr Hauschka Almond Body Moisturiser tops my list, it’s a lightweight, subtly-scented moisturiser that sinks in to my skin quickly and leaves it feeling so soft. The day before tanning, I’ll exfoliate and use a moisturiser, too. I wouldn’t recommend using this pre-tanning (on the day) as it will contain oils that will interrupt your tan.

Although the Palmers tanner can be applied on the face, you may find that you don’t like putting body products on your face (yep) or your face may take up more colour than your body so you want to use something specific. If you don’t care about the former, mix the lotion in with a bit of your normal facial moisturiser for an even colour that matches the rest of you. I like to use the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning, it’s specially formulated to give the face and neck a healthy glow without changing your colour too much. I apply this after moisturiser day and night with a cotton pad, your glow usually develops around a few hours later but it’s very subtle (for me, anyway) so a few applications may be needed. If you’re worried about tanning your face, this is your best bet.

Another product I love using for my face is another Clarins beaut, this time the Instant Smooth Self Tanning – the tanning version of the much love Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. You use it like a primer and it not only smoothes over skin, it also gives skin a really subtle glow and a bit of instant caramel colour. Again, very good for pale, pale girls and more tanned girls alike. This is a really great product and I love how healthy and glowing I look after use. I usually apply the two facial tanners alternatively to keep up my colour and build up the colour over a few days.

What are your products for a bit of a sunkissed glow?

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  • Oleta

    Oo I really want to try that Palmer’s gradual tanner! I’ve always stuck to St Tropez for my false tan but I’m going off it recently as it tends to cling to any dry patches! xx

  • Sophie Davies

    This is such a great post, I’ve been noticing how pasty I’ve been looking lately, and as much as I love a spray tan, I can’t deal with the patchiness that comes with it fading. Great blog.

  • ebatey1

    I love the palmers tanner! I’ve only recently bought it and have defo been converted from my usual gradual tanner!


  • Aurora Ammy

    Definitely need to get my hands on those Clarins tanning products! I have the normal Instant Smooth but I’d like a health tanned glow for Spring! XO

  • Tabitha at

    I’ve been loving St Moriz and managed to keep up with my New Years Resolution of maintaining a tan all year (so far). Only trouble is that now it’s (finally) getting sunnier, I feel that the tan I’ve developed so far isn’t dark enough!

    I’ve also just got my hands on the Clarins Instant Smooth. A lot of people said about the fake tan smell it gives off, but I personally like that! Reminds me of summer x

  • Maddy Cane

    Really want to try the Clarins face tanner, looks like it gives a lovely glowing look! xxx

  • teacakeandmake

    I’ve said this before but I need to say it again to share the love (and remind myself to go and buy some at lunch tomorrow) for Palmers gradual tanner.. so good!!

  • Amy Keeling

    I picked up the Palmers tanning moisturiser after seeing it on here and another blog, I’m really impressed with it 🙂 just the one application is enough for me I think but I will keep using it as it fades.

    Thank you very much 🙂

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • I’m totally intrigued by the Clarins Liquid Self Tanner…I just read a Top Shelf post from Into the Gloss about Virginie Courtin-Clarins and she uses this (of course). I have a girl crush on all of the Clarins ladies, so I’ll buy anything that will make me look like them. Just kidding. Not really.

    • Hahahaaa! I will never understand how they all turned out so perfect x

  • aina yao

    because of you i purchased the palmers lotion just yesterday after watching your vid ^.^

  • Rebecca Day

    I feel like I must be the only person ever to not self tan! On other people I think it looks great, but on me I just feel awkward.


    • I probably don’t look tanned to people but it makes all the difference to me, I seem to look a little more toned and healthy x

  • Tasha Steel

    I like using St. Tropez Gradual Tan, but that bottle has been standing on my dressing table for a while now…. so it may be time to get a new one and I may have to try the Palmers one! Does it have the same cocoa butter smell as the body lotion?

  • Vicky

    I think I will be trying the palmers tan too? Is it better than the garnier one? It gave me a horrible itchy rash 🙁

  • Emma

    Wish I was brave enough to try tanning, I may do so with your words of wisdom kate!

  • Shirin

    I’ve just started using the Clairns facial tanner because I think you mentioned it in a post a few days ago. I’m wearing it in preparation for my brother’s wedding and it took a little getting used to because I wore it to sleep and when I woke up the change was a little too noticeable. I used a wet, warm sponge with Cetaphil to wash and polish my skin so that any extra came off and ended up with an even glow which lasted a few days (I have high skin cell turn over, so it might last others a week or two). Been applying it every few days since then and really happy with the result! I have olive skin so it gives me the glow I’d normally get after a few days at the beach in the sun

  • Aimee

    Like you Kate, I am very fair! It’s so hard to find self tanners which won’t leave orange streaks everywhere. Really enjoyed reading today’s post, and I will definitely be trying the Clarins instant smooth product.

  • I’d love to try palmers’ gradual tanner, Can I just ask, how does it work on hands? I’m usually very cautious with tanning my hands and wet wipe my palms and nails afterwards anyway. But I’m curious to know how the palmers one works, as Ive had a bit of trouble with graduals in the hand department before! xx

  • Amysbeautyjournal

    FAB post! I’ve got my eye on the Clarins instant smooth tanning cream! x especially for my paler than pale skin!

    Amy |

  • Ooh I might have to try the Palmers one, I’m looking very pasty at the moment, dying for tanned legs! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • Pippa Jones

    I love a good tan this time of the year, and the clarins seem like a good shout!

    Pipp xx

  • Jamie-Leigh

    The Palmers one looks really good, I might have to try that one.

    ~ Jamie-Leigh

  • Kyra Crisp

    Kate! I just bought the clarins liquid bronze because of you 🙂 I also just started a YT channel because you inspired me 🙂 xx, hope you’re doing well.