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Living With A Fringe.

I’ve had a fringe before, one a few years ago (it was blunt, thick and I hated it) and again last year (middle parting bangs that I just couldn’t get to sit right, ever) but nothing has suited me like my current hair style.

I first got my fringe cut last December, I had been thinking about it for some time and I asked on Twitter/Instagram and the replies were split in the middle. I’m rather impulsive so one day I just got up and went to the hairdressers, my first time getting my hair cut in Glasgow (at Claire Frances near Charing Cross) which sounds rather brave. The girl who cut my hair did the rest of my hair first and just as she was finishing she pulled forward my hair and snipped me a fringe! That was over three months ago and although I’ve had it at many lengths, it’s here to stay this time.
A lot of girls ask me what I asked for when I got my hair cut, I usually ask for it all one length (they always add one layer near the bottom to make it lighter, I’m okay with this) but I literally asked for “a fringe”. I liked my fringe because it was a little longer than most (I’ve cut it now but more on that in a minute) and it wasn’t blunt or too heavy and thick – I think this is what set it apart from the other fringes I’ve had.

I trimΒ my fringe myself, I’m pretty good with these things and I don’t like my fringe looking perfect, I like the messy choppy finish I achieve myself. Up until today, my fringe came down past my brows but today I decided to channel my new crush, Rooney Mara, and trim it much shorter than usual. I wish I had done this sooner and I’m tempted to go a little shorter actually, it looks slightly thicker when it’s short like this. I wouldn’t recommend cutting your fringe yourself unless you know a thing or two about this, but typically I use my hairdressing scissors (pictured) and pull my fringe out, making small even cuts until I’m happy with the length and it looks even when it’s down. Then I cut into it at an angle to create the choppy finish.

My fringe can get oilier than usual, I used to wash my hair every second day pre-bangs but now I wash it most days. I just prefer this and my hair looks nicer, but I can get two days out of it if I want. Usually I’ll spray dry shampoo or Oribe Dry Texturising Spray underneath and massage it in to give it some hold and make it look fresher for longer. If you do find your finge gets greasy quickly, definitely invest in a dry shampoo (I like the Timotei one) and perhaps a shampoo for oily hair to use once or twice a week. My fringe doesn’t get that bad at all, but it might be worse come Summer – I usually spray dry shampoo on my freshly washed hair and this helps a lot.Β 

My hair grows pretty quickly so I do trim my fringe often. If I’m having a lazy day I usually clip it back to one side which keeps it out of the way. I can’t imagine myself growing it out any time soon, but I can’t imagine it being too bad if I did – usually I let my fringe grow down to my eyes before cutting it (out of sheer laziness) so I’m forced to wear it in a middle parting and I actually really like it like this, so if I was to grow it out, I would wear it like this or with a side parting and my fringe clipped to one side. I don’t see it as a big problem.

If you’re considering getting a fringe, opt for something different yet something that suits you – even if you’ve had a fringe before and, like me, weren’t a fan there’s still a chance you could get it cut slightly different and absolutely love it. Ask your hairdresser about your face shape and what s/he reckons would work for you, research celebrities with fringes and think about what would work for you. Before I cut my fringe, I would be told often that I looked like Emily Blunt but now with my fringe, I’m always getting Zooey Deschanel – both lovely ladies but it’s amazing how much a haircut can change how you look and feel about yourself.

Don’t fear a fringe, they’re a cute and quirky way to update your style.

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  • Selma

    Could you please do a yt video how you trim your fringe? I have fringe too, and going to hairdresser every 3 weeks is rather annoying!

  • I go back and forth trying to decide whether to have a fringe. I’m growing my hair out and it’s in a weird bob stage at the moment.
    I wanted to ask as well, what studio lights you would recommend on a budget? Thanks

  • Ada

    I’ve had – and loved a fringe before – but that was when I was getting my hair permanently straightened. Now that I’ve let the thick long curls grow out it wouldn’t work. The fringe looks wonderful on you girl!

  • Sugar Spun Sisters

    Ahh I grew my fringe out a few years ago but have been tempted to get a longer one put back in recently out of sheer boredom. Oh god, decisions! πŸ™

    Eve xxx

  • Maddy Cane

    I love your fringe, it suits you so much but I don’t think I would be brave enough to get one! xxx

  • Annette Brennan

    I have a fringe for about two years now, it was the best decision I ever made! Suits me way better than any other hairstyle I’ve ever had (I have a funny hairline.) Mine’s quite thick and I have it cut straight, above my eyebrows. I love fringes that are shorter than eyebrows, I feel I look strange without mine! Great post πŸ™‚

  • Marie

    Your fringe looks great, unfortunately I can’t wear one because of a crown right there… Do you dye your hair or is that your natural colour?

  • I was going to grow my fringe out but I can never be bothered with the ‘growing out’ stage – it’s just too frustrating! I trimmed it back in a couple of days ago and I’m pretty happy with it! xxx

  • molly

    Oh my god! You do look like Emily Blunt. I don’t see Zooey though. This has made me want a fringe πŸ™

  • I’m exactly the same, had a fringe before and didn’t like it, got another one cut in at the end of last year and I luuuuurve it. I think the reason it suits me better now is because the rest of my hair is longer – a fringe with a bob didn’t suit me but with hair past my shoulders it does! P.S. You are the first person I’ve liked with a short fringe, check you out! <3

  • Amy Chapman

    You look adorable! In a good way! I love it πŸ™‚

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog β™₯

  • Ah I miss having a fringe. Acne prone skin and a thick fringe was not the best combo for me πŸ™‚

  • I had a fringe for the longest time! im so glad i got it all cut off haha

    you look amazing though i like you with a fringe xx

  • Emily

    I love your fringe! I am a big fringe fan – I’ve had mine for nigh on five years and I’m still not bored. May I ask which lipstick you’re wearing? It’s beautiful!

    Emily Wears Things

  • oleta

    I love a full fringe on other people just not on me! I don’t suit any sort of fringe really xx

  • Alittlebitunique

    I love your fringe, your lipstick is lovely too

    A little bit Unique – Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  • sally

    Wow this sounds so similar to my situation. I had a blunt full fringe and although I liked it, it was such a pain to maintain and would look awful after a couple hours into the day. Recently I went back to the full fringe (after a while with nothing) and have got it a lot lighter and messier and I love it!

    Messier fringes are so much easier as they look intentional as opposed to a blunt neat fringe which when messy just looks messy!!

  • Getting a fringe cut in is the best hair decision I’ve ever made! I now have a 50s style fringe that’s higher at the sides and I love it. x

  • I’ve always had a fringe (side fringe, full fringe, middle parting…) just because I feel as though they suit me and can finish off any hairstyle. They’re just so difficult to maintain! β™₯ Sometimes I hate going to the hairdressers… Small talk can be so awkward with mine. Haha.

  • Rocio

    I really love your make-up in this picture, specially your lipstick! And your fringe looks lovely. x

  • Laura Galve

    It looks lovely, Kate!:) x

  • Olivia Law

    Sometimes I miss my fringe… Then I remember how lazy I am then I feel better! xo

  • sam

    you are so right, i used to hate mine sometimes if it was cut badly. i also trim mine myself. had bangs (fringe) since i could grow hair πŸ™‚

  • natalie

    After trying to grow my fringe out for months I got bored with the awkward length that looked even more awkward when I got my glasses so I just went and cut them again but they’re too thick which is by far the worst thing that can happen with a fringe and I have a feeling it will be such a paint for that to grow out.

    but having a fringe does make everything look more put together.

  • Dejhana Waite

    I don’t think I could pull this off but it looks great on you!

  • Alice

    I would LOVE a fringe, but I am special and have TWO cowslicks- making it near to impossible to have one that would sit right! Sad sad times, yours looks so cute! x

  • Chloe Robinson

    I wish I was brave enough to try a fringe but I really don’t think it would suit me at all! Love your one though it looks very chic πŸ™‚

  • Miranda H H

    Wow you look so good with fringe! I really want to very hair cut.with fringe but I’m scared it won’t suit me, but I think I’ll just go for it and since spring break is coming up so I have time to experiment.

  • kasey peggy

    You’re so brave for getting a fringe cut! It really suits you!
    Lots of love from Toronto

  • Anna OffTheBandwagon

    I like the shorter length…very complimentary for your face and really bring out your eyes πŸ™‚

    Anna xo

  • I love it Kate! Fringe fits you so well. I’m not that lucky… I would like to have one (ever since I’m following you I’ve been thinking about it) but it just doesn’t go with my face πŸ™ Anyways, keep the fringe! So sooo good on you! xx

  • Kim

    Love the pointer lol debating a fringe myself

  • Allie T.

    Kate, this new fringe cut looks amazing on you!!

  • Kaney

    Omg, this is the best look I’ve seen on you! Short fringe suits you so much, I am jealous! It frames your face so nicely and your eyes look stunning! You can definitely pull off short fringe!

  • jenny

    This is so pretty really suites your face shape I have a side fringe and feel its the best for me but its always good to try new things πŸ˜‰ x β™₯

  • I’m growing out my Rooney Mara type fringe at the mo and I’m not sure if I like it or not, I can do a lot more with it but I’m not sure if it suits me, I’ve always had a fringe of some sort! You do look like a cross between Zooey Deschanel and Emily Blunt, they’re two of my faves, Zooey’s hair is incredible! Oh and I love you with a fringe xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • Holly-Lucy Pratt

    So cute! xx