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How To: Bright, Awake Eyes.

I often get complimented on my peepers, I was lucky enough to get the Johnson blue eyes from my Dads side of the family, but nonetheless there are a few beauty tips and tricks I do to make sure my eyes are the main point of my makeup.

I’m not one for heavy eye makeup, I think with my colouring and features it can be too harsh and make my eyes look smaller than they are. Occasionally I’ll wear a bit of winged liner or a dark smokey eyeshadow but mainly I stick to neutrals and work on making my lashes look curled and voluminous. To start my bright eyes mission, I gently pat on a little bit of concealer around my under-eye along the orbital bone and down in to a sort of point about half an inch under my eyes, I usually use the By Terry Touché Veloutee concealer as it’s very light but completely camouflages bags without looking dry and sinking in to the creases. I really recommend this but for a budget concealer, try the L’Oreal Touche Magique concealer in two shades lighter than your foundation.

After concealer, I’ll fix up my brows as shaped brows pull your whole look together and shape your face – I use the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Granite for this, it’s easy to get the hang of and it shapes, defines and tints your brows in one. I find that this gives me that nice combed brow that models always seem to have. I try and keep my eyebrows as natural as possible, just keeping the unruly hairs in place and adding a bit of colour.

Next up, I move back to my eyes and curl my lashes with the only curlers I recommend, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers. These really are amazing at lifting, curling and holding the lashes in place, curled lashes always make you look so awake and really open your eyes. Afterwards I use a “daytime” mascara as I like to call ’em – the ones that separate the lashes and give a more natural look, rather than heavily defined. There are some mascaras that were just made for giving you lift without looking smudged, and L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic is one of them. I wouldn’t wear this for a night out or a special occasion but for looking bright eyed, it’s a must.

Lastly, I dot on a little of Benefit’s Eye Bright, a powder highlighter in pencil form (you heard) that is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and also the brow bone. I swear by this, it makes all the difference.

What are your tips for that “I’ve had 8 hours sleep” look?

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  • Anna Blush

    Your eyes always look so gorgeous- I’m glad you’ve shared your secrets! I really want to try the By Terry concealer, it sounds lovely

  • Oleta Eilis

    Definitely needed this blog post this morning!

    Oleta 🙂

  • Kelli

    Definitely need all of these right away. Not getting enough sleep lately and I’m starting to look a bit dead.

  • Amie Haffenden

    I used to use the Benefit Eye Bright, but then I lost it! Was such a nice product 🙂 xx

  • whats on your tulips

    Thank you for the tips I have some of the products so will try them out in the way you suggested. x

  • I really need to try that by terry concealer, I thought it was a bit like the touché éclat and didn’t have much coverage, but now I know it does I’ll definitely be trying it out! I can’t do really dark smokey shadows either because it makes my eyes look really weird, definitely something to do with blue eyes, dark hair and porcelain skin haha! My tip for wide awake eyes would be never to line your bottom lash line without also lining your upper lash line, you should never do the bottom one by itself because that’s what closes your eyes up, and for the most wide awake eyes only line the upper lash line 🙂
    Eleanor x

  • Amy Chapman

    The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers have been on my wishlist for over a year now, waaaahhh.

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  • Caroline McM

    great descriptive post, I now want to try the telescopic mascara, I’ve heard good reports about it. Following you. x

  • Charlotte Hoedemakers

    I don’t own an eyelash curler, which is a disgrace because I know they are an essential for that bright eyed look. Need to invest! I really want to try that By Terry concealer too, read so much about it.

  • Alice

    I really love the way you photograph products one your blog, its so pretty 🙂 Dp you just edit your photos on photoshop? xx

  • sof

    Great tips Kate!! i also use everyday the anastasia brow gel in granite and its just so simple and easy but gives great results!!

  • Lucy Loves To Blog

    Love this post, I love the bright eyes look. The benefit Eye Bright sounds really good xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • Casey

    I understand not wanting to overdo your eye make up. I have big brown eyes, and I don’t like wearing too much eye make up because they stand out enough without it. I think people with smaller or cat shaped eyes pull off dramatic looks.

  • I always made do with cheaper eyelash curlers until I picked up the Shu Uemura one – amazing!

  • Maddy Cane

    You always have amazing eyes so I am definitely going to try these tips! xxx

  • Procrast1nato2

    Have you tried Touche Eclat? How does that one compare to Touche Veloutee?

  • Amber Dryden

    I swear, you an I have exactly the same taste in makeup! It feels like I wrote this myself. Whenever you post products, I feel like I need to run out and buy them immediately… Now it’s the Benefite Eye Bright!

  • Millie

    Great tips! I love the L’Oreal telescopic mascara, it’s amazing! 🙂 ♥

  • Mel

    I am forever in pursuit of brighter eyes, my dark circles and puffiness are terrible and now I’ve started to get lines too 🙁 Itching to try the By Terry Touche Veloutee, but can’t splurge at the mo, so it’s good to know there’s a cheaper alternative.
    Mel x

  • rebeccalouiseee

    Would love to see a video of applying Benefit eye bright, I have it and just can’t seem to figure it out! 🙂

    • Shall do 🙂 I usually just dot it on the inner corners of my eye and then smudge it in a bit if that helps x

  • Olivia Law

    THANK YOU for this post! Absolute lifesaver, late night working is not doing me any favours! xo

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Definitely want to try the Loreal Touche Magique concealer, loved the post Kate!

    A little bit Unique


  • Jo

    Great tips. I definitely need to try some of these out. xx

  • Hollie Galvin

    I want to try the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Granite to keep my brows in place. Your eyes always look awake and bright, not to mention how pretty the colour is!

  • Stephanie

    Kate your posts are always so original! Fantastic reads!

    February Favourites, Top 5 Blue Nail Polishes, Weekly Wants, Pictures from Paris, Biscotti Recipe, Stila Smudge Pot and more over at

    I’d love to see you over there!

  • camille

    This is so what I need atm! my eyes always look so tired!

  • Gladys

    Beautiful review!

  • Lisa Gadd

    Great tips, I really want to try the Anastasia Tinted Brow gel….where can you buy it in the UK?

  • i love benefit eye bright! 🙂

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