Origins A Perfect World Moisturiser.


IMG_0208Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturiser – £33 *

I’m forever searching for the perfect day moisturiser – something that is light but nourishing and hydrating and doesn’t feel heavy or tacky on my skin. I always like to spend a bit of time applying moisturiser in the morning, it helps to give me a bit of a glow and I find my makeup applies easier, but sometimes moisturisers can peel a little if you use too much. Overall, I’m pretty hard to please and there’s been few (okay, zero…) moisturisers that have left me wanting to repurchase.

I was given this as a gift at an event and I’ve spent a while trialling it and really getting my thoughts on it, they say that moisturiser should be the one thing you use – you can skip out on expensive serums, masks and treatments but you really must use a moisturiser. What lets this particular moisturiser down is the lack of SPF, although I see Origins do another version of this product with a SPF25 in it, so I would recommend getting that if you were to pick one up. I try and use another base product that contains SPF if I use this.
A Perfect World aims to hydrate the skin and protect it by optimising the skins moisture barriers. I found this to be quite greasy at first, it’s rather rich and can take some time to absorb in. I wasn’t keen so I stopped using it and went back to a more trusty product, but after running out of that I came back to A Perfect World and gave it another chance. After using (considerably) less and spending a few seconds applying it and blending it in, my skin had a healthy natural glow without looking oily.

I would say that this is ideal for the colder months as it’s really moisturising and a little more rich than most moisturisers I’ve tried. It’s probably not ideal for Summer but for more oily/combination types who do still need a boost of moisture in winter, I’d recommend this. It’s my “go to” moisturiser for mornings after I’ve used a treatment that’s taken a lot out of my skin but I am still looking for something that’s less rich than this. Send your recommendations this way!

What do you think of A Perfect World?

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  • Sarah

    I’ve been researching Origins moisturisers lately and saw this one. I do believe they market this product towards dry skin types, where as the other version with the spf is marketed towards combination skin. I’m still insterested in this, but agree that I would most likely get the other version is I decided upon it.

  • Elly

    I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel for my day moisturiser and paired with Hydraluron I find it gives a smooth, matte base for my makeup, and isn’t sticky at all. I’ve wanted to try something from Origins for a while and this sounds like something I could try for a night moisturiser.

  • Sarah

    I bought this in the summer and I have to admit I absolutely hated it when I first used it, my skin was oilier and as you said, it’s so heavy and rich! I prefer using it in the winter months but when it gets to summer again I’ll probably buy something different xx

  • Celene

    I really want to try this moisturiser as my skins got a quite dry recently. Its a pity it doesnt have SPF though!xx

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  • Kate

    Hi, Kate! I would suggest REN’s vita-mineral radiant day cream. It is really lovely and moisturizing but not at all too heavy on my combination skin… Plus we know you love radiance:)

  • Rachel

    ooh like the look of this! x

  • Maddy Cane

    I really want to try some Origins products as everyone always raves about them! xx

  • Laura

    It’s cheap and cheerful but for me, nothing else works better than Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream. It’s so light but so hydrating, it sinks in really quickly and smells gorgeous. I use the Intense version too when I want something a bit richer. Both are about £6-ish but they are a great budget buy!

  • Gerry

    I love reading/watching your video because we have very similar taste when it come to skin and base (that bright, luminous ethereal look). My favourite lightweight brightening moisturizer is currently the Skin79 White Reviving Moisturizing Cream, it really does leave your skin with a beautiful glow but doesn’t burden your skin. It’s also mineral-oil free, pigment-free and paraben-free I believe. I reviewed it on my blog with more details if you’re interested…and I also just bought a new jar along with their serum. Seriously in love.


  • Charlotte

    As much as I wanted to love this, it just didn’t work for me 🙁 even if I applied only the smallest amount, my skin felt too greasy and it just wouldn’t absorb so my make up would slide all over my face! It also broke me out 🙁 the smell is so so lovely though! Really good review 🙂


  • The Procrastinator

    I have no idea why I’ve got such a hang-up about buying moisturizer, but I’m running dangerously low and will actually need to purchase one soon. I will definitely be looking into this one!

  • Paris

    Hey Kate,

    Oh I definately want to try this moisturiser! I completely agree with you about trying to find a nice balance between hydrating and overly greasy. Origins is such a good brand though.
    At the moment I’m alternating between two that I really like. One is a normal cream moisturiser and the other is a gel cream.
    The normal one is the Ren T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid – Combination skin. It’s lightly fragranced which doesn’t annoy my skin. I only use a pump each use which I find is enough to make my skin smooth and supple. I think anymore than a pump would make my skin excessively greasy.
    The gel cream is the Avon Aqua Youth Gel cream which is very light on my skin. I use about a 5 cent piece which sinks in within seconds.
    I still can’t decide which one I like better. I know you can get REN samples in store but as Avon is catalog based, maybe call and ask?

    I love your reviews and videos!
    Please keep them coming 🙂

    Paris x

  • Nicole 9

    I used to use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre which I found to be delightful, but it’s just a bit expensive for a tube that doesn’t last very long. Being a student, I need to conserve my money. So I picked up St. Ive’s Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer. It was only $3.50 and I love it!

  • Millie

    This looks like a great product! I will definitely be trying this as Origins are amazing! 🙂 ♥

  • Kelli

    Hm. I’ve been wondering about this moisturizer for evening, as I prefer a moisturizer with SPF during the day, but if I’m going to use something greasy I’d rather just go for my trusty coconut oil. It’s cheaper, smells good, & always works.

  • Hannah Cagney & Lace

    I absolutely adore the Perfect Balance moisturiser from Elemental Herbology – I find it hydrates my combination skin perfectly and has even made my skin more normal, my dry patches are no longer dry and my oiler patches are much less noticeable. It’s definitely my desert island product!


  • Trinawears

    I thought a perfect world was very greasy, even when I used less. I trust your judgement though, which makes me want to go back and give it another try. I’ve been using origins night-a-mins at night and sephora’s instant moisturizer for daytime and its amazing on my combination skin!

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