Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance Moisturiser.

Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance Moisturiser – £40

Finding a decent day moisturiser is always a mission for me, I’m not sure if I’m just picky or my skin is awkward but I’ve never really found a plain ol’ moisturiser that I can apply in the mornings. After some amount of hunting, I think I’ve found myself a winner.

I was drawn to Elemental Herbology’s Perfect Balance moisturiser as I adore their Bio-Cellular cleanser – in fact I’ve just used this all up and I’m planning on repurchasing! So after trying a few of their products and loving every one of them, I knew it was time to invest in their moisturiser. This moisturiser aims to balance oily and combination skin types, although I don’t have particularly oily skin I do like a moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not greasy and tacky. I love this as it’s so lightweight and quick to absorb in and by the time I’ve selected my primer for the day, my face is dry and I don’t have that sticky feeling that leaves my makeup sliding off halfway through the day.

You’re meant to press this in to skin rather than massaging but I like the way massaging makes my skin glow so I still quickly rub it in. I think because this is oil-free, you don’t get the moisturiser balling up and falling off like some do (don’t tell me I’m the only one this happens to?!). On top of that, the formula has some great anti-oxidising properties that means your pores are left purified, too. This alone was a selling point for me.

Overall, I think I’ve found myself a pretty darn good moisturiser. I am aware that I’m pretty fussy when it comes to these things but I find it so hard to find something that regulates oil, doesn’t leave a tacky feeling on your skin or ball up when you apply it.
What do you think of Elemental Herbology?

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26 February, 2013
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  • Anna Blush

    This sounds great! I’m on the hunt for a nice day moisturiser too so might have to check this one out. Thanks for the review!

  • I’m in the market for a new day moisturiser and have been lusting after the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream but this seems like a good option and a lot more readily available in the UK which is always a bonus x Becky

  • Maddy Cane

    This looks like a really nice moisturiser, I may go and try it! xxx

  • trona

    I havent tried them before but I’m on the search for a good day cream and this sounds pretty good. Do you reckon it’s moisturising enough for early signs of ageing? (I’m 36)

    • Perhaps not as it’s quite lightweight, but i had a look and they have a few others with that would be more suited to you I reckon! 🙂

      • trona

        thank you very much 🙂 I’ll have a look x


    I heard so many great things about this moisturizer!

  • Guh, their packaging is flawless.
    I’m going to buy their balm cleanser once my EH has run out, but I want everything!

  • Stephanie

    Gah I wish this was cheaper!

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  • Catriona

    The moisturiser balling up is apparently too much silicone! e.g. a serum with silicone then moisturiser with silicone over the top, so it balls up. It happens to me with sunscreen.

    • And oil too, if the cream is too oily for your skin or you have oily skin. Yuck!

  • Hearts&Crosses

    On the hunt for a good moisturizer, whyyy does good skincare need to be so expensive 🙁

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  • Fondant Fancy

    That bottle of Daisy is No 1 Photo Bomber!