Video: Haircare & Styling Routine.


After a few requests and of course a new hairstyle, I’ve put up an updated haircare and styling routine. Like I say in the video, my hair seems to look better the less I do to it so it’s usually a case of applying a few styling products and getting on with my day. There’s not a lot to it and when it comes to my hair, I never spend much time worrying about it – some days it looks great… others, not so much.

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  • Rachel

    loved this video! so good, hair looks lush x

  • Millie

    Great video!! I really want to try the Bumble and Bumble sunday shampoo, looks fantastic!! 🙂 ♥

  • Becky

    I’m constantly fighting a losing battle with my incredibly fine and limp hair so this video’s beyond useful. Will definitely been picking up some of the products you mentioned. Thankyou! x Becky

  • Paris

    Wow that was a lot of products. Bumble and Bumble has an intriguing variety of products however I’ve noticed only one shampoo and conditioner that has no SLS and parabins which is the colour minded range. My favourite hair products are the living proof restore range. So expensive but they smell amazing and my hair loves it! I’ve also tried the redken so soft range but have only kept on using the leave in conditioner which detangles my hair and leaves it more great!
    Hair mask wise one of my favourites has to be Herbal Essences long hair relationship split ends protector. Best one I’ve ever used.
    I’m on the look out for Phyto though, that looks like a great range of products!

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I really want to try the dove! Your hair looks gorgeous, love your fringe!


  • Amanda Cooper

    Hi There, we like your beauty blog here at simply argan we were wondering if you would like to try our Argan Oil it is a great product for skin and hair and if you like it maybe you could mention it in you wonderful blog? email us at x

  • Anna Coulter

    Hi there! Love your blog! It sounds like I have similar hair to you and I am on the hunt for a product that gives me that messy, bed hair look with added volume. I have tried a few different sea salt sprays but not a big fan of the way it makes my hair feel – quite dry and crunchy. Do you highly recommend this ‘evo’ product? Does it make your hair feel crunchy at all when you use it? And one more question… can it be purchased online? x

  • vanessaelizebeth

    Really an informative video.I have been using dove since three years,a very good product.

  • Kirsty

    Kate, your hair colour is lovely in this video. Do you colour your hair, and (if you do) which brand/colour is your favourite? Thank you 🙂