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New Look & Thank You.

As you can probably see with your own little peepers, I have a new design up! I moved my blog over to WordPress from Blogger (RIP Google Friend Connect) after some thought and here are the results. Hopefully it will make finding posts easier, there’s the search bar at the side and I still have my Product Directory, a list of all the products I’ve featured.

There may be some links that aren’t quite right so please bear with me whilst I make a few more tweaks.

Now, enough of all that! I do hope you like the new, I wanted to go back to how my blog was when I started it – I think I lost my way for a while there and I wanted to get back on track and start afresh.
I wanted to say thank you for all your support – reading my blog, commenting, tweeting, subscribing, following… everything! There’s so many of you I speak to on Twitter, in comments and all over different social media platforms and I love it, so thank you.

As Google Friend Connect is now dead and gone for me over here at WordPress, I thought I’d pop in some other ways to follow me. Feel free to leave questions on posts (although if you’re looking for a quick reply, I’m much better at getting back to you on Twitter!) and I’m always posting away on Instagram.

Bloglovin’: gh0stparties
YouTube Channel: ghostparties
Twitter: gh0stparties
Instagram: gh0stparties

Thanks again! xo

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5 January, 2013
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  • Jaël

    love the new design ! x

  • I love the new look, it looks so sleek and lovely x

  • Love the design! Did you do it yourself? I think I’ll eventually move to WordPress too, much sleeker 🙂 x

  • Love the new site! I really want an iPad 🙁

  • Love the new layout, it’s simple & chic! xx

  • Love the new look!! Been contemplating on moving to WordPress too! I really might just this year. Your new layout is so sleek and classic! I love it a lot 🙂 great job kate! Happy new year!!

  • I love the new design! I was really annoyed with Blogger and their new iPad interface… So glad you moved 🙂

  • This is such a grogeus layout! Now I love your blog even more! 🙂 Xx

  • I love the new layout, it’s so nice seeing something that isn’t the same as every other blog out there.
    It’s really sleek, I love the colour scheme too.

  • Welcome to WordPress. I much prefer it to blogger. Loving the new look – very sleek and user friendly. Happy New Year :o)

  • Sharon

    Love ur new design!

  • Your new design is absolutely gorgeous and so classy ! Everything is neat and clear. I’m looking forward to many new articles :).

  • Kim

    LOVE the new design its gorgeous and simple. best way.


    Absolutely beautiful, I love it.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  • Analie

    Love the new design! I love your videos on youtube! You are so beautiful and sweet! God bless you xx

  • Ellen

    The new layout looks lovely 🙂 so nice and organized! As long as you’re blogging I will be a supporter!

    xx Ellen

  • Sarirah

    Loving the new design! And glad to see your product directory is still around, I always check it first when looking for a skincare review. 😉

  • sophia

    Love the new layout! 🙂 shame you have to rely on bloglovin’ now for blog feeds! xxx

  • Mimi

    Love the new look! Google Friend Connect is not all that anyway. Onwards and upwards. Happy 2013. Im looking forward to a lot more ghostparties posts!!

  • Crystal

    It looks really lovely. I always tend to go from Blogger to WordPress but it always looks like shit. This is done really nicely!

  • LucyLovesToBlog

    I think I now follow you on everything, especially love your youtube channel, your tutorials help me a lot. The new design is lovely, looking forward to any future posts! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • Nicholas

    Looks incredible! Nice job on the re-design. Super sleek.

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  • Nisha Balwani

    I absolutely love the new design! I’ve been thinking of moving my site from Blogger to WordPress as well- I think I just need to take the plunge!