Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher.


IMG_0721Estée Lauder Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher – £40

When I picked up this little bottle of goodness from Boots some time ago, I really wasn’t aware of what it actually did. In an attempt to avoid the over-enthusiastic sales assistant, I bought it and went on my way (which is how all great shopping experiences begin).
I first thought this was a serum, a pore minimising version of my favourite Advanced Night Repair, but I got that and so much more.

This “Skin Refinisher” banishes any flaky, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, meaning within seconds the texture and appearance of skin is much smoother and flawless looking. Expecting a serum, I was really (but pleasantly) surprised when I first slathered this on – my skin immediately felt like I had applied the very best primer. It’s not at all harsh, you don’t feel it on your skin and it works to encourage skin cell renewal so skin is looking healthier than ever.
I found from first use my skin looked really clear and felt, to quote someone on Twitter, like a cloud.

Along with making my skin look like a 3-year olds, Idealist is also meant to help reduce dark marks so hopefully some of my blemish scars will be cleared up too.
It’s a great little product and now I have it, I don’t imagine a day will go by where I won’t be patting this on. I apply it before moisturiser for perfect looking skin.

Have you tried Idealist or perhaps something similar? What are your tricks for minimising pores?

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  • This sounds like exactly the type of primer I’ve been looking for, I have trouble with flakyness. Unfortunately for that price I’m going to have to give it a miss 🙁 x

  • Sharon

    I have tried this,its fab and has become a staple in my skincare routine. Seems to be minimising pores and skin feels velvety smooth!

  • I’d previously sworn off shop bought serums in favour of my own ‘home brew’ but seeing as you’ve sold this as so much more than a serum I think I need it in my life and quickly

  • That’s a really interesting product :).
    I don’t need something to minimise my pores (quite the contrary actually), but I desperately want my skin to look like a « 3-year olds » ! However, the price will probably stop me from buying it (40£ in the UK and 60,50€ in France :o).

  • this sounds amazing! wow… neeeed this so bad! just can’t quite justify the price tag while i’m a student…

  • I am SO happy you’ve given this a better review than ANR! I was trying to decide which one to buy out of the two and I eventually settled on this one… It’s in the post now but I can’t wait to use it after reading this.

  • I love Advanced Night Repair and was interested in how this would measure up. However, I can’t see me justifying the price as an additional product, unfortunately! xo

  • Abigail

    I bought this last summer when I was on a hunt to find ‘thee’ miracle product to banish my moon crater nose. I agree, your face feels AMAZING with it on but me, that’s all it ever did.
    My pores look no better, even after continuous use, and I get far better results by just thoroughly washing my face and toning than I ever did from this product. If it was half the price then I would consider getting it again, but to anyone reading this who has SERIOUSLY bad blocked pores, this really is not the wonder product that will change your life…

  • Ellen

    This sounds amazing! It might just be my next purchase 🙂


  • This look great!! I love Estee Lauder products!! 🙂 ♥

  • Katie

    I’ve just run out of advanced night repair, this sounds amazing! Xo

  • Sof

    When I first discovered this product I fell in love, specially because it leaves the skin very soft. However, after using it for a few months, it wasnt closing my pores anymore 🙁 so now I’m trying something else!

  • Michelle

    This made me breakout 🙁 which is strange as I love the ANR and use an Estee Lauder foundation…

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Sounds amazing! I need to try this


  • Kittymakesup

    I’m nearly out of my ANR and may have to give this a go next time x


    I LOVE IT.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  • Marcella

    I think I need this in my life – you had me at ‘banishes flaky skin’…..! Thank you, I would normally have dismissed it as yet another serum!

  • LissyLuli

    Hi lovely, great review as always 🙂 I bought this after reading your post and I love love love it! I reviewed it on my blog too – I mentioned you in my post, I hope that’s okay! xoxo