Beauty Spotlight: Cream Eyeshadows.

Cream eyeshadows are often the ones I reach for most on a daily basis; they’re easy to apply, long-wearing and rarely crease – if you hunt down the right ones. I wasn’t a big fan of creamy shadows until last year, but I’ve definitely made up for lost time. Use them as a base or alone, they’ll stay put all day and don’t require any top-ups. Here are my picks of the best.

MAC Groundwork Paint Pot £14.50 *
An interesting shade, a little dull in pan but incredibly flattering on, Groundwork is a lovely satin brown with a hint of grey. My favourite thing about this? It makes my eyes look big and bright, I also apply a little under the lower lash liner for a more intense look. The shade is perfect for wearing alone but also ideal for giving a bit more oomph to powder shadows alike. Don’t  be tempted to pass this one up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hr Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze £4.99 *
This is my budget version of the aforementioned cream shadow, it’s a more shimmery bronze shade that always manages to work it’s way back in to my routine. These are high-quality and very impressive – I’d definitely say the Colour Tattoo shadows are one of my favourite budget buys. On and On Bronze is more of an evening shade for me, it’s not over the top so it could definitely be work during the day but I do find I prefer it in the evening. It takes no time at all to sweep this over lids, I use my finger as I’ve had a lot of time to experiment over the last year and I do find this to be the easiest method. I also love the Permanent Taupe shade from this range, a richer version of MACs Groundwork.

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Emerveille £23.50 *
These little pots are described as cream eyeshadows but they actually take on a completely different texture in my opinion, they’re quite spongy and drier than usual cream shadows. Emerveille is a shimmery rich pink that, admittedly, I don’t get enough use out of. I like that different texture of these, they’re a little less messy and it’s very hard to overdo them. I’d love to see more shades from the range as, although I’d love to try more, there’s nothing that speaks to me.

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Eye Shadow Pot in Chained  £19 *
A new release from the brand and the latest addition to my growing stash, these pots from Estée Lauder have worked their way straight in to my favourites pile. I’m wearing Chained, above – a beautiful bronze that’s really easy to wear and is so flattering. Again, a slightly different texture from these as they’re a bit more sticky but with a little practise I don’t think you notice too much. Halo is another must have for the range.

So that’s the rundown on my most worn cream shadows – are there any you recommend?

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  • Juliet

    I absolutely love the colour tattoo eyeshadows – my favourite is their gold shadow. It has amazing staying power!

  • Amy

    I absolutely love MAC’s Paint Pots. They’re so creamy and when applied under powder shadows I find it really helps the longevity. I only have one in Nubile at the moment but it’s fab. I did have the taupe Colour Tattoo but I found it quite dry and hard to work with so it went to my sister!

  • Vicki

    I love cream shadows – esp when your in a rush. Just one sweep over the eyelid & you’re good to go. I love the lasting power of them & that you dont have to worry about them wearing off. I love the Maybelline offerings as they are so affordable and wear just as well as the higher end ones. I do however love my Mac Barestudy too & its so pretty.

  • Alissia

    I love the Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Shadows, as they are one of few that don’t crease on my and really last all day! x

  • Charissa Rae

    I have both groundwork and painterly in the mac paint pots but I prefer to use them as primers as they aren’t as intense as I’d like them. I’m definitely open to buying more cream eyeshadows though xx

    p.s if you haven’t already I’m currently hosting a giveaway for reaching 500 followers so you could be in with winning goodies like Laura mercier, lush etc. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I’m dieing to try a MAC Paint Pot now. It’s a toss up between painterly and groundwork for me. Would you say that Painterly looks good on it’s own?
    With every new post of yours, my wishlist grows 🙂

  • Leanne

    I love cream eyeshadows, admittedly I dont have a massive collection but the ones I do have get used a lot! I’ve used Painterly paint pot as an eyeshadow base or on its own with a flick of liner for about 2 years now! Other favourites include the maybelline colour tattoos and estee lauders!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  • Freya

    completely agree about maybelline colour tattoos. amazing value!

  • Christina

    I’m obsessed with cream eyeshadows!!!

  • Annick

    I never used to like cream shadows in the past because they used to crease on me. Now however, I love the look of a base under an eyeshadow – it looks a bit more lived in, if that makes sense. Groundwork is definitely on my MAC to-buy list at the moment!

  • Katie

    I love MAC paint pots, they’re lovely to apply and last all day. Even better teamed with an eyeshadow on top for added intensity 🙂

    Katie xo

  • Wendy

    The first photo is perfection, so adorable xx you look gorgeous

  • Kelli

    I have the MAC and Maybelline ones & love them both. I also love Mac’s Painterly if I’m going for a really natural, nude look.

  • Charlotte

    I’ve got one of those Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows, but I really want to try Emerveillé! The Maybelinne one is definitely one of my faves, such an easy colour to wear. I’ve never tried the Mac Paint Pots, which is a shame!

  • Millie

    I love cream eyeshadows! They are so easy to apply and so quick too! I really want to try the Maybelline colour tattoos! 🙂 ♥

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Really want to try this, looks gorgeous on you!


  • Maddy Cane

    Really want to try the mac paint pots! xxx

  • zoe

    I love mac paint pots and the maybelline color tattoo shadows. Benefit creaseless creams are really good too. Chanel is on my list to buy but I agree,there needs to be a few more shades x

  • rae

    this is a really lovely look. these cream shadows look amazing!
    xx rae

  • jessica

    I have all of these except for the Estee Lauder one and you described them perfectly! You’re so right about groundwork…one of the most underrated shades in the paintpot line. I love mine. Thanks for the post!


    Just beautiful.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3

    Florian LM

  • Rowena

    I also have been loving cream eyeshadows, I have the Mac and Maybelline one.
    They are so easy to work with and last very long!

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I always love your eye makeup!


  • blackswanwhiteswan

    That colour looks great on you. I want to use cream eyeshadows on my wedding day, any tips for a youreyelidbutbetter colour? hehe

  • Tiggy

    I’m using my MAC Groundwork basically everyday too. I’m too lazy to deal with all those brushes on a daily basis XD Definitely going to try out the Maybelline pots now.

  • LucyLovesToBlog

    I haven’t used many of the cream eyeshadows, I had one of the colour tattoos but I wasn’t that impressed so I gave it to my mum xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

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