Stila In The Light Palette.

Up until this year, I didn’t often wear eyeshadow as I felt a bit overdone going in to work or town with glittery brown shades on my lids. After I stopped wearing eyeliner every day, I found that wearing subtle shades during the day opened my eyes and so a love affair with eyeshadow begun. 
After many months of lusting after the Stila In The Light palette, I decided to splurge on FeelUnique a little while ago and of course, how could I resist this beautiful palette. In The Light is made up of an array of much-loved and very wearable Stila shades, all in one handy-sized, lightweight palette. I was drawn to the lighter, more day-wear appropriate shades such as Bare, Kitten and Sunset (on the left) but also liked that there was the option to smoke it up with the more sultry shades at the opposite end. I was also sold on the two matte brown shades, Bliss and Sandstone. 
Although most of the shades in the palette have a shimmer within, they’re not overly glittery and I find the sheen is just enough for day to night use.
One of my most used shades is Gilded Gold, the lovely bronze shimmery shade second in from the left on the bottom row, it’s perfect lightly pressed on to the lids and I wear it both day and night. 

A few people have said that Stila palettes, especially In The Light, can be quite crumbly. I’ve only experienced this when I’ve been a little heavy-handed with the ol’ brush, so do make sure to gently press your brush to the eyeshadow, tap off any excess and again, press the shadow to your lid. 
Overall, this palette has had me swooning from day one. Out of all my palettes, this one is most reached for as the colour range and quality is incredible. If you don’t already own this palette, definitely get hinting to the loved ones in time for Christmas! 

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  • I recently purchased this palette, and I quite like it too 🙂

  • This looks so lovely and the packaging is so sleek and compact!

  • I would love this palette, but i’ve already got the naked palette which I think is very similar and already satisfies my eyeshadow needs haha xo

  • Oeh, looks nice!

  • This is on my Christmas list! Hopefully it will be mine soon! You’ve convinced me I need it!

    Leanne @ xx

  • Ahh I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway, I love it! It’s so gorgeous and wearable 🙂

    Jesss xo

  • This is one of my favourite palettes, it really gives the Naked palettes a run for their money 🙂

  • the shades are very much like a few shades in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.
    Love the brown packaging Stila use!

    Georgia, x

  • I’ve been eyeing this up for ages, it looks so lovely! I might have to spend my Boots points on it 🙂 x

  • Looks so sleek! Very naked palette like!

  • I say this is far more wearable and better than the naked palettes! Love the packaging nd the little quote too! Such a nice touch 🙂

  • Really want to try this palette out! All the colours look so gorgeous! 🙂 ♥

  • such a pretty palette i love the shades in it 😀

  • Love the colours in this palette, how would you say it compared to something like the naked palette?? (I’m and eyeshadow novice)


  • I was thinking about getting this palette! Great review 🙂


  • this is super pretty but I found that when I bought the naked 2 palette I still reached for my MUA heaven and earth more often so seemed like a waste of money… this will probably sway my eventually though! xx

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  • Ooh I’m getting this for Christmas and can’t wait to start using it, the shades are so beautiful!! Xx.

  • I ordered it today! Can’t wait to recieve it 🙂

  • I have this palette and i adore it, i even just hit pan on the shade ‘kitten’ which made me very sad ):

    Sophierosehearts x

  • The colours are lovely – it’s a bit on the pricey side for me but they are all wearable colours, which I like a lot. The thing with palettes is that you get really nice shades that are not exactly wearable during the day and I never use those! Love, love, love.

  • I adore this palette, and recently also did a review on it.
    I definitely find patting with the brush rather than sweeping helps reduce fallout and makes it apply nicer.

  • This looks beautiful – I’m on the lookout for a new palette and this might just fit the bill!

    Emily Wears Things

  • We are giving away one of these palettes o our blog at the moment. We both adore it xo

  • I was actually going to ask this for Christmas, then I went with the Urban Decay Feminine palette! But still want this Stila one haha Xx

  • I’ve heard so much about stila recently and it all has been so positive, their packaging and cosmetics always look so cute! It looks really pretty and if its good quality then I definitely need it in my make up bag!


  • Lovely palette with wearable colours 🙂

    Katie xo

  • I’ve put this on my christmas list!! Hopefully I will be able to use all the stunning colours very shortly 🙂

  • it’s so beautiful! wish I could jusify yet another palette! x

  • I love this palette, I’ve been lusting over it for weeks! Hopefully it’ll be under the tree on Christmas day! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • this looks like the naked palette!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!