Double Action Cleansers.

It may be fairly obvious to you by now that I love a multi-use product, my beauty routines are often quite swift and effortless but I make sure to use products that have great results. Over the last few weeks I’ve found a few cleansers that have made my makeup removal routine just that little bit more efficient by leaving my skin looking freshly cleansed, purified and clear. These aren’t just your average cleansing products, they do all that and a whole lot more… 
One of my most used evening cleaners is the Elemental Herbology Bio-Cellular Facial Cleanser (£22). I think it sits between a cream and a gel, perfect for all skin types. My favourite thing about this? It removes makeup in one easy step as well as using AHAs to gently exfoliate the skin. Not only is skin clean and ready for my evening skincare routine, dead skin cells are also buffed away, my skin looks brighter and the lavender oil calms and smooths and injects a little evening relaxation. This is a multi tasking pro and it wins my respects with every use. 
A more recent addition to my multi-use league is the Zelens Radiance Luminous Cleanser (£40), answering all my prayers when it comes to adding moisture to my skin (rather than stripping it) with the nightly routine. Unlike the aforementioned cleanser which is quite thick, this is a milky wash that lathers up to remove makeup and impurities and retain moisture. Infused with pearl extracts and vitamin A, skin is protected and looking brighter. 
Emma Hardie products are a favourite of mine, they always leave my skin feeling and looking healthier than ever. This Emma Hardie Moringa Foaming Cleanser (£25.50) makes removing makeup so easy, I just lather up a pump or two and spend a few minutes massaging it in. This lets the ingredients gently exfoliate the skin whilst removing impurities. I’ve never had a cleanser leave my skin feeling so soft like this, it feels fresh and cleansed and my overall complexion a lot brighter too. Containing an array of natural ingredients and essential oils, you can’t go wrong with a cleanser that makes makeup removal sort of fun and also leaves skin looking smooth and energised. 
In my experience, cleansers that do a little more than just removing the face paint are worth the money. Don’t settle for the average cleanser and get more from your cleansing routine. 
What’s your favourite cleanser? 

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  • The Bio-Cellular Facial Cleanser sounds amazing. Something to add to the wish list. x

  • I love the Emma Hardie Balm Cleanser for evening so might pick up the foaming one for the morning! great post xx

  • Ooh, is the Emma Hardie one any good at removing waterproof mascara?

    Must NOT start wishing for more skincare, must use up what I have… ><

  • I love the Emma Hardie Balm too- it does not leave my skin dry but plumped up which is kind of a miracle. 🙂

  • The Emma Hardie is my next cleanser purchase when I’ve used my current stash up xx

  • I’ve been looking into trying Emma Hardie products but the price tag has always put me off .. Think I just need to take the plunge!


  • I’ve just got the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm for Christmas and now you’ve made me want this cleanser too! 🙂 xo

  • my current favourite cleanser has to be the Clarins Melting Gel one.. works so well! definitely want to try some Emma Hardie though and about to try NUDE on your recommendation! x

  • Ohh that Emma Hardie cleanser looks so much more suited to my skin type! I’ve always wanted to try the cleansing balm, but feared the effects it would have on my combo-oily skin.
    I’d have to recommend the Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion scrub as a dual action kind of thingy. It foams up, so it cleanses, but it’s got bits of walnut shell in it too that are really scrubby, so it works to clear the pores and minimize them as well. I’ve been really enjoying it as a twice a week kind of pore treatment! xx

  • Gem

    I want to try them all!!! I just love trying new skincare, I get far more excited about having good skin than having good makeup. Is anyone else like this?

    Gem x

  • My favourite’s the Eve Lom cleansing balm, it’s the best one I’ve ever used but it’s so expensive! I’m going to try out the Emma Hardie one after reading this 🙂 x

  • I must try the emma hardie! It looks amazing.
    Girl Meets Beauty

  • I’ve really discovered my love for skin care products this year and your blog has really helped me to choose the right products 🙂

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