Beauty Travel Essentials #2.

Following on from yesterdays post, I thought I’d show you my (quite minimal) makeup bag. My daily makeup of late is quite simple, fresh, glowing skin and smokey eyes.

When packing my makeup, I don’t want to pack everything but rather products I know I’ll use and won’t regret taking. The first of these is my all time favourite primer, the Clarins Instant Smooth – I’ve been using this forever and I’ve still got a fair amount left. I’ve sung my praises about this far too much over the last year so I’ll leave you with this; it smoothes over pores, regulates oil and gives skin and makeup a flawless finish. Heavenly.
Another recent favourite of mine is the BECCA Skin Perfector in Opal, a lovely warm highlighter than adds a peachy glow to my skin. On days (like today) I don’t fancy wearing foundation, I’ll blend a little of this in instead.

Moving on to foundation, I brought the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish foundation with me as it’s reliable and I really can’t fault it. It’s a medium coverage with a natural finish and lasts all day; there’s not much else I require from foundation really! I recommend taking your ‘go to’ foundation with you for trips lasting more than a few days, there’s nothing worse than turning up with a new product to find that you’re not all that fond of it!
For concealer, I don’t use much else except the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, it hides all and doesn’t look obvious on the skin.

As for my cheeks, there’s not a lot else I’ve been reaching for recently other than Stila Gerbera Convertible Colour dabbed on my cheekbones – this is the perfect peachy blush in my opinion. It’s another product I can’t go wrong with and doesn’t require any upkeep throughout the day.
I go through stages with highlighters but at the moment it’s MAC Lightscapade MSF that’s taking my fancy, a subtle powder highlighter than smooths over my skin and provides a really flawless finish as well as a fresh glow. I love highlighter and wear it every day; if I’m opting for a liquid highlighter like the BECCA one I mentioned, this doesn’t overdo the shimmer and just adds a touch of radiance.

My eyebrows are now hidden behind my new fringe but I still like to take a bit of time to fill them in and keep them defined (incase it’s windy). I always go for the Laura Mercier Brow Pencil in Soft Brunette, it’s a soft pencil that makes filling in my brows really simple and I can never ‘overdo’ them. Perfect for travelling as it’s lightweight and doesn’t add too much weight.

I’ve been opting for eyeliner lately and a bit of mascara, I decided not to pack eyeshadow as I haven’t been feeling it recently (and it’s not entirely necessary when in the countryside). I simply slick on a bit of winged eyeliner – the L’Oreal Slim Liner and add volume to my lashes with the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume and I’m done.

What are your essential makeup items when travelling?

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  • I’m loving this beauty travel essentials posts! I think it’s always nice to see how people organize themselves, great inspiration! 😉 Xx

  • I love Becca such a shame it’s not going to be sold here any more. Really love the look of the Sitla cream blush xx

  • Love the sound of the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even foundation – I’ve been using Nars Sheer Glow for a while and fancy a change. How would you say it compares?

    Have a lovely Christmas!


  • Your blog posts are always so personal, the collection lasting perfection is also a staple in my make-up bag, really like the idea of the clarins primer, will have to try it in the new year cause your always singing praises about it!

    Pippa x

  • You’ve inspired me not to pack a lot for when I go home this Christmas. I always struggle with what to bring and pack too much.

  • I love all of your products but your blush is probably my favorite thing of the bunch! On a daily basis I’d say Benefit Erase Paste is my favorite concealer and right now I’m using the Clinique BB cream as a foundation. Works great!

  • I totally agree with your thoughts on the Bobbi Brown foundation. I wear mine constantly and it’s the perfect coverage, it’s also a decent price considering the quality!
    Nina from little nomad

  • needing to try some of these products so bad!

  • Love the new layout of the blog looks great! Love the post as well, for some reason I love seeing whats in other peoples make up bags! Can’t beat a bit of MAC and I want to try that mascara as well


  • MAC MSF is on my christmas list and I’m really hoping I get it, all the reviews of it are so good! x

  • I like the make-up bag!


  • Where did you get that gorgeous make up bag?!

  • I am in love with your studded bag 😀 I am obsessed with my MSF Lightscapade 🙂 it’s just so beautiful 🙂

    Gemma xx

  • lovely picks! I really want to try the LM brow pencil x

  • love your studded travel make up bag! cute 🙂 x

  • I don’t normally look at clinique mascara but because of this post I will be trying a few out for myself!

    Pippa x

  • Hi, i am a new reader and this is my first comment 🙂 Loved your blog!! My travel makeup essentials is the same bag I carry with myself everyday 🙂 Clinique superbalanced makeup, Loreal telescopic mascara a few colored sephora eyeshadow pencils and chubby sticks of course!! Wanna try bobbi brown products for a while now I believe this is the push I need

  • I love the sound of that primer. I always keep at least three different lipsticks in my bag at all times! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • the bag is gorgeous! x