Alterna Full Body Volume Creme.

I’m forever searching out volumising creams and sprays for my flat hair, I have a very particular set of requirements that I like in styling products – they can’t leave my hair feeling like it contains any product (so absolutely no tacky hair or crispy bits!), they can’t leave my hair feeling weighed down and they absolutely must give it texture, volume and shine. Not too much to ask, surely? 
Alterna are a really luxurious brand with a celebrity following (apparently including Julia Roberts), the brand are always working on new formulas to keep ahead and they’re not overly expensive which sits well with most. 
This Full Body Volume Creme is a lightweight cream which I apply to towel-dried hair before blowdrying. I usually use a small amount and comb it through the roots with my fingers after having brushed through my damp hair.
I was impressed at how full my hair looked after blowdrying and also at how smooth and shiny it looked and felt! The brand doesn’t include any nasty ingredients within their products which is also a plus.
If required, you can also apply this to dry hair at the roots for more boost – I’m not really a fan of applying products on dry hair but I did give this a whirl and it’s not greasy or tacky like I thought. 
This has ticked all my haircare boxes and I love that I can finally use a volumising product that also adds shine. It makes my fine hair really manageable and have a little bit of grit whilst also adding body and volume. 
What do you think of Alterna products? 

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10 December, 2012
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  • Oh I might have to check this out, I love that it says anti ageing because where my hair is so long, a lot of it is quite old now.

    Plus, doesn’t everyone love a bit of volume?

  • This sounds like a good product! I like to use Bumble and Bumble products to stop my hair from being horrible and flat! They work a treat!


  • I’d never even heard of this brand before reading this, but it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! My hair is always flat, I can never seem to get any lasting volume in it at all, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this one!
    Eleanor x

  • This looks like an amazing product, even though I have big, thick hair I’m always looking for good products to keep it big once it’s blow dried and keep it glossy

  • I love Alterna. I used to work in a salon that sold the products. x

  • I had a sample of the moisturizing shampoo/conditioner set and it was absolutely amazing; I almost wish I hated it so that I wasn’t tempted to buy such an expensive product!

  • I’ve had the hardest time finding a volumizing product that actually makes a difference for my hair. But my search is never over, so I’ll have to try this one!

  • I’ve never heard of Alterna products before so I’ll definitely be checking the brand out. It sounds like a great product though, I’ll be recommending this to a friend of mine who’s always looking for volumizing products xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  • This sounds amazing, but the price puts me off, I just dont love volumizing products enough to pay that, Id rather pay for products to de-frizz!


  • never heard of the brand but the product sounds amazing! x

  • This sounds lovely, I’m not a fan of adding products to dry hair either it always seems to leave my hair feeling sticky xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • You have such a lovely blog love your videos and this product. I would also recommended the macadamia oil hair range smells amazing and gives a killer shine and also helps growth but sadly does not add volume as you just use it on the ends of the hair for moisture 🙂